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November 16, 2006 ·

I've seen a few comments about the cost of CFUNITED and the earlybird closing date. In the past, it's not been something I've paid much attention to because I've always attended as a speaker and always gotten all my material in on time so TeraTech comps the fee and the hotel. If you don't get your act together as a speaker, they still comp the conference but you pay for your hotel! So let's take a look at the prices... The Frameworks Conference is up first in early February. Early bird registration is $399 thru January 5th with $50 off if you've been before. The hotel is $194 per night and let's assume you have to be there two nights (for most out-of-towners, that will be the case). That's $737 or about $370 per day of training which isn't a bad price really. Now let's look at CFUNITED 2007. Same location, same hotel so we can assume the same price (it doesn't currently list the room rate). It's a four day conference, with the earlybird of $849 thru December 31st (odd that it closes before the F/W conf, even tho' CFUNITED is much later in th year). Alumni get $100 making it $749 if you book early. Again, assume we need a hotel each night so that's $776. A total of $1,525 or about $380 per day of training. Again, that's still not a bad price for training really.I won't be attending the Frameworks Conference - far too much to do here in Hosted Services to even contemplate a conference that early in the year! - and I have not had time to submit a topic for CFUNITED (again, too busy - I missed the call for speakers deadline). I'm on the conference advisory board for both conferences so I'm supporting them as much as I can. Last year was a tough one for me: three conferences (cf.Objective(), CFUNITED, MAX) and a lot of CFUGs (and I mean a lot!). It really does take a toll. That's why I didn't rush to get a topic submitted. I may yet be asked to speak as part of Adobe's sponsorship but I may just take a raincheck this year. So would I attend either conference, given that I'm not speaking at either? That's a tough call for me. Like most people, I have a limited training budget and have to be very selective of conferences that I attend (rather than speak at). I have to decide what value I will get out of a conference and weigh that against the impact of being out of the office during that time... A conference has to be pretty high profile for me to justify taking time out to attend. In the past, I've chosen Java One, Software Development West and the O'Reilly Enterprise Java conferences as ones worth attending. In particular, SD West is extremely valuable to me, even tho' it's not a ColdFusion conference (it's pretty hardcore C++, Java and Design Patterns). SD West 2007 is in mid-March and it's very local to me. It's probably the most leading edge software development conference of the year on the West Coast (there's an SD East as well each year). All told, SD West 2007 will probably be my one conference of the year that I'll choose to attend. However, I've also been invited to speak at cf.Objective() 2007 and I enjoyed that conference a lot last year. I got a lot out of it too, as it covered much more advanced ColdFusion material than I've found at other ColdFusion conferences (with the exception of one or two talks at CFUNITED 2006). I'd probably choose to attend cf.Objective() 2007 even if I wasn't speaking! The airfare to Minneapolis is half that to Washington, DC (from here on the West Coast) and the conference is very, very reasonably priced. In fact, let's do the same price analysis for cf.Objective() 2007 as we did for the other two conferences above: The earlybird is $395 for three days (not sure of the end date on that but I'd expect it to be good thru the end of February based on the overall conference schedule) and the hotel is just $109 per night. That's $722 for three days or about $240 per day of training. Now that's an awesome price for training!

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6 responses

  • 1 Sandra Clark // Nov 16, 2006 at 11:40 AM

    Keep in mind that both the frameworks conference and CFUNITED are both run by Teratech, thus I'm not surprised that the per day is similar.

    But other conferences don't charge as much and don't have the rate hikes that CFUNITED is having yearly.

    For instance. the CSUN accessibility conference which is a 4 day conference held in March every year, has a pricing of $435 early bird (ends February 19, 2007) online registration after that is $485 and onsite is $525. Their 2006 registration was $399 early bird and $449 regular. This is a $36 increase compared to a $200 increase for CFUNITED. It also comes out to (using early bird pricing at 108.75 a day along with a hotel price of $129. Still much lower than the CFUNITED pricing.

    I've submitted talks, hopefully I'll be selected as a speaker. I don't know how I can persuade my company to pay the full price (since they won't approve any conferences til after the first of the year so no way I can get an early bird price)
  • 2 Andy Allan // Nov 16, 2006 at 11:54 AM

    The hike in price means CFUnited is a definate no no for me. Hell, I'm still paying off attending 2006.

    If I do make it over in 2007 it'll be for cf.Objective(). Of course, I've got Scotch on the Rocks 2007 to organise ;)
  • 3 fuzie // Nov 16, 2006 at 5:44 PM

    That, to me, is exhorbitant for an earlybird price. I have been thinking about going, but now I am unequivocally not. Not even on my company's dime. For starters, most people I care to meet/hear are opting for cf.objective(), and now that I'm seeing the costs...? Egad.
  • 4 jack chesley // Nov 17, 2006 at 1:55 PM

    Indeed. I have been to every CFUN-xx since it was free at NIH (now THAT was a good deal)... I guess maybe it's time to look at cf.objective(). Thanks anyway Michael.
  • 5 Rachel // Nov 21, 2006 at 5:30 AM

    Just another person chiming in about the early bird deadline for CFUnited. I've attended for years but now I'm with a new company and I don't quite (yet!) have carte blanche to attend any conference I want like I used to. So what happens when I go ask my boss to attend a conference when he just approved MAX a couple months ago (and when I asked for that, he said "didn't you just go to a conference?"[CFUnited 06!]).
    I'm not trying to whine about why I can't go to all the conferences I want to, but if I had a few months to let the training budget settle it would be a lot easier, why should I have to sacrifice the early bird discount? CF.Objective(), here I come.
  • 6 Jeff // Nov 29, 2006 at 5:30 PM

    I just became aware of cf.objective and was starting to think that was the way to go, and I think this post has convinced me. It will be easy to convince my boss given the much lower price, and the fact that I can fly there direct even from my little airport. The final three deciding factors are: 1) won't have to try and get home from DC on 4th of July weekend again 2) won't be gone for my Wife's birthday for the 3rd year in a row 3) maybe I'll stop getting all the Teratech spam.