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Adobe MAX 2009 - More for Less

September 22, 2009 ·

I Twittered a while back that I'd decided to go to MAX after all, on an exhibit hall pass for just $200. I didn't go into much detail but now that it's beginning to be promoted on Twitter - by Liz Frederick, now of Adobe, and others - I figured it was worth a blog post. The $200 exhibit hall pass gets you into a lot more things than you might realize. You get access to the exhibit hall (duh!) which means you get access to the Unconferences as well - which is pretty good value on its own. In addition, you get access to:
  • The sponsor welcome reception (Monday evening)
  • The Adobe Keynotes (Monday and Tuesday)
  • The Birds of a Feather sessions (Mon/Tue/Wed lunchtimes)
Frankly, $200 for the ColdFusion Unconference alone was the killer for me and what made my decision to attend. Access to the keynotes and BOFs is gravy - and very welcome! I think Adobe have made a very smart decision making this option available, especially with the economy the way it is. Hopefully a lot of CFers - especially local to LA - will be tempted by this ticket and take advantage of what is really very good value!

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CFUnited 2010 - Killer Early Bird Price Must End Friday!

September 22, 2009 ·

As you may have heard, registration has been open for CFUnited 2010 has already been open for a while and the super early bird price is an incredible bargain of just $499!. That early bird price must end this Friday, September 25th so hurry up and register to take advantage of this special low, low price! Why so early? By getting a block of early registrations, Stellr will be able to secure a better deal for the conference because they have a longer lead time on venues and facilities. So help Stellr and save yourself some money - register this week for CFUnited 2010!

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CFUnited 2009 - My Thoughts

September 16, 2009 ·

As I mentioned in an earlier post, I started writing up my experience of CFUnited 2009 but it turned into a giant essay as I was going into a lot more detail than I'm sure anyone would really care about. So here's the condensed version: CFunited 2009 was awesome! OK, you probably want a bit more detail than that so read on.

[

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Railo at CFUnited

September 14, 2009 ·

It's a month since CFUnited and I haven't yet posted my thoughts on the conference. I started writing but it turned into an essay and I'm not sure it's worth posting in its entirety, especially since many others have posted their reviews (mostly all glowing - and rightly so!). I will post a brief review of the conference soon - it's on my Things to-do list and everything on that list gets done (eventually). The other overdue blog post on my Things to-do list covers what it was like to be a sponsor at CFUnited. A first for me (sort of). I've been attending (and speaking) at CFUnited since it was CFUN'04 (when I covered the use of Mach-II at Macromedia). Sure, Macromedia and Adobe have been regular sponsors but that is the ColdFusion product team and I was going independently as part of another team - the joys of a big company - so I never felt I was a sponsor (I never worked for the ColdFusion product team - even tho' a lot of people seem to think I did!). This year - 2009 - Railo was a silver sponsor of CFUnited and so I spent quite a bit of time around the Railo "booth" talking to attendees.

[

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September 05, 2009 ·

Registration for CFinNC is now open! I'm looking forward to CFinNC. I think it's great to see yet another ColdFusion event on this year's calendar, especially since this one is free to attend! Hopefully it will attract some new developers to CFML as well at that price. Here's more information about the conference:
CFinNC is a free web development conference held in Raleigh, North Carolina during the weekend of October 17th and 18th with an International line-up of speakers presenting on timely and relevant topics on web development. Thanks to the generosity of our sponsors and the creativity of the planning committee, registration for the event will be free and includes entry to the weekend event and to all presentations. In order to keep the event free we have removed some hard costs and some benefits you normally get from paid-registration events. Please be aware of the following: 1) You are responsible for paying for lunch for both days. We have enlisted the services of a local caterer and will be providing lunch each day for $10/day. This includes a sandwich, chips and drink. Please bring cash the day of the event! We will not be able to process credit cards! 2) Limited Edition, Collectible CFinNC conference t-shirts will be available for purchase for $15 with any proceeds going to offset costs and possibly sponsor a planning committee dinner (if we sell them all). Lunch and shirt purchase is completely optional. You may indicate if you would like to purchase lunch and/or a t-shirt on the registration form. For more information, please check the CFinNC website at:

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