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Entries for month: January 2013

Hiring! Hiring!

January 20, 2013 ·

[UPDATED] Welcome to 2013 and at World Singles we are expanding our development team! We're looking for self-motivated people in two very different roles, working remotely from their home office.

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FW/1 Version 2.1.1 Released - Layout Bug Fix

January 18, 2013 ·

Thanks go to Chris Blackwell for this: if you rely on calling layout() explicitly, you'll get an exception in version 2.1. Chris provided a fix and version 2.1.1 contains that. Version 2.1.1 is the default download now from FW/1's RIAforge page as well as from the FW/1 Github repo.

If you don't use layout() directly, you should be fine with version 2.1.

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Speaking at cf.Objective() 2013

January 09, 2013 ·

I just got notified that my proposals for cf.Objective() 2013 were accepted. Here are the titles:

  • Learn You a What for Great Good?
  • ORM, noSQL and Vietnam
  • Humongous MongoDB

What are each of those about?

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Promote cf.Objective()

January 07, 2013 ·

You can show your support by using one of the promotional badges for cf.Objective()!

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FW/1 Version 2.1 Released

January 05, 2013 ·

FW/1 2.1 is now the official master release. Read what's new in this release!

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When Java was young!

January 04, 2013 ·

I just happened across this quote about Java:

We've also seen a new light in the OO world. A language that promises portability and simplicity, a faster way to build tomorrow's application: the distributed application. Of course, I'm talking about Java. Is it all hype? Is it the new saviour? Hopefully, you'll all be convinced that it is neither. It is, however, an extremely important development and provides us with yet another tool with which to solve the problems around us.

Although early days yet, Java too will need standardisation in order to "facilitate commerce" as they say in the standards' world. That effort is expected to begin shortly but we do not know yet how it will progress.

Can you guess when that was written? Or who wrote it?

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Top Ten Blog Entries of 2012

January 02, 2013 ·

Just saw Ray Camden's Most-viewed blog entries of 2012 post and it made me curious about the most-viewed posts on my blog over the last year. A little bit of SQL and some regex query and replace produced this list:

[

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