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GTD - Getting Things Done

December 31, 2008 ·

I've been experimenting with a variety of "todo" managers over the last year, trying to find one that fits my needs. I have been a fan of 43actions for most of 2008 because it offered a nice iPhone-compatible web application that was fairly intuitive and, with Fluid allowing me to have a "desktop" version of 43actions, I had synchronized access from both my iPhone and my desktop. The problem was that it was a web app so it didn't have any integration with either the iPhone or, more importantly, the desktop.

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CFUNITED 2009 - Centaur and other topics

December 31, 2008 ·

Liz has posted an explanation of the process for announcing the remaining topics for CFUNITED 2009. She had earlier posted a list of just over 40 topics and noted that Centaur and Bolt topics will be announced later, as well as commenting that a quarter of the final topic list will be Flex/AIR. I know some speakers who didn't make the first list assumed they weren't speaking. Not necessarily true. The manager and beginner tracks have not been (fully) announced yet, not have all the Flex/AIR topics and none of the Centaur and Bolt topics (and, indeed, several slots in the other tracks have not been finalized either). Additional topics will be announced over the next few months but Liz wanted to give a sense of what is coming in some of the tracks this year. Another clarification in her latest post covers the "exclusivity" of Centaur/Bolt topics, namely that certain topics will be exclusive to CFUNITED but by no means all Centaur/Bolt topics. That means that other conferences will be covering Centaur and Bolt (and may well have "scoops" as has been Adobe's practice in the past during keynotes). That's good news for cf.Objective() and Scotch on the Rocks attendees since they know now that they won't miss out on the "highly anticipated next major release" of ColdFusion! Don't forget that the early bird price ($849 for 4 days) ends TODAY!

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cf.Objective() 2009 - Registration Open

December 24, 2008 ·

cf.Objective() 2009 has opened registration. The list of topics will be published shortly I expect but if you've been to cf.Objective() before, you'll know what to expect!

Tags: coldfusion · cfobjective

CFUNITED 2009 - Initial Topics Announced

December 23, 2008 ·

Liz has announced the first round of topics for CFUNITED 2009. It's an interesting mix of speakers - some old, some new - and a broad spectrum of subject matter. After CFUNITED 2008, Liz has promised lots of changes and improvements and we already know that the venue is something special and an all-in-one location (addressing a bit complaint about the last few years' conferences). One of the new changes for 2009 is that a quarter of the content will be Flex/AIR related, acknowledging the growth and increasing relevance of these technologies to ColdFusion developers at large. Some of the highlights (from my point of view) of the topics announced so far:
  • Flex development with the Swiz framework - Chris Scott
  • Railo Open Source - Gert Franz
  • Groovy for ColdFusion Developers - Joe Rinehart
  • iPhone Apps + Adobe ColdFusion - Josh Adams
  • ColdFusion, Model-Glue, Hibernate, Spring, and Groovy - Ray Camden
  • AIR: Building Desktop Applications with Flex 3 - Rob Rusher
  • Hack Proofing ColdFusion - Shlomy Gantz
Definitely not your father's CFUNITED!

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More Flex?

December 14, 2008 ·

I just received my final evaluation forms from MAX 2008. With the exception of one person who "Fell asleep during presentation. It was offensive.", the comments were mostly positive. There was, however, an interesting undercurrent...

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ColdFusion in the Cloud (and clustering)

December 13, 2008 ·

This week has seen my focus shift back from ActionScript / Groovy to ColdFusion, although not specifically programming in CFML. A couple of blogs have been buzzing about the pros and cons (and plain ol' whys) of running ColdFusion in the cloud, such as on Amazon's EC2 service. Obviously you can run Open BlueDragon or Railo without worrying about cost but for many people, only Adobe ColdFusion will really do what they need and the current EULA does not really accommodate that (partly because the "per 2 CPU" aspect doesn't cover the Amazon situation where you simply don't know how many physical CPUs you actually have!).

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Tags: hosted · coldfusion · adobe · broadchoice · railo · saas · openbd

Hal Helms - are you OO-Ready?

December 13, 2008 ·

Several people have been blogging about the OO Quiz created by Hal Helms. I'd question the wording of a couple of the questions but it's a fun way to while away 15-20 minutes and it will definitely test your understanding of object-oriented terminology and principles.

Tags: programming · coldfusion · architecture

Humor: Mavericks '08

December 13, 2008 ·

A friend of mine created this in Photoshop and it just tickled me so I thought I'd share:

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Free ColdFusion Hosting

December 08, 2008 ·

The title says it all. Available January 1st, 2009 from Pablo Varando.

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Adobe gets serious about Java and Flex

December 08, 2008 ·

A dramatic title I guess but this really highlights Adobe's commitment to open source and expanding the reach of Flex: Adobe Collaborates with SpringSource for Enhanced Flex / Spring Integration. I've been working with Spring quite a lot over the last few months - we use it to wire things together behind the Broadchoice Workspace - and it constantly amazes me how comprehensive the Spring project is - see below for an example. By integrating the open source BlazeDS project directly into Spring, Adobe brings Flex integration to a vast community of Java Spring developers who can now expose their Java services to Flex UIs in a very simple way. It should really help the uptake of Flex in the Java community! An example of Spring's comprehensive nature: Ray blogged about sending email using Spring's mail support via Groovy. I recently built a new Model-Glue 3 app on top of our Groovy services and needed to send email. I could have used CFMAIL but Railo has a bug that does not allow + in email addresses and I didn't want that restriction (since we send email elsewhere directly from Groovy). It was very simple to use the same Spring mail package directly from CFML by declaring the Spring-managed beans in the CFCOMPONENT tag of my controller so that Model-Glue would autowire it!

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