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Railo at CeBIT

February 25, 2010 ·

Next week, some of the Railo team will be at CeBIT in Hannover, the world's foremost tradeshow for the digital industry. This is a great opportunity for us to expose more people to CFML! Gert and Mark will be there, on the CONTENS CMS booth, along with Intergral. You can read more about Railo at CeBIT on the Railo site. That news release explains how you can get a free ticket to visit the booth and learn about Railo, Intergral and CONTENS can do for you!

Tags: coldfusion · railo

CF9 CHF1 Released

February 21, 2010 ·

The first Culmulative Hot Fix has been released for ColdFusion 9 bringing a number of useful bug fixes for cfscript as well as a couple of other important fixes. The Tech Note doesn't list 80717 as fixed - you can't declare a function called default in cfscript - although that is marked closed in the bug database. That one is of special interest to me because FW/1's out-of-the-box convention is to use 'default' for the default item in a section and it meant you couldn't write FW/1 controllers in cfscript on CF9, unless you changed the default item. Since I haven't yet installed CF9 on my new desktop, I can't test the CHF out yet. I'll probably get to it this week but if anyone can confirm either way before then, please add a comment here!

Tags: coldfusion · adobe

Officially Speaking at CFUnited 2010

February 18, 2010 ·

I'm very pleased that two of my submissions for CFUnited 2010 have been accepted:
  • FW/1 - The Invisible Framework
  • ColdFusion and the Open Source Landscape
Thank you to everyone who voted for those two topics!

Tags: oss · coldfusion · fw1 · cfunited10

Mura releases FW/1 plugin

February 18, 2010 ·

You can now install a plugin to Mura that lets you easily add FW/1 applications into Mura. See the Mura blog for more details!

Tags: oss · coldfusion · fw1

FW/1 - BACFUG - Tomorrow

February 16, 2010 ·

February 17th sees me presenting FW/1 live and in person with free pizza, beer and soda! What more could you want? Barring technical difficulties, it will be broadcast and recorded via Connect - details on the BACFUG website. Please RSVP so they can estimate pizza and beer (and get you on the security list).

Tags: coldfusion · fw1

State of the CF Union survey results - my thoughts

February 11, 2010 ·

Michael Smith has blogged his thoughts about the state of the CF union survey results. As might be expected from Michael, it's a bit of a "warm fuzzy" reading of the results and a couple of commenters there cautioned against reading too much into the results given the very small number of respondents (compared to the known size of the CF user base). I've been watching the survey results with interest so I figured it was time to post my thoughts. First off, the survey sample is very small. 730 respondents. That's less than 0.1% of all CFers. Second, this represents primarily the CFers that could be reached by a conference organization and blogs / Twitter. That means that it is a distorted sample that by definition leans toward those folks most active and most likely to be either more experienced CFers or those trying to expand their skillset. That all said, let's take a look at the numbers...

[

Tags: coldfusion · cfunited10

Interviewed by Dan Wilson for DZone

February 09, 2010 ·

Back at CFinNC, I sat down with Dan Wilson for an informal 15 minute interview about standardization, open source and my thoughts about CFML. DZone published the video today. Watch Dan Wilson interviews Sean Corfield on DZone!

Tags: cfml-advisory · oss · coldfusion · cfinnc

FW/1 - The "napkin" spec

February 06, 2010 ·

A few folks have asked me to post the "napkin" on which I wrote the spec for FW/1. My "napkin" is actually Evernote because I have it on every computer and my iPhone so it's always with me and it's easy to develop notes with. I started the spec on July 17th and "finished" it on July 20th. The spec was titled "New Lightweight Framework". Here's what it said:
Goal: Create an extremely lightweight convention over configuration framework. Considerations:
  • Leverage Application.cfc and lifecycle
  • Automatically call controller, model, view if appropriate
  • Autowire from bean factory?
  • Application.cfc extends org.corfield.X
  • Programmatically set everything, no XML
  • variables.framework struct to specify everything
  • variables.framework.action is URL / form variable for the, er, action, defaults to 'action'
  • variables.framework.home is home action, defaults to main.default
  • fold URL / form into request.context
  • ?action=section.item maps to controllers/section.cfc:item() then models/section.cfc:item() then views/section/item.cfm
  • implicit layouts based on actions
  • Should controller / model be instantiated every request or cached?
  • How should cache be refreshed?
That's it. I wrote the first version of FW/1 on July 19th. You can see the original 381 line framework.cfc on RIAForge. If you click 'Return to SVN History', you'll see the entire history of framework.cfc - with the majority of changes since early November being Ryan Cogswell's awesome contributions. One of the reasons I love version control (and why I was so pleased to see Ray add source / history browsing to RIAForge!). So there you go: an insight into my design process!

Tags: oss · coldfusion · fw1

FW/1 on cfMeetup - recording

February 04, 2010 ·

If you missed me live on the meetup, here's the recording of the presentation. My audio died around 45 minutes in and there's a short gap while I restarted Connect but it was after the bulk of the preso and before the Q&A so hopefully folks won't find it too disruptive. There were about 80 people there - great to see so many folks interested in FW/1! The next FW/1 preso will be at BACFUG on February 17th.

Tags: coldfusion · fw1

Mura 5.2 Released - now with FW/1!

February 04, 2010 ·

The awesome free open source content management system, Mura, just released the latest version: 5.2. In addition to lots of great usability improvements, I'm very pleased to see that they've switched the Mura admin from Fusebox to FW/1:
NEW Admin Framework - We're switching to Sean Corfield’s FW/1 (away from FuseBox) to improve performance
You can read more about Mura 5.2 on their blog!

Tags: oss · coldfusion · fw1