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FAQU 5 focus on ColdFusion 8

February 22, 2008 ·

You can now purchase FAQU Volume 2 Issue 3 (aka FAQU 5) which focuses on ColdFusion 8 with some great articles on major features and shorter columns on important minor features. FAQU is a great journal - everyone I show it to is very impressed and usually subscribes pretty much straight away. I highly recommend it!

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BACFUG - Duck Typing - Recording Available

February 20, 2008 ·

Tonight's BACFUG presentation was recorded and has been posted in Charlie Arehart's UGTV archive. Here is the direct link to the recording. The updated PDF of the slides are also available (although I have not yet updated the link under software in the right hand column of my blog).

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Fireworks - Learn Something New Every Day

February 19, 2008 ·

Since I like to learn something new every day, I tuned in to Trevor McCauley's presentation to Fire On The Bay's meeting tonight and learned about ten cool things that Fireworks can do. Even tho' I'm a huge fan of Fireworks, I learned a bunch of new stuff! Thank you Trevor! You can watch the recording if you missed it live. Not being there in person I missed out on beer and pizza, courtesy of meeting sponsor Broadchoice.

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Reminder - BACFUG - February 20th - Heresy! Embracing Duck Typing in CFCs

February 18, 2008 ·

I will be speaking at BACFUG this Wednesday (the first time since I became manager of the group) and based on feedback from the group I will be doing an updated version of my CFUNITED 2006 talk (which has not been given anywhere else since!).
The conventional wisdom for working with CFCs is that you should provide returntypes and argument types for methods. This idea stems from working with strongly-typed languages such as Java and C#. What if, though, we accepted ColdFusion as a dynamically-typed language, such as Smalltalk or Ruby? This talk explores the problems "duck typing" solves and the new possibilities it opens.
Please RSVP on the BACFUG website. Meeting at 6:30pm for socializing / networking with the presentation at 7pm. Adobe San Francisco, 601 Townsend.

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Thunderbird and Keynote

February 16, 2008 ·

If you use Thunderbird on OS X and try to attach a Keynote presentation (or, I suspect, a Pages document or Numbers spreadsheet), the recipient will not be able to read it. Apple's iWork products use a directory to store the documents instead of a single file. It seems that Thunderbird tries to attach just the directory. Apple Mail gets it right and sends the directory plus all of its contents. A workaround appears to be creating a ZIP of the iWork document and Thunderbird is able to attach and send the ZIP correctly.

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Sean Corfield joins Broadchoice, Inc.

February 15, 2008 ·

For immediate release

On-Demand Services Attract In-Demand Architect

CASTRO VALLEY, Calif. -- Feb. 16, 2008 -- Sean Corfield today announced that he will be joining Broadchoice, Inc. headquartered in San Mateo, California as their Chief Systems Architect and Vice President of Engineering. In this new position, Corfield will oversee the evolution of Broadchoice's Digital Marketing Manager™ platform, expanding the capabilities and scaling the on-demand service to meet the ever-increasing customer base. Corfield said "Broadchoice has a really gifted team that has already created a winning service, used by companies such as Cisco. I'm excited to be part of that team and to have the opportunity to really take the platform to a new level." Broadchoice's Digital Marketing Manager™ is created and powered by Adobe technologies.

Richard Bennion, Broadchoice Founder & CTO, is a long-time advocate of ColdFusion and has been a pioneer in digital marketing for twenty years. "Bennion's energy and enthusiasm was key in attracting me to this role," said Corfield, "and he and I share an enthusiasm for great experiences created by great technology."

Also joining the Broadchoice team is Luke Kilpatrick, co-manager of the Bay Area ColdFusion User Group (BACFUG) and manager of Fire on the Bay, an Adobe Fireworks User Group serving the San Francisco Bay Area. Kilpatrick brings a wealth of experience in UI development and content management systems to the Broadchoice team. Corfield said "Kilpatrick's a friend of mine and I'm looking forward to having him on my team."

About Sean Corfield
Sean Corfield has been a freelance consultant since leaving the Hosted Services group at Adobe Systems, Inc. in April 2007 and was formerly the Senior Architect for the IT division of Macromedia, Inc. for almost six years. Prior to joining Macromedia, Corfield drove the architecture of a number of high-traffic, high-profile websites for a diverse group of companies after working on the ANSI J16 C++ Standards Committee for eight years and building compilers, interpreters and runtime systems. He is also manager of BACFUG and a frequent speaker at ColdFusion conferences around the world, as well as a contributor to a number of open source ColdFusion projects.

