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Clojure & CFML Sitting In A Tree slides posted

August 29, 2012 ·

An updated version of my slide deck for my case study talk about Clojure and CFML at World Singles has been posted to my presentations page. I'm happy to give the talk to other user groups, even remotely if you have the capability for a remote presenter. The talk runs about two hours, or longer depending on the amount of Q&A.

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Work at World Singles? CFML / Clojure Developer wanted!

August 10, 2012 ·

We're expanding our Clojure / CFML development team and looking for our next "Senior Web Applications Developer". You'll get to work from home full-time, with myself, Charlie Griefer and the rest of our small (but growing) development team spread out across the USA. You'll work on our Internet dating platform in both CFML and Clojure. We're all-Mac for development and all-Linux for deployment so you'll need to have some *nix chops and we'd prefer folks with MySQL and MongoDB experience. Yes, I know that's a pretty specific set of skills but we can be flexible if you're the right person for the team.

I've been with World Singles full-time for two years now (and about a year of consulting before that) and I think they're a great bunch of people, solving an interesting set of problems, with millions of customers all around the world - so you get real world feedback about what you produce! I love working here and I'm looking forward to growing our team.

You can read the official job listing on Craigslist (and that's how you apply - send your resume and cover letter to the address listed there). Feel free to ask me questions about the role, either in comments here or directly via the contact me page.

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Clojure & CFML Sitting In A Tree Down Under

August 03, 2012 ·

Last month, I mentioned that I would be giving a talk about using CFML & Clojure together in Melbourne and Sydney in August. Those user groups have posted details of the talk now, so here are the links as promised:

A big thank you to both groups for being so accommodating in changing their dates to fit my travel plans (and to my wife for allowing me to take two evenings out of our vacation to do "work stuff"!). Here's a summary of the talk:

World Singles has been using CFML for over a decade but in the last couple of years has decided to add Clojure to the mix, to tackle some of the interesting issues you can face when you have millions of users and many gigabytes of data to process. World Singles has been using Clojure in production for over a year now, alongside CFML. This talk will introduce some of the concepts behind functional programming, offer a brief overview of the Clojure language, and show how well it integrates with CFML to provide large scale data processing, concurrency, and great performance.

I'm looking forward to visiting Australia again - I was there for MXDU in 2004 and 2005 - and being more of a tourist this time. I'm also looking forward to talking with those passionate Aussies in the Adobe community, as I haven't managed to make it out there for any conferences in last half dozen years!

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