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Adobe MAX 2009 - More for Less

September 22, 2009 ·

I Twittered a while back that I'd decided to go to MAX after all, on an exhibit hall pass for just $200. I didn't go into much detail but now that it's beginning to be promoted on Twitter - by Liz Frederick, now of Adobe, and others - I figured it was worth a blog post. The $200 exhibit hall pass gets you into a lot more things than you might realize. You get access to the exhibit hall (duh!) which means you get access to the Unconferences as well - which is pretty good value on its own. In addition, you get access to:
  • The sponsor welcome reception (Monday evening)
  • The Adobe Keynotes (Monday and Tuesday)
  • The Birds of a Feather sessions (Mon/Tue/Wed lunchtimes)
Frankly, $200 for the ColdFusion Unconference alone was the killer for me and what made my decision to attend. Access to the keynotes and BOFs is gravy - and very welcome! I think Adobe have made a very smart decision making this option available, especially with the economy the way it is. Hopefully a lot of CFers - especially local to LA - will be tempted by this ticket and take advantage of what is really very good value!

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