About Broadchoice, Inc.
Broadchoice is the leader in providing on-demand marketing solutions for the enterprise. The Digital Marketing Manager™ platform provides a fully integrated, enterprise application for web content management, enterprise marketing management and channel partner management.

For those who aren't sure, this is intended to be a somewhat tongue-in-cheek announcement but the news is real. I start the new job on Monday, February 18th, and I'm looking forward to hiring some of the best talent to help me grow a very exciting product! Stay tuned!

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Grails and Flex

February 11, 2008 ·

Most of us know by now just how easy it is to write Flex applications backed by ColdFusion. Adobe have done a lot of work to ensure that integration with ColdFusion is seamless. It's very impressive. Browsing through the Grails site, I noticed they have a plugin for Flex so I figured I'd try it out. Following the instructions, I installed the plugin (grails install-plugin flex) which took a fair while to fetch the plugin from the site and build it and install it into my project. Then I created a service class - a regular Groovy class - with just this one additional line:
static expose = [ 'flex-remoting' ]
It had a method, hello(), that returned a string. Then I put my main.mxml file in the web-app directory of my Grails project with these lines inside the mx:Application tag:
<mx:RemoteObject id="ro" destination="helloService"/>
<mx:Button label="Hello" click="ro.hello()"/>
<mx:TextInput text="{ro.hello.lastResult}"/>
You don't need to build the project. You don't need to set any paths in FlexBuilder. Just create the MXML file. Then I hit the MXML file in my Grails app: http://localhost:8080/bookstore/main.mxml Much churning ensued as the Flex app was compiled on demand and then up it came with the Hello button. Click. The return value from my HelloService.groovy hello() appeared in the text box. It's a trivial app but it showed just how incredibly seamless the integration is. It uses the Web Tier Flex compiler for on-demand MXML compilation and it automatically manages the destinations for you.

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A Unique Vacation In Montana?

February 11, 2008 ·

A few years ago, Jay and I went to a friend's wedding in Montana and had a fabulous time at the spa and at our friends' ranch. Last year, we went back to help on the new house our friends were building on their new ranch in Montana. Part of what they had in mind was offering unique, private vacations on their ranch with an eco-friendly, back-to-nature approach. We had such a wonderful time there that I thought I'd blog a quick mention of their Bison Quest Sanctuary and Spa package in case it appeals to any of my readers as a way to really unwind and take a break from our hectic, high-tech world!

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Grails - a first look

February 10, 2008 ·

There's still a lot of buzz about Ruby on Rails and I've played around with it but I really don't like the Ruby syntax. I've tried a few different Rails packages and just find the experience... clunky. Lots of people are very excited about Rails and Ruby in general, especially with JRuby (Ruby for Java) now running Rails. In fact, Maxim Porges thinks JRuby has taken ColdFusion's place as the new web productivity layer for Java, after watching Charles Nutter demo JRuby at the acts_as_conference Rails conference recently in Florida.

[

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What is keeping Sean busy?

February 08, 2008 ·

My blog posts have been few and far between lately. I can only blame one of my clients. Right now I have three clients and one of them is keeping me busier than I could've imagine when I first took them on in November. For all three, I'm designing / building a (Mach-II or Model-Glue) + ColdSpring + Transfer system. One client, here in the Bay Area, is pushing very hard to a full relaunch of their platform in just a few weeks so the pressure is really on to get a solid, high-performance system in place. I'm actually very excited about what they're doing - they've already proved their product with a number of clients with multiple codebases but we're creating a unified platform so that they can scale out to an arbitrary number of clients, all on the same codebase. I'll be blogging about them when they launch because I think their product will have broad appeal. Of my other two clients, both are ongoing rearchitecture projects along similar lines but with slightly less impending deadlines. It doesn't look like I'll be anything less than insanely busy for several months tho'. January was a record month for me in terms of hours worked and I expect that will continue for the next few months. The downside of that is I'm less available on IM than usual (sorry) and never on IRC (so folks have to ping me if the cfmx7bot goes offline). I'm also behind on getting articles and columns and presentations written - but I am almost completely caught up on reviewing cf.Objective() presentation outlines!

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