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Busy Building Betas!

October 24, 2008 ·

Today saw the release of Workspace Beta 1 Build 2 and it's been a crazy busy day - but a great way to round off the week! The team has worked almost around the clock this week to add new features, redesign large parts of the user interface and track down and fix a number of bugs. We're using the Scrum process with each week being a Sprint and it's been working fairly well for us. We each get to focus on a small set of tasks for the week, we finish the week with a new build and then we discuss what is going into next week's Sprint. Joe (Rinehart) has the most experience with Scrum so he's been leading the charge but it seems a very productive way to develop and evolve a complex feature-driven product. I've learned a couple of (painful) lessons this week and I'll be blogging about those over on the ArgumentCollection soon. By the way, the whole ArgumentCollection team is going to be at MAX - see you there!

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CFUNITED Call for Speakers / Topics

October 21, 2008 ·

CFUNITED have just launched their call for speakers for CFUNITED 2009. As you can see from the blog post, they're going to focus on new presentations, based on attendee feedback, and let the community vote on topics in December. You can either submit yourself as a speaker, with topics, or submit a suggestion for topics that others could speak on. Since Liz has said next year's CFUNITED will be community-driven, make your voice count by submitting suggestions!

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Static vs Dynamic (Chris Smith)

October 19, 2008 ·

It's been a while since I've blogged about this favorite topic of mine but I recently came across this article by Chris Smith about type systems (via a link on a CFers blog but unfortunately I didn't bookmark the referencing site - sorry!). It's a good article because it talks about the differences between type systems in more depth than you normally see and it makes some excellent points in a section examining fallacies. One particular fallacy that stood out for me was about how developers use dynamically typed languages:

[

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MAX 2008 draws near - what to expect of San Francisco

October 16, 2008 ·

If you're coming to MAX, you might want to check out the MAX 2008 information website created by local user group managers. It's running on the Broadchoice Collaboration Platform, our "2.0" ColdFusion-powered platform - not to be confused with the Broadchoice Workspace, our "3.0" AIR/Flex desktop application that launched in beta today!

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BACFUG - Recording of Subversion talk

October 15, 2008 ·

The recording of my BACFUG presentation on Subversion is now available on Charlie Arehart's User Group Television website. With post-talk demos, it's an hour and a half - the slide-based preso is the first hour. Big thanx to the University of Santa Clara for sponsoring pizza tonight - sponsorship is very important to BACFUG since it means we don't go home hungry from a meeting! Thanx to my co-manager Sid Maestre for securing sponsorship tonight.

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BACFUG - October 15th - Sean Corfield - Subversion: Better Living Through Branches

October 12, 2008 ·

I'll be reprising my Wee Dram talk for BACFUG this week:
By now you've heard a dozen times that source code control is good for you. Perhaps you're already reaping the benefits of tracking code changes in a separate system that is nicely backed up. You've heard about tags and branches - most talks touch on them - but you haven't really figured out how to leverage these features to improve your life. Come and find out how the engineering team at Broadchoice use branches and tags in Subversion as part of their daily life to manage parallel development, automate deployment across multiple environments and deal with the complexities involved. At the end of this talk, you should be prepared to introduce more advanced use of Subversion into your own workplace to help streamline team development.
Barring technical problems, the talk will be both broadcast and recorded - details on the BACFUG website. Please RSVP via the BACFUG website!

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Stellr - the team behind CFUNITED breaks free!

October 10, 2008 ·

Liz Frederick and her awesome team are evolving out of TeraTech into their own brand and company. As Liz says in the announcement on the CFUNITED blog "We create a clear brand for each event that's easy to understand and we work to unite the community around its purpose." and she goes on to say "Of course CFUnited is still our top priority and I believe 2009 is going to reflect the preferences and the needs of the attendees like never before." I said publicly that I would not attend CFUNITED 2009 unless there were significant changes in the way the event was handled and - based on early information I've had from Stellr - it looks like CFUNITED 2009 will be significantly improved over CFUNITED 2008 and very focused on "the preferences and the needs of the attendees" as Liz says!

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Broadchoice Workspace Beta starts soon

October 10, 2008 ·

Things have been a bit quiet on my blog because I was in England for two weeks. Things have been a bit quiet on the Broadchoice blog too because the team has been busy with the Broadchoice Workspace, preparing for the upcoming beta program! Here's a screenshot of the latest internal build, running on my laptop (with real content!) - the navigation and layout has changed a bit since our earlier screenshots - but we're all using the Workspace in-house to collaborate on projects as we draw closer to launch:
(click for larger image) In addition to the AIR application, we're also working on an iPhone web application - built with CFML - that exposes all the Workspace content as well as providing the ability to send messages to spaces. Folks who sign up for the beta program will get to experience both of those! The beta will start next week on a first come, first served basis (so those who have already signed up will get their login credentials and access instructions around the 15th - thank you for your patience!).

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Design Patterns preso updated

October 01, 2008 ·

The preso I gave on Monday at the Devon CFUG and which I'll be giving in about an hour at the TVCFUG has been posted to the PRESOS section on my blog. It's a PDF with slides and notes since there are quite a few notes on this preso and it'll make it easier to follow. John Whish (Devon CFUG) has a version of all the slides (with builds but no notes) which was how I presented it on Monday because my laptop wouldn't drive the projector (first time ever!) and I had to present from John's laptop.

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