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June 22, 2008 ·

This was my busy day as far as sessions went. The day started with a repeat of my event-driven programming talk (which went a bit better this time) then Hal Helms "Object Oriented Best Practices". I'd heard most of it before (from Hal) but he's always an entertaining and thought-provoking speaker. My favorite quote was "There is no lack of help on the Internet if you want to write bad OO." Next up was Rupesh Kumar "All about cfthread" which focused more on how hard it can be to write safe multithreaded code than "cool" examples so it was very educational and it means I need to go back and rework part of Edmund to cover some edge cases I'd missed. I'll probably blog more on this in due course since several folks were pretty confused about why Rupesh's examples "didn't work". After lunch I went to John Farrar's talk about jQuery which showed how easy it was to use and how powerful the selector syntax can be. It was a good intro talk and after several of those for jQuery, I think I'll be ready for more advanced jQuery stuff at the next conference. Finally it was Joe Rinehart's "From ColdFusion to Flex: Model-View-Controller" which looked at apply MVC principles to structure Flex applications with some simple "no framework" suggestions for organizing code. About the right level for me with my lack of Flex skills at the moment. And then that was it, CFUNITED was over for another year! I chatted to John Zhu (ChinaOpen organizer) for an hour then headed back to my room. I'll write a summary of CFUNITED shortly but, briefly, I enjoyed the networking, I wasn't thrilled with the convention center location, I went to just eight sessions - but there were only two others I wanted to see (I don't really come for the content tho'). More later.

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