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November 24, 2013 ·

Based on feedback from the community, I have released 0.3.0-beta2 to Maven Central.

This includes two very important changes:

  • The and namespaces have been removed.
  • The API functions that were already marked as deprecated have moved to the namespace

This means that if you depend on the or namespaces, which were introduced in 0.3.0-alpha1, you will need to switch to the java-jdbc/dsl project (release 0.1.0 is on Clojars). The new namespaces in that project are java-jdbc.sql and java-jdbc.ddl. If you depend on these namespaces, I strongly recommend you migrate to a more sophisticated DSL, such as:

  • HoneySQL -
  • SQLingvo -
  • Korma -

More importantly, if you depend on the older (0.2.3) API in, you'll need to switch to the namespace in your code, until you can migrate to new API in instead.

These steps are more radical than I would have liked but they simplify the library and streamline the API - and the auto-generated documentation - which should reduce all the confusion expressed about the library right now. This will allow the library to move forward in a more focused manner, with an API that no longer depends on dynamic variables.

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Clojure/conj 2013 - a quick recap

November 18, 2013 ·

This was my third Clojure/conj and the first year it's been outside of Raleigh, NC - with the actual event at the George Washington Masonic Memorial, in a beautiful theater, and lodging at the (expensive) Embassy Suites, just a few minutes away. As usual, the caliber of the talks was (mostly) excellent - which is important in a single track conference - and the hallway / bar conversations were also very educational / entertaining!

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November 04, 2013 ·

The library has finally hit "feature complete" for the upcoming 0.3.0 release and so the first beta release has been made available. For full details, see the README on Github but here's a quick list of changes in this release:

  • query as-arrays? true now allows you to leverage lazy result fetching - JDBC-72
  • "h2" is now recognized as a protocol shorthand for org.h2.Driver
  • Tests no longer use :1 literal - JDBC-71 - (this was due to a change made in Clojure 1.6 that has since been reverted, but may be revisited in future)
  • Conditional use of javax.naming.InitialContext so the library can be compiled on Android - JDBC-69
  • New db-query-with-resultset function replaces private db-with-query-results* and processes a raw ResultSet object - JDBC-63
  • Allow :set-parameters in db-spec to override set-parameters internal function to allow per-DB special handling of SQL parameters values (such as null for Teradata) - JDBC-40

JDBC-65 (a bug affecting SQLite) will be fixed before the 0.3.0 final release. JDBC-70 (an enhancement to DDL) may also be included.

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FW/1: The Year Ahead

November 02, 2013 ·

With FW/1 Version 2.2 just around the corner - after a long time in incubation - and FW/1 itself being almost four and a half years old, it's a good time to look ahead at what's in store.

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FW/1 Releases and Roadmap

November 02, 2013 ·

FW/1 Version 2.2 Release Candidate 1 and a maintenance release for FW/1 1.3 (Compatibility Branch). For detailed changes, and more about the roadmap, read on...

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