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Clojure and SQL

August 30, 2010 ·

An example of using Clojure to read records from MySQL and print them.

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Open Source: RTW or Collaboration?

August 28, 2010 ·

RTW - Reinventing The Wheel - is normally a bad thing. I'm said several times that the main reason we have no truly great open source software in ColdFusion is because when we see an open source project that doesn't do what we need, we go off and build our version, which we may or may not open source, instead of collaborating on the existing project to make it better.

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Tags: oss · di1 · coldfusion · fw1

FW/1 1.2 RC1 available

August 28, 2010 ·

All tickets earmarked for version 1.2 are fixed so the latest code in github represents the first Release Candidate for the next version of FW/1. Please download it and give it a good hammering - and open tickets in github for any problems you find!

Tags: oss · fw1 · coldfusion

2010 Open Source Awards

August 24, 2010 ·

Packt Publishing is taking nominations for their annual open source awards. Let's get some publicity for CFML by nominating something great from "our" world!

Nominations are open until September 17th and voting on the top five nominations in each category begins on September 27th. The categories are:

  • Open Source CMS - Mura would be a good nomination here!
  • Hall of Fame CMS (must be Joomla!, Drupal or WordPress since it has to be one that has won before)
  • Most Promising Open Source Project
  • Open Source E-Commerce Application
  • Open Source JavaScript Libraries
  • Open Source Graphics Software

Tags: coldfusion · oss

ColdFusion 9 Developer Tutorial

August 22, 2010 ·

A rewrite and update of the ColdFusion 8 Developer Tutorial, this new book covers ColdFusion 9's important new features at a number of levels from language enhancements to ORM and integration with external information publishers and consumers.

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Tags: coldfusion

Learning Scala (with Joel Abrahamsson)

August 19, 2010 ·

For folks interested in a gentle learning curve for Scala, Joel Abrahamsson is a .NET developer who has decided to learn Scala - much as I recommend every CFer learn other languages: to bring back new lessons to use in your favorite language. This blog post is part four in his series but it's the first part that shows real code and compares it to Java/C#. Each post has a link to the first of the series (covering installation) which has links to all the other parts. Each post also has a link to the next part (once it's available).

Having gone through this learning curve myself over the last year, I can highly recommend Joel's series of blog posts for easing you into Scala.

Tags: programming · scala

Why I Love Programming (Part 94)

August 16, 2010 ·

As I often tell people, the reason I love programming is because we (sometimes) get to solve hard problems.

I've blogged about my love affair with Scala as part of my "Learn a new language every year" commitment and I will admit that it's a more challenging language than, say, Java but that's part of its charm: it makes you think! I'm a bit advocate of learning new languages that make you think differently because you can bring that back to your 'favorite' language and it'll make you a better programmer. In the past, I've advocated APL, Prolog, Haskell because they're all very different to what you're used to. So, Scala brings some new challenges because it's a mixture of Object-Oriented and Functional Programming and it has an extremely strong type system. I love the Scala mailing list because it has some really interesting (and challenging) threads that make my brain work harder than usual.

A few days ago, someone complained on the mailing list that one of Scala's library types was "unsafe" because of one of its methods. What followed was a fascinating discussion about types, consistency and Turing completeness (which is kinda fundamental to all our programming efforts - or at least our debugging efforts :)

As the thread unfolded, one of my favorite list members, Tony Morris, explained why the method had to exist (OK, that's a simplification) and backed it up with a detailed analysis. I've read through the thread several times and I've also read a blog post from Tony several times and it's very instructive. Instructive enough that I feel the need to share it.

Here's the entire thread on the mailing list. Pay particular attention to Tony Morris's posts. Here's Tony's blog post about the proof behind his contribution to the thread on the mailing list.

I hope you find some nugget of interest in this and that it may interest you enough to learn more outside your comfort zone - that's why I do Scala!

Tags: programming · scala

BACFUG Code Share Night This Week

August 15, 2010 ·

From the BACFUG website:

We are going to do something different in August. Instead having a presenter, we'll ask attendees to share their code, projects or pose problems which the group will work through together. Bring along your laptop so we can talk through the code. If you have concerns about not writing "perfect" code, don't let that stop you from attending. I KNOW my code isn't perfect and I'll be sharing my recent project. Peer review is one of the best ways to become a better programmer. The experienced members of the group are very supportive. Also, sharing your code is NOT required. Feel free to attend and learn from how others code.


  • 6:30pm - 6:45pm meet and greet
  • 6:45pm - 8:30pm - code share
  • 8:30pm - raffle off some books, etc.

San Francisco, CA 94103 - USA

Wednesday, August 18 at 6:30 PM


Since it will be an interactive event, it will not be broadcast or recorded - ya gotta be there!

Tags: bacfug · coldfusion

FW/1 and Mura

August 11, 2010 ·

I spent an afternoon with the extremely smart, creative folks at Blue River Interactive today, the minds behind the wonderful Mura Content Management System. We mostly focused on the FW/1 Plugin Template they've created, looking at ways to make it easier to use for Mura developers.

The end result was a couple of enhancements, one suggested by Steve Withington (thank you!) and one suggested by Matt Levine of Blue River, and a new version of the FW/1 Plugin Template on the Mura App Store (version 1.1). If you're building plugins for Mura and you're looking for a little structure, take a look at this plugin. The familiar $ object that provides access to the whole Mura ecosystem is now available directly in FW/1 views and layouts so the techniques you've learned for working with Mura in display objects can be applied to plugins you create with FW/1. Similarly, techniques you've learned for FW/1 - such as relying on the buildURL() and redirect() APIs - will work seamlessly in the Mura plugin, both in the admin and in user-facing pages.

Tags: oss · fw1 · coldfusion

My CFUnited 2010

August 06, 2010 ·

I didn't get to many sessions this year but I thought the last CFUnited was great! Here's my review of the event.

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