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A Wee Dram - location and more details

September 2, 2008 ·

A Wee Dram of Scotch has a location - The Square Pig in Holborn - and has posted the full schedule for the day:
  • Adobe Keynote - Adam Lehman and Claude Englebert
  • ColdSpring - Mark Drew
  • RAD Object-Oriented CFML Development - Peter Bell
  • High Availability: Clustering ColdFusion Applications - Mike Brunt
  • Subversion: Better Living Through Branches - Sean Corfield
  • Setting up a Solid Local Development Environment - Kurt Wiersma
  • Railo 3.1: The Open Source Story - Gert Franz
Gert is a new addition to the schedule - it'll be great to hear an update on Railo going open source! Mark's talk went over extremely well at cf.Objective() this year - if you're curious about ColdSpring or just starting down that path, this will be an excellent talk for you! Kurt's talk was also very well received at cf.Objective(), as was Mike's. Both talks have a lot of solid, "from the trenches" experience in them. Peter's talk was very well received at both Scotch on the Rocks and CFUNITED - I really enjoyed this talk at Scotch and learned a lot from it! Mine is a new talk I was planning for CFDevCon, that looks at how Broadchoice is using Subversion for more than just simple version control.

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