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OpenCF Summit - My Slides Online

February 26, 2011 ·

My two presentations from the OpenCF Summit are available on my presentations page: CFML and the Open Source Landscape (updated), Open Source Language Evolution (new). The conference team are putting up links to all the presentations as they are made available, via the conference schedule page.

I'll blog my thoughts about the conference in a separate post shortly, possibly on the Railo Technologies blog.

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Passing the torch

February 11, 2011 ·

By now, many of you will have seen Adam Lehman's blog post about changes in ColdFusion's product management. A few people have said this spells doom for ColdFusion. Already Adobe's Community Professionals and Community Champions have piled in on this and voiced their support for Adam - and decried all such concerns.

Reality check folks: ColdFusion has had a number of Product Managers over the years and it's never been a cause for concern. Adam has been one of the most passionate champions for the product that we've seen in a long time and his efforts should be praised.

When Adobe bought Macromedia, my role as architect was eliminated and one of the roles I discussed with management was ColdFusion Product Manager. The travel was the killer. I would have loved the job - just as Adam has loved the job, despite the drain on his personal life with all those trips to Bangalore.

Let's be clear here: ColdFusion development went to India years ago and that team has done us all proud! CF8 and CF9 are two of the most significant releases in the history of ColdFusion. Hemant and his team are very passionate about what they do. We've seen massive improvements in the product over the last couple of releases and CF X should be another milestone release (even if it takes a "bit longer" than usual).

The CFML community is a very tight knit and relatively small one. We should be supportive and inclusive. Let's not see infighting reduce the community. Whether you're an ACP / ACC or not, you're passionate about CFML and we all want to see it succeed. Let's all wish Adam (and Alison) success in their new roles and welcome Tridib and his team as the new shepherds of ColdFusion, just as we've welcomed various other product management folks in the past! Let's show them what the CFML community is all about!

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