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Adobe MAX 2009 - Day Three

October 8, 2009 ·

I spent most of the morning in the ColdFusion Unconference and most of the afternoon in the 360|Flex Unconference. Kurt Wiersma opened with his presentation about leveraging frameworks. I'd seen this (it's a good preso) so I hung out in the community lounge, mostly talking to potential consulting clients. Josh Adams was up next with a fascinating talk about iPhone development. I'd expected this to be a bit of a cop-out about developing pure web apps for Safari on the iPhone but it actually dug into the whole process of how to use the SDK and some JavaScript frameworks to build native applications (using JS, CSS and HTML instead of Objective-C). Josh also went into the interactions you have to have with Apple to get apps launched on their store and provided lots of insight about problems you can hit and steps you can take to avoid them. Overall, a much more interesting talk than I had expected and enough to make me consider at least trying to build some test apps with the iPhone SDK now! In the afternoon I watched Justin McLean at the 360|Flex Unconference show us how to connect up Flex and simple hardware to create some fun, interesting toys and tools. It's been a long time since I played with electronics and I was a bit shocked as to how small, cheap and powerful things have become! Definitely an entertaining and informative talk! After that I stayed for Elad Elrom's overview of AIR 2.0 features and was very impressed by the native integration coming to AIR apps in 2010. Unfortunately, I don't have access to early builds so Elad's demos were an exquisite tease! :) For the last session of the day I went back to the ColdFusion Unconference where Ray had hoped for a couple of Adobe folks to show up for an open roundtable. Instead we were treated to nine members of the ColdFusion team who fielded all sorts of penetrating questions covering the full spectrum of ColdFusion issues from marketing to education to image to specific technical topics. It was a very good session with a lot of insight being offered into decisions and processes and some very reassuring words about the solid future of ColdFusion at Adobe. And then it was time to say goodbye until MAX returns to Los Angeles in October 2010 (24th-27th). For me, it was good value (the $200 exhibit hall pass provided access to general sessions, sneaks and a lot of networking) and, despite my reservations about the low 'buzz' factor, it was a good experience with some great material presented at the Unconferences. I'd definitely do it again (but still can't imagine paying the full conference ticket to attend regular sessions in addition).

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