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Entries for month: September 2011

FW/1 2.0 Release Candidate Available

September 16, 2011 ·

Framework One 2.0 just reached Release Candidate status. Apart from documentation updates, there no remaining open issues.

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Tags: coldfusion · fw1

cf.Objective() 2012 - May 16-19

September 13, 2011 ·

The venue (unchanged from 2011) and dates (still mid-May) have just been announced for cf.Objective() 2012! Based on this year's success, this will be the CF event to attend, if you can only make one conference a year!

Tags: coldfusion · cfobjective

Happy Programmers' Day!

September 13, 2011 ·

Yes, it's the 256th day of 2011 which means it's Programmers' Day! Want something fun to do by way of celebration? Hop over to and take part in one of their cash prize competitions to create a video or graphical homage to programmers! Thanx to Josh Davis of for letting me know about that.

Tags: programming

Packt Open Source Awards - Nominations?

September 06, 2011 ·

Packt Publishing has opened nominations for their 2011 Open Source Awards. Nominate your favorite open source CMS (Mura, perhaps?), as well as other categories!

Tags: oss

FW/1 2.0 Beta Available

September 05, 2011 ·

Framework One 2.0 just reached Beta status. Apart from documentation updates, there are only two issues still open: adding some sort of lightweight tracing mechanism, and adding a structured API for request scope data.

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Tags: coldfusion · fw1

Connecting Clojure and MySQL

September 03, 2011 ·

A step-by-step guide.

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Tags: clojure