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OpenCF Summit 2012 - Why You Should Attend

January 29, 2012 ·

Last year I attended the first OpenCF Summit and I thought it was a great event for a number of reasons. It's back again this year, Feburary 24-26, in the same great location and it's just $72 for three days of collaborative education.

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Java, CFML and Frameworks

January 25, 2012 ·

I get a lot of emails asking questions. Some of them come in directly to me, some via the Contact page on my blog. With the latter, developers have to provide an email address. Most developers seem capable of doing this, but every now and then someone fills out the form with a bunch of "demands" and fails to provide a correct email address.

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World Singles at Clojure/West

January 25, 2012 ·

I was very pleased today to get confirmation that my team are all going to Clojure/West in San Jose in March!

We've been a CFML house for a decade but we're using Clojure more and more on the back end to provide a high-performance, concurrency-safe foundation for our application. Back in December a couple of us attended Clojure/conj, with three days of Clojure training for one of our team. Now we're training up another team member on Clojure, and in March three of us will attend the Clojure conference, with training on Cascalog (big data analysis) for one of our team.

It's an exciting time to be a developer!

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FW/1 2.0.1 Released

January 15, 2012 ·

A minor bug fix update has been applied to both master (2.0) and develop (2.1_pre) to correct a small regression in buildURL() that was introduced late in the 2.0 cycle. Thanx to Seb Duggan for spotting this!

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Speaking about "Boring Stuff" at Clojure/West

January 11, 2012 ·

I was very pleased to get an email last night notifying me that my session proposal has been accepted for Clojure/West in March! Due to the number of high-quality submissions, I'll get a 25 minute slot instead of a 50 minute slot so that'll be quite a challenge and I'll have to narrow the focus of my talk to make it fit. Here's the original title and description - the talk will be a subset of this, yet to be decided:

Real World Clojure - Doing Boring Stuff With An Exciting Language

Clojure is often praised for its ability to tackle complex data problems and the glory goes to pattern matching, logic programming and massive scale (Storm, Cascalog etc) but what about real world problems? Is Clojure really only useful for hard problems?

In this session we'll take a look at using Clojure as a general purpose scripting language. World Singles has a multi-lingual, multi-tenant web platform for Internet Dating and we've adopted Clojure as our primary back end language. We'll look at solving real world problems - persistence, email, internationalization, configuration and environment control - ordinary problems, in ordinary applications, to see how Clojure can help you in your day-to-day life.

Given my association with, I'll probably focus mostly on that part of our usage but I hope to at least give a flavor of the other stuff we're doing with Clojure.

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