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Adobe MAX 2009 - Day Two

October 8, 2009 ·

The Unconference saw much better attendance on the second day and had a very lively roundtable discussion about the use of / pros and cons of Object-Oriented techniques in CFML which everyone seemed to enjoy. Adobe's Terrence Ryan presented on how to 'sell' ColdFusion to non-ColdFusion developers, Kevin Schmidt suffered some technical issues and ended up just sitting down with us all and talking about using ColdFusion to power Flex. Laura Arguello presented on Mango Blog (rescheduled from Monday) and during her talk I downloaded, installed and configured Mango Blog - it's very impressive and when I rebuild my site (fairly soon - I just need to find the time!), I'll switch from my ancient build of BlogCFC (3.5.2 with a custom Fusebox skin) to Mango Blog instead! Tuesday also saw the Day Two Keynote / General Session and the MAX Awards and Sneak Peeks. The keynote focused mostly on demos of what people are doing with Adobe technologies and some of it was quite impressive. The most eye-catching was the "augmented reality" demo of AKQA's USPS virtual box simulator (see the YouTube video of the simulator for more details). The second most impressive demo was probably FedEx's Custom Critical vehicle tracking system which showcased Flex and LiveCycle: real-time mapping, temperature sensors, live communication with drivers and integration with an AI engine that constantly evaluates the data coming in and makes recommendations to solve problems and tune the business. I hate to admit that I can't remember what else they demoed! The awards were hosted by Mark Hammill in a very brisk, efficient manner with extremely brief video clips of each nominee. A couple of the nominees were truly impressive but it really went by a bit too fast to take much in (which is still better than the awards segment dragging on and on as they have sometimes in the past). The sneaks were therefore all in a Star Wars theme which added humor but got a bit forced at times. Mark Hammill was very good natured about the obvious fact that he clearly had no idea what most of the engineers were talking about during their demos, as he sat on a couch stage left with Ted Patrick (as Obi-Wan), who introduced each demo. The sneaks focused almost entirely on the creative side of the house with the usual stunning demo of an upcoming Photoshop feature (content-aware spot healing / fill). Server side ActionScript made another appearance, this time with seamless debugging across client and server (Adam Lehman later said we should not assume that ColdFusion is not involved in this prototype technology - excuse the double-negative!). Another cool ActionScript debugging sneak was edit/continue (where you can edit/fix code live while debugging and simply continue your debugging session with the newly edited code, without the current quit/rebuild/restart loop. After the sneaks, the Adobe MAX Bash took place with food and drink in four locations around L.A. Live. I spent the evening in the Conga Room listening to the live salsa band (and saw almost no CFers there - no surprise, I guess).

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2 responses

  • 1 Jen // Oct 9, 2009 at 5:43 PM

    No CFers at the conga room? Au contraire! Sorry I missed dancing w/ you! :)
  • 2 Sean Corfield // Oct 9, 2009 at 5:51 PM

    @Jen, there's always next year, since MAX will be back at the same location!