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Acrobat Connect Professional - useful feature #2

October 25, 2006 ·

How many times have you been doing a live demo and wanted to point something out on-screen to your audience? At a live event, you might walk away from the podium and start pointing at things on the projector screen. Perhaps in the past you've tried to wave your mouse over the thing you want people to see or you've click-dragged over something to cause an application highlight in order to emphasize it for your audience? None of the above work all that well for a remote broadcast event: you simply can't do the former and the latter options usually don't transmit well because the mouse movement may not appear in real time for all your attendees and the default application highlight often causes the text to be much harder to read. Now you can "Pause and Annotate" - an option in the sharing drop-down (on a Mac, you get a little Connect icon in the menu bar!) - which freeze your shared screen and brings back the main Connect meeting room window with a set of drawing tools down the right hand edge. You can draw on the screen (freehand lines, boxes, circles), highlight things with a colored "marker", and write text over the screen. This is a very effective way of bringing something to the attention of your audience and explaining it visually! To go back to regular screen sharing, simply click the Resume button (which appears in annotate mode). The Connect drop-down also allows you to change what you are sharing (which windows, applications etc) so you can switch your sharing setup dynamically during your presentation.

Tags: adobe · connect · saas

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