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Adobe MAX 2009 - Day One

October 5, 2009 ·

The opening keynote had its ups and downs today. There was a lot of exciting news about the upcoming Flash Player 10.1 version which brings better memory management (and some impressive automatic reductions in memory usage), better performance on lower-powered devices and multi-touch support - with plenty of cool demos of smart phones and netbooks. It's really the first time Adobe's message about mobile Flash has gotten my attention, mostly because this time the release dates are all "soon" (first half of 2010) as opposed to "coming to Japan next year and eventually to the US". The CEO of Omniture told us lots about himself and how great his company is and completely overstayed his welcome (if you hadn't heard, Adobe is buying Omniture). The "enterprise" section of the keynote was pretty dull as well - but at least the Adobe staffers had the good grace to joke about how unexcited we'd probably be about new LiveCycle stuff. ColdFusion got a few mentions (and applause each time of course) but not much was made of the fact that CF9 was released today. Still, the day two keynote is traditionally when they dive deeper into technology and CF gets more coverage. We also got a quick run through of some upcoming new stuff in some of the Creative Suite products which got lots of oohs and aahs from the large creative contingent in the audience. And then the real treat: a preview of several scenes from the upcoming James Cameron movie, Avatar, in 3-D, introduced by Jon Landau. Very impressive! Definitely one to watch when it comes out in the middle of December. As we filed out, we picked up CDs containing ColdFusion 9, ColdFusion Builder Beta 2, Flash Builder 4 Beta 2 and Flash Catalyst Beta 2 so no need to download anything (thankfully!). I spent the rest of the day at the ColdFusion Unconference with talks by Scott Stroz (setting up a local development environment), Dan Wilson (AIR and CF9 integration), Mike Brunt (server monitoring, load testing and tuning). Some good stuff in each of those talks but attendance was lower than I expected (and much lower than last year). At 6pm the sponsor reception began with some pretty good food (and beer and wine of course). I think this was the first time I've ever done the "passport stamp" thing but the prizes are pretty good so it's worth a shot :) Then it was meet the team time. The CF team was very informal and mostly encouraged folks to eat pizza, drink beer and hang out for the first hour. I gather a lot of questions were asked in the second hour but I'd retired to the hotel by that point. Overall then, not as "wow!" as many previous keynotes and the conference as a whole seems more subdued and smaller in scale than the last few years. It'll be interesting to see what Tuesday's keynote brings...

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2 responses

  • 1 Tony // Oct 6, 2009 at 2:43 AM

    While ColdFusion did get a slight mention during the keynote, I don't think Adobe will ever promote ColdFusion as anything more than middleware for Flash/Flex development, which is kind of sad.
  • 2 Joe Rinehart // Oct 6, 2009 at 3:49 AM

    Thanks Sean! Nice level-headed writeup for those of us who aren't there.