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Nice jQuery-based CF_AJAX widgets

August 29, 2008 ·

Michael Sprague has created a nice set of custom tags that use jQuery to provide alternatives for cfgrid, cfwindow and cftooltip. Currently a "prerelease", this will become a RIAforge project in due course. Another example of the power and simplicity of jQuery. (via Vince Bonfanti's blog)

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How to Drive Fusebox 5.5

August 29, 2008 ·

I was checking the Proton Arts web site today and noticed that Jeff Peters' much anticipated How to Drive Fusebox 5.5 is now available! Just under twenty bucks gets you 110 pages containing sample applications that illustrate each of the new approaches possible in Fusebox 5.5. I love the cover art - especially the freeway sign showing the five possible styles of application!
See also this book review by Niall O'Doherty.

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A Wee Dram Of Scotch

August 27, 2008 ·

A one-day CFML event in London to fill the gap left by CFDevCon. Thursday 25th, September 2008. Adobe keynote, talks by Mark Drew, Peter Bell, Mike Brunt, myself and Andrew Shorten. And raffles (of course - since this event is organized by the makers of Scotch on the Rocks!). Price? A ten quid cash donation on the door which will get you two free drinks and a discount on Scotch on the Rocks 2009. If you were going to CFDevCon - or wanted to go but couldn't afford it - come along to A Wee Dram of Scotch and catch some of CFDevCon's speakers for the cost of a few drinks! More details will be posted on the Wee Dram website shortly!

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CFDevCon (and other UK news)

August 26, 2008 ·

Unfortunately, CFDevCon has collapsed due to lack of funds. I felt they were ambitious trying to plan yet another CFML conference in England after we'd already had CFUNITED Europe and Scotch on the Rocks, and so close to Flash on the Beach (and another web dev conference just before?) and then MAX Europe in Milan shortly after. Hopefully they'll be back next year with a better date. Despite that, I'm still going to be in England around that time (since my wife is judging a cat show in Telford in early October). So, I'll still be speaking at the Devon CFUG on Monday, September 29th, about Design Patterns. I'll also probably be speaking at Thames Valley CFUG in late September (still working that out with Kevin Roche). I'll also be speaking at a one-day CFML event in London - along with several other folks that y'all might know! Entrance will be just ten quid, cash, on the door (and will include two free drinks). See Big Mad Kev's blog post for more details.

Tags: coldfusion · cfdevcon08

Free Advanced ColdFusion, Flex & AIR Training!

August 21, 2008 ·

Yes, it's true! If you head over to Bloomington, IN for the weekend of September 6th & 7th, you can get free training in advanced ColdFusion from Peter Farrell, Dan Wilson, Elliott Sprehn, Adam Haskell, Mike Brunt and Kurt Wiersma as well as advanced Flex & AIR from Mike Labriola, Zach Stepek, Simon Free, Kevin Schmidt and Aaron West! That's a smokin' deal courtesy of BFusion & BFlex '08.

Tags: coldfusion · air · flex

MAX Keynote Video - 30 on MAX

August 20, 2008 ·

If you were at MAX last year, you saw a video collage in each keynote of people saying why they loved the web and technology and good user experiences. This year, they're planning something similar and Adobe want you to contribute by making a short YouTube video tagged with 30onMAX (click that link to see what others have already posted on YouTube). See Ted Patrick's blog (first link) for more details.

Tags: adobe · adobemax08

BACFUG - Wednesday 20th August - CANCELLED!

August 20, 2008 ·

Our original speaker had a schedule conflict and our backup speaker just pulled out so there will be no BACFUG meeting tonight. Sorry. We'll be back in September with Seth Duffey and image manipulation.

Tags: 360flex · bacfug · coldfusion · coldspring

Clustering ColdFusion

August 19, 2008 ·

Adobe has just published an article by Mike Brunt on High Availability that introduces you to the concepts involved in clustering and shows you how to set up ColdFusion Enterprise with two instances in a cluster using the Enterprise Manager in the ColdFusion Administrator.

Tags: coldfusion · adobe

Better Living Through Transfer and ColdSpring

August 15, 2008 ·

We have a live system with customer data and a new requirement comes along that a particular piece of customer data must be encrypted in the database from now on. We already encrypt some columns (using Triple DES - which you might have guessed given the recent posts on my blog and here about mimicking ColdFusion's encryption in Java/Groovy). What is the smallest possible code change to ensure that as any user updates their data in future, this item will automatically be encrypted - whilst still handling the case of legacy data being unencrypted? We use Transfer for all our persistent business objects and almost all of our business objects have a decorator defined (for validation or some additional business logic). We also use Brian's TDOBeanInjectorObserver to automatically inject services into our business objects - just add a setter for a service and the bean injector takes care of the rest. Here's the bean injector definition in our ColdSpring file:
<bean id="transferObjectInjector" class="coldspring.transfer.TDOBeanInjectorObserver">
   <constructor-arg name="transfer"><ref bean="transfer" /></constructor-arg>
   <constructor-arg name="suffixList"><value>service,datasource</value></constructor-arg>
   <constructor-arg name="debugMode"><value>true</value></constructor-arg>
Normally you would declare it non-lazy but we already do other non-lazy initialization so in our ColdSpring factory initialization code, we do this:
<cfset bf.getBean("transferObjectInjector") />
to force the bean injector to be initialized which, in turn, registers itself as a Transfer event listener (so that it can intercept object creation). The suffixList specifies that any set*Service() method or set*Datasource() method on the business objects managed by Transfer should be matched to beans defined in ColdSpring and injected. So how do we add the on-demand encryption to our business object's data?

[

Tags: coldfusion · coldspring · orm

Adam Haskell takes over Fusebox

August 13, 2008 ·

After many months of discussions and planning, we are finally able to announce that Adam Haskell, Lead Architect at The Kroger Co., is taking over development of the Fusebox core files from me, effective immediately. As the announcement on the Fusebox website states, my work commitments have gradually taken me further and further away from Fusebox over the last year. Although I managed to get Fusebox 5.5 out the door in December followed by a maintenance release in March of this year, I have not been able to make any headway on my plans for 5.6, which was supposed to have been in public alpha around CFUNITED. Adam has been a dedicated Fusebox user for four years and has closely followed the development of Fusebox 5.x. He's an experienced architect and I'm very pleased to have someone of his caliber step up and carry the torch for the Fusebox community. I will stay on the Fusebox 5 mailing list (on Yahoo! Groups) for a while to answer questions about the transition and I will drop into the forums about once a week but I expect to drop off Team Fusebox and all Fusebox-related mailing lists and forums by early September. Adam and I are in constant IM contact so the transition should be very smooth (and he already has full access to Trac and SVN).
For more about the future of Fusebox, follow Adam Haskell's blog.

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