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June 20, 2008 ·

I skipped the morning sessions (and lunch, eating with Ray and a few others at Teaism, south of the hotel - thank you Simon Horwith for the suggestion!). I wanted to hit Manju's 64-bit talk but wasn't back in time and had planned to hit Jeff Peters' "Square Pegs, Round Holes" talk but it turned out to be much more introductory than the track ("ADV") indicated. The one session of the day I intended was Elliott Sprehn's "Internals of the Adobe CF Server" which was absolutely incredible! Elliott clearly has far too much time on his hands and has done some amazing detective work to learn about many of the core classes inside the ColdFusion runtime and how to use them. He explained in some depth how several CFML code constructs actually work at the Java layer and how to do some very cool things with them. One example was passing your own "local scope" into a function call and then using it to examine what local (var scope) variables were set inside the function after the call. He also showed how to invoke most CF tags from CFScript so that, for example, you could throw a custom exception (by creating an instance of the ThrowTag, setting some properties and then calling doStartTag() on it). Make sure you download his slides and code once they become available. For me, this was the most interesting talk of the conference so far. So, again, a day short on sessions but ultimately rich in networking and developer discussions. Next, dinner, drinks and maybe an interview for the CFConversations podcast.

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  • 1 tc // Jun 20, 2008 at 6:43 PM

    You are right that Elliot's talk was very interesting. It was also cool sitting behind you and watching you so enjoy the depth of Elliot's research. I am sure given your past working with the product more directly than most of us that Elliot's detective work was of particular interest to you, as it was to a few of the Adobe Staff also attending the presentation.

    One thing that I got out of it at more the normal Cold Fusion Developer standpoint, as opposed to someone who has the time to go to the in-depth snooping, is to really look at the runtime dumps of the errors and see what classes are displayed. Too often, I overlook this piece of the evidence. I also liked Elliot's point on how helpful Google is in documentation of our products, and we often don't realize it.
  • 2 Dan Sorensen // Jun 20, 2008 at 10:07 PM

    Thanks for the tip about how to use the tags in cfscript! Sounds like something interested to toy around with.
  • 3 Jake Munson // Jun 21, 2008 at 6:16 AM

    You should download Manju's 64-bit preso, it was interesting. There was a lot of generic "intro to 64-bit" stuff, but the rest of the talk was well worth the wait, if you are using CF in a 64-bit environment.

    The one thing Adobe has not provided is a good performance comparison of running CF on Windows vs. Mac vs. Linux/Solaris on 64-bit hardware. Manju said that they prefer to do apples to apples conversions, but I'd think if they strove to use the same (or very similar) hardware for the various OSes in the test, the results would be valid, and very useful for the CF community.