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CF9 CHF1 Released

February 21, 2010 ·

The first Culmulative Hot Fix has been released for ColdFusion 9 bringing a number of useful bug fixes for cfscript as well as a couple of other important fixes. The Tech Note doesn't list 80717 as fixed - you can't declare a function called default in cfscript - although that is marked closed in the bug database. That one is of special interest to me because FW/1's out-of-the-box convention is to use 'default' for the default item in a section and it meant you couldn't write FW/1 controllers in cfscript on CF9, unless you changed the default item. Since I haven't yet installed CF9 on my new desktop, I can't test the CHF out yet. I'll probably get to it this week but if anyone can confirm either way before then, please add a comment here!

Tags: adobe · coldfusion

1 response

  • 1 Nathan Strutz // Feb 22, 2010 at 7:57 AM

    I've applied CHF1 and still get the default function error :(