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MAX is huge!

September 30, 2007 ·

After spending the weekend in Toledo, OH at the annual On Safari cat show - effectively the Bengal breed national - my wife & I are now settled in at the Hyatt Regency McCormack Place for MAX. We wandered around the conference center (and admired the onAir bus!) for a while and it is absolutely enormous. Bumped into Ben Forta, Scott Fegette, Bob Regan, Shlomy Gantz, Ed Sullivan, Rob Gonda, Peter Farland (and I know I've forgotten someone - sorry!) then had a fabulous dinner at the Shor grill before a relatively early night (for us - midnight). Very much the calm before the "storm"... Registration opens at 7am, breakfast, then the General Session at 9:30am (and I think there are a lot more people present than will fit in the General Session space - be warned!). My Monday selections are fairly varied (a couple of INSPIRE sessions, if I can get in, ColdFusion / LiveCycle, Flex on Rails) but most of all I'm looking forward to the BOFs in the evening: Meet The Team (ColdFusion), ColdFusion Frameworks (chaired by Matt Woodward) - up aginst ColdFusion in the Enterprise (chaired by Brian Meloche), Design Patterns in ColdFusion Applications (not sure of the chair) - up against Promoting ColdFusion outside the CF Community (a panel chaired by Brian Meloche). Some tough choices there - and if you're into AIR, Flex or Flash the choices are even harder. Oh, and the Meet the Web Team is also in that 9:30-10:30pm slot!

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CFUNITED Express Bay Area early bird ends 9/30

September 25, 2007 ·

The CFUNITED Express Bay Area early bird price ends on Sunday. The speakers are Charlie Arehart, John Paul Ashenfelter, Michael Smith, Simon Horwith and, from Adobe, Paul Kenney and Matt Chotin. Matt will be giving an introduction to Flex for ColdFusion developers. Oh, and me. Remember that you can use the cost of CFUNITED Express as a discount against your CFUNITED 2008 ticket!

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Is oXygenXML worth it?

September 24, 2007 ·

Serious question! I've been using the free version of XML Buddy for ages with Eclipse and it mostly works really well but it also kind of annoys me with its quirkiness. Some people I respect love oXygenXML and have gone ahead and paid good money for it. So, my questions to y'all are: Are you using oXygenXML? If not, what are you using to edit XML? If yes, what license did you buy and how much did you actually pay? (pro seems to be $225 which seems awfully expensive just for an XML editor!)

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Learn something new every day: named arguments

September 24, 2007 ·

I'm used to seeing name=value in ColdFusion function calls, providing named arguments. I opened up some (client) code this evening and saw something like this:
<cfset result = obj.func(arg:value,thing:42) />
I looked at this and went *blink, blink*... That can't be right! You can't use colons for named arguments! Er, can you? Well, apparently you can. Incredulous, I went and wrote some test cases. You can even mix styles in a single call:
<cfset x(a:1,b:2)>
<cfset x(a=3,b=4)>
<cfset x(a:5,b=6)>
I always say you should learn something new every day so I figured I'd share today's lesson for me!

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Fusebox 5 and Sandbox Security

September 23, 2007 ·

I just spent some time helping a friend who was trying to get Fusebox 5 (actually Fusebox 5.5) running on a shared host that has sandbox security enabled with createObject(java) disabled. In Fusebox 5.1, we fixed a bug with locale-specific dates and we also speeded up the parsed file writer - both by dropping down into Java. That means that Fusebox 5.1 and Fusebox 5.5 (Public Beta Candidate 0 and earlier) will not run on such shared hosts. However, since the Java class usage is both fairly localized and also intended only to affect performance / accuracy of detecting when to reload in development mode, it seemed reasonable to automatically fallback to non-Java code if the sandbox prevents access to Java code. I just committed build which includes that fix (and one or two others since PBC0 appeared) and my friend has successfully installed Fusebox 5.5 with that build and is up and running.

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Developer Circuit Jobs Network

September 21, 2007 ·

I've mentioned Developer Circuit a couple of times - the site behind the "jobs" widget on my blog (in the left hand column) - but I realized I've failed to mention that it pays commission for every job posted! It's easy to join the Developer Circuit network and you get $20 for every job posted through the widget on your site. It pays out via PayPal or iTunes Gift Certificates - it won't surprise you that I opted for iTunes since that's also the only thing on my wishlist (you get quite a bit of Instant Message "goodwill" for an iTunes Gift Certificate!). Once you're an affiliate, you also get to post jobs for free. I think it's a great service for our community, providing a viral job advertising network that directly supports our community, whilst offering employers a targeted audience. I've had a couple of emails from companies who hired a candidate that applied through the widget on my site so it obviously works!

