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ColdFusion IDE - Bolt

November 18, 2008 ·

Some information is posted on Adobe Labs and it was demoed in the general session at MAX today, along with some cool CS4 stuff, Flash Catalyst (formerly known as Thermo) and Flex Builder 4 (aka Gumbo). The demo didn't go into much depth but it's Eclipse-based (no surprise) and has some "intellisense" (but it's unclear how it will handle more dynamic code) with RDS-style file system and database browsing. In some ways, it's really not news - most people expected Adobe to announce this based on the somewhat coy comments Adobe CF staff have been making over the last year at conferences - but at last it's real. The Labs page has an FAQ and an outline of features. You can sign up for the Bolt pre-release program on Labs too.

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