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cf.Objective() 2010 - BOF voting ends March 31st

March 24, 2010 ·

Bob Silverberg has been promoting the cf.Objective() 2010 Birds of a Feather survey and I wanted to share a glimpse into the results so far, to encourage attendees to vote if they haven't done so already! Based on the votes in this survey, we'll pick the eight BOF sessions that will be held on Friday evening at this year's conference. So far, the top five BOF ideas are, in no particular order:
  • Being Agile
  • ColdFusion 10
  • Mobile Development
  • Open Source Project Discussion
  • Test-Driven Development
We've already confirmed Bob's "Pecha Kucha" / "Ignite"-style session (where folks get to present anything but must use a deck of just images and keep to around six minutes - see Bob's blog post explaining the Pecha Kucha for more details and to contact Bob about a slot in that). Make your voice heard!

Tags: cfobjective · coldfusion

ColdFusion Builder Released!

March 21, 2010 ·

Just saw on Twitter (thanx @cfjedimaster) that ColdFusion Builder is now available for sale. I'd been betting on $199 as the price point (and several friends felt I was low and they bet on $299). When I saw the price, my first thought was, darn, my friends were right. But then I noticed that a "copy of Flash Builder 4 Standard included with ColdFusion Builder"... WTF? Flash Builder is $249 on its own! Yikes, they're pretty much giving ColdFusion Builder away at that price - it's a complete steal! It's such a bargain, I already bought my copy while I was typing up this blog post! Just waiting for the order to process so I can download it. Congratulations Adobe / Adam Lehman / ColdFusion Builder Team!

Tags: adobe · coldfusion

CFUnited 2010 - Special Room Rate Ends March 31st

March 15, 2010 ·

Update: Lansdowne room rate extended to March 31st!
Just noticed this in the hotel and travel tips for CFUnited 2010:
$179 room rate special ends Monday 3/15/10 - tell your ColdFusion and Flex friends so they don't miss out! Last year the hotel sold out of rooms...
If you're attending CFUnited, you definitely want to stay at the Lansdowne if you possibly can - it's an awesome hotel/resort! - so make sure you don't miss the special room rate (or, worse, miss the room block completely if they sell out like last year!).

Tags: cfunited10 · coldfusion

CFUnited 2010 - Full Topic List!

March 12, 2010 ·

Today the CFUnited team published the full list of topics for CFUnited 2010 and I'm pretty impressed! In past year's I've grumbled that I've found it a bit hard to fill my schedule but there's a lot of variety this year and a lot of new and exciting topics. The changes to the process for picking submissions has clearly paid dividends. At a quick glance, I saw about 30 sessions that I'd happily attend so I'm looking forward to the scheduler being updated so I can start to plan my days!

Tags: cfunited10 · coldfusion

Scotch on the Rocks 2010

March 01, 2010 ·

After a bit of radio silence, Scotch on the Rocks is back with a bang this year and it's coming up soon, just a month after cf.Objective()! Scotch hits TigerTiger in London on May 24th and 25th. A limited number of Super Early Bird tickets were available and they're already gone so you'll want to buy your tickets fast to get in on the action! And action there will be with the speakers currently (mostly) under movie hero pseudonyms and the first few topics announced. I guessed one of the speakers' secret identities and Andy said I'd won an Irn Bru (I love Irn Bru!) but I don't know whether he's offering prizes in general :) He let me know some of the other speakers and their topics - kick ass stuff, so don't miss Scotch this year!

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