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Adobe Photoshop Express

March 27, 2008 ·

I might as well mention it because everyone else has... Adobe released a beta version of Adobe Photoshop Express last night. It's a slick Flex-based consumer-targeted photo-editing / -sharing service. Free, lots of storage, lots of cool Photoshop-inspired effects and tools, share your photos with your friends. It's what Flickr would be if it was created by a multimedia company instead of your regular Web 2.0 crowd. Kudos to Adobe for getting out there in the Software-as-a-Service market with another cool Flex-based offering, showing what the technology can really do. My only grumble was the length of time it took for my verification email to arrive (which may not have been Adobe's fault). Once I was in, uploading, touching up and sharing photos was a breeze. A great experience!

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