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Apollo - Do you get it?

October 24, 2006 ·

Tony MacDonell has written up a nice piece explaining how he's sees Apollo positioned in the world. I particularly like this comment:
If making an Apollo Chat Client, or Flickr Image Viewer, or News Aggregator for the desktop is all you can imagine, then expand yourself.
Folks at the MAX keynote saw much more than this already including, I think, two of the items from the next line in Tony's article:
Start with a Bitmap Image Editor, MP3 Player, Document editor, SWF compiler, Web Browser, Vector Illustration program, etc. Time to bust out file format documentation for the thousands of file types out there!

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1 response

  • 1 Chris Davis // Oct 24, 2006 at 1:03 PM

    dang, wish I was at MAX to see all the Apollo goodness...
    when i first heard of Apollo my first thought was 'ha, Central on steroids!'. having the ability to create offline/online desktop apps using technologies that I am already familiar with is quite empowering.

    can't wait to get my hands on the Apollo alpha!!