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DI/1 is available for early testing!

August 13, 2011 ·

After a lot of things delayed the alpha release of FW/1 2.0, I've now found time to work on DI/1 again and get it into a usable shape. The idea is that you point DI/1 at one or more folders and it searches those folders for CFCs and builds a bean factory to manage them, all by convention (so no XML required!). DI/1 supports dependency injection, by name, through constructor argument, explicit setter methods and property declarations (with implicit setters enabled).

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Tags: oss · coldfusion · di1

cfmljure updated

August 07, 2011 ·

Even tho' it's far from a 1.0 release, I've updated the cfmljure project on github to contain the latest version that we're using at World Singles and update the examples so they work again, along with updated instructions - mainly that the Clojure code needs to be in WEB-INF/classes/ so that it can be picked up dynamically. This is a fundamental piece of our infrastructure at World Singles, since we rely heavily on Clojure for the Model of our application, with our View-Controller in CFML. It's not intended to be general purpose code but if you want to play around with calling Clojure from CFML, it should get you started.

Don't forget the cfmljure mailing list if you need assistance!

Tags: clojure · oss · coldfusion · cfmljure

FW/1 2.0 Alpha Available

August 06, 2011 ·

I just declared the official "2.0 Alpha" of Framework One. Although there are a number of minor issues still open against this release, all the major new features are in place and ready for extensive public testing.

The main new features (in no particular order) are:

  • custom URL routes with parameter substitution are supported, along with HTTP method restrictions and wildcard routes
  • setLayout() to override layout conventions
  • view() can be called from a controller, as a way to render email or documents for PDF delivery etc
  • controller/service execution can be short-circuited, providing more control over the request lifecycle
  • populate() and autowiring now support property-based injection as well as setter-based injection
  • additional lifecycle hooks for global before() / after() and pre-rendering setupView()
  • complete rewrite of the code to use cfscript - for Adobe ColdFusion 9.0.1 and Railo 3.2.2 or later

In particular, note the last bullet - if you are on earlier CFML engines, you will have to stick with FW/1 1.2 (there will be a 1.3 maintenance release). The mix of tags and script was driving me crazy and I didn't want to add all this new functionality with the code as it is!

Tags: oss · coldfusion · fw1 · railo

How I got started in ColdFusion

August 02, 2011 ·

I took a rare vacation day yesterday - and was truly away from the computer all day - so when I caught up with my daily Refynr feed, I found I'd missed How I Got Started in ColdFusion Day. Since I'm probably the odd one out, based on the stories I've been reading on various blogs this morning, I figured I'd throw my story out there, a day late...

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