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FW/1 Release 1.1 Alpha in SVN

April 17, 2010 ·

An alpha version of FW/1 1.1 can be downloaded fromĀ RIAForge (version 1.0.118). The wiki has been updated to reflect the new features. You can follow the progress in the Release 1.1 Roadmap document. I hope to have all of the 1.1 features in SVN by cf.Objective() and my talk will cover some of the updates.

Also at cf.Objective(), I will showcase the logos submitted in the "FW/1 Logo Contest" that is running on the mailing list at the moment and the audience will get to pick the winner!

Tags: fw1 · coldfusion · cfobjective

Migration (almost) complete

April 12, 2010 ·

This weekend has seen a complete migration of An Architect's View from a very old version of BlogCFC (3.5.2) with a custom Fusebox 4.1 skin to the latest Mango Blog (1.4.3) as well as a complete migration of all of the content of the non-blog portion of (my personal stuff, my C++ stuff and a bunch of stuff about CFML, Fusebox and Mach-II) from Fusebox to FW/1. I've moved from a VPS on HostMySite to an "enterprise cloud server" at EdgeWebHosting and I think it's all gone pretty smoothly although it's been a lot of work.

Hopefully I haven't broken too many URLs - I spent quite a bit of time working on Apache RewriteRules to try to make sure old URLs still work - but it has given me the opportunity to streamline a lot of the files on the site (can you imagine how much cruft can build up in eight years of running a site?).

What's left? Just the "recommended reading" bookstore portion of my old site. I store the book details in an XML file and process them in a CFC as part of the old Fusebox app (converted from Mach-II before that and from PHP before that). It's late and I can't face it tonight. Then I need to build out a Mango skin that looks like my old site (and eventually re-skin the non-blog portion of the site).

The underpinnings of the site are Apache, Railo ( at the time of writing), Tomcat (6.0.26 at the time of writing), Red Hat Linux, MySQL. I still have some fine-tuning to do but this is pretty much an out-of-the-box WAR-based install of Railo on Tomcat for this one site on the server. Over time I'll probably build out a home for FW/1 here under another domain, with examples and more documentation than is currently maintained on the RIAForge wiki. That's the plan anyway.

If you find any broken links, let me know (the Contact Me! link is in the right hand column, near the bottom).

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April 11, 2010 ·

If you're seeing this entry, you're looking my new server at EdgeWebHosting, running Mango Blog 1.4.3 and the rest of the site is powered by FW/1. I'm still wiring things up and restoring content and design (which is why this looks so different!). Do not adjust your browser, everything will be back to normal soon.

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East Bay CFUG - ColdFusion Builder Special Event - April 6th

April 05, 2010 ·

Tomorrow evening, I'll be presenting ColdFusion Builder as part of the East Bay CFUG's Special ColdFusion Builder Event. If you're a CF developer in San Francisco Bay Area and can make it to Oakland Tuesday April 6th, RSVP and come along and see ColdFusion Builder live and get all your questions answered (well, as many questions as I can answer!). I'm not an Adobe insider and I bought ColdFusion Builder with my own dollars so this won't be a marketing preso. Come and find out why I love ColdFusion Builder!

Tags: eastbaycfug · coldfusion

cf.Objective() 2010 - BOF schedule

April 03, 2010 ·

Voting ended March 31st and the most popular eight topics have been selected and added to the schedule for Friday night (22nd):
  • 7pm - Test-Driven Development - Marc Esher & Bob Silverberg
  • 7pm - Open Source Projects Discussion - Luis Majano, Mark Mandel & Matt Woodward
  • 7pm - Extending Mura - Matt Levine & Sean Schroeder
  • 7pm - ColdFusion "next" - hosts to be confirmed
  • 8pm - Pecha Kucha - Bob Silverberg (host)
  • 8pm - Being Agile - Peter Bell & Sean Corfield
  • 8pm - Security - Justin Mclean & Jason Dean
  • 8pm - Mobile Development - Andy Matthews & Dan Vega (and maybe Josh Adams?)
Thank you for all your suggestions and votes!

Tags: cfobjective · coldfusion

FW/1 Release 1.1 Roadmap

April 03, 2010 ·

The next release of Framework One is in the planning stage and I just posted to the FW/1 mailing list a link to the Google Doc that contains the issues that release 1.1 will likely address. I'd like to encourage all FW/1 users to read the roadmap and post their thoughts on the FW/1 mailing list. It's a small maintenance release intended to fix bugs, clean up documentation and add a few small enhancements that will make FW/1 even easier to use. I expect to have a beta out around April 12th and a release candidate on the 19th, in time for cf.Objective(). 1.1 Final should be ready by the end of April.

Tags: fw1 · coldfusion