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CS3 and Safari 3 do not mix

September 20, 2007 ·

You've probably read it elsewhere but I ran through the experience myself and wanted to try to save some folks some pain... If you try to install CS3 for OS X when you have Safari 3 Beta installed, you'll hit an annoying problem. Here's what happens. The install seems to go really well until you get to the end of disc one and then you get a blank alert box that you cannot interact with and you cannot quit the installer. You have to force quit the installer to get out of this situation. Here's how to do it the right way. If you still have the Safari 3 Beta .dmg, mount it and run the uninstaller (if you don't have it, download the beta again from Apple's site). The uninstaller will remove Safari 3 Beta and restore your Safari 2 install. Now you can install CS3 without a problem. It takes up to two and a half hours depending on whether you install the entire suite or just select parts. It's huge. Once you have successfully installed CS3, fire up the Safari 3 Beta installer again and you're back to where you started. No mess, no fuss. Remember to run the updater - Help > Updates... from any program in the suite!

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Parallels Updated

September 20, 2007 ·

As I've blogged in the past, I like Parallels Desktop for Mac a lot. I relied very heavily on it for a while. But then I bought Vista and it ran like a dog on Parallels. So I switched to VMware Fusion. Parallels just released build 5160 which they claim is faster, uses fewer resources and adds interleaved Windows / Mac windows and the ability to use Expose etc while Parallels is in the foreground (all minor reasons that contributed to my switch to VMware). Well, their claims are definitely true: Parallels 3.0 5160 is much improved in terms of both performance and usability and it would almost be enough to switch me back from VMware. Almost... because whilst performance has improved, it hasn't improved enough. Parallels still uses about twice as much CPU as VMware when Windows is "idle". That's definitely better than it was and all existing Parallels users should definitely upgrade. The Parallels Transporter is a very impressive way to import an entire PC - or even another virtual machine - into a new Parallels VM. I commented that I'd tweaked Vista pretty heavily to get it to perform well on Parallels so to compare apples to apples, I used the Transporter to import my VMware Vista image into Parallels and it worked flawlessly although Vista then insisted it was on new hardware and now it wants to be activated again (I went through this when I switched from Parallels to VMware - see my previous blog entry!). Overall, Parallels is still the slicker product (now that Expose and interleaved windows are implemented) because the controls and preferences are more sophisticated and, if you need it, it has unlimited snapshot / restore functionality. The downsides are that the performance just isn't as tight and the 3D / graphics support is still lacking (the Vista Windows Experience Index process will not run at all on Parallels - it does run on VMware).

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VMware Fusion after six weeks

September 20, 2007 ·

Back in early August, I blogged that I'd tried VMware Fusion for the first time and was very impressed. I figured I'd follow up with a more detailed report of my experiences. My untweaked copy of Vista runs very acceptably on VMware (well, as acceptably as Vista ever runs!). I run BlueDragon.NET, SQL Server Express and ColdFusion 8 all together on the same VM, along with Eclipse, all in 768Kb of PC memory. Sure, it would run better if I allocated more memory to it but then I'd need to shutdown everything on the Mac side that I wasn't using and that would be somewhat counter-productive! BlueDragon.NET happily talks to MySQL on the Mac side and ColdFusion 8 on the Mac side happily talks to SQL Server on the Windows side (yes, I run ColdFusion on both sides of the virtual wall since I am working on some client projects that are resolutely Windows-only even in the CFML code!). So that's two copies of ColdFusion 8, a copy of BlueDragon.NET, SQL Server, MySQL and PostgreSQL all running on one MacBook Pro laptop. My only real complaint is that VMware Fusion has a small bug in the bridged network adapter that can cause Apple's AirPort card (in the laptop) to think it's being hit by a packet replay attack and it shuts the AirPort card down for 60 seconds. Nice bit of security but very frustrating when it's really just a bug in VMware's networking code. The other network adapter modes work fine but bridged seems to be the only way to be able to connect between the two sides and still access the big, bad Internet from both sides as well. I mostly just stay tethered to my ethernet cable when using VMware Fusion and I'm fine. I hope that VMware add better DirectX support at some point so I can experience Vista in all its transparent-ness.

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Fuseboxers at MAX?

September 18, 2007 ·

Ben Koshy asked on the Fusebox forums "who is going to MAX?" to see if folks want to meet up. Might be a good idea with Fusebox 5.5 going into Public Beta just before then. Either leave comments here or on the forums under that thread.

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