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Fusebox 5 Book!

April 29, 2007 ·

Jeff Peters has just released Fusebox 5 & FLiP: Master-Class ColdFusion Applications available via the Proton Arts website. This is the book on Fusebox 5 / 5.1! Almost 500 pages covering Fusebox concepts, core files, the Fusebox Lifecycle Process, best practices and six appendices.

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cf.Objective() - My Schedule

April 27, 2007 ·

As I tend to do for conferences, here's the schedule of sessions I'm likely to attend at cf.Objective() 2007:
  • Thursday May 3
    • 9pm - Reception!
  • Friday May 4
    • 9am - Jason Delmore - Scorpio Keynote
    • 10:15am - Mark Mandel - Developing Applications with Transfer ORM ... or ... Chris Scott - Introduction to Aspect Oriented Programming with ColdSpring
    • 11:25am - David Keith - ... or ... Hal Helms - Object Oriented Modeling
    • 1:30pm - me - AJAX Integration with Scorpio (up against Ray Camden - Model-Glue, Spry and You as well as Joe Rinehart - Model Glue 2: Built to Last... yikes!)
    • 2:40pm - Mark Mandel - Advanced Transfer ORM Techniques
    • 4:10pm - Charlie Arehart - Understanding, Improving and Resolving Issues with Database Procedure Caches ... or ... Mark Drew - The CFEclipse Project (where I think he'll unveil his super secret "Project: U")
    • 7pm - BOFs!
  • Saturday May 5
    • 9am - Hal Helms - Large Scale Application Architecture ... or ... Matt Woodward - OO Architecture Back to Front?
    • 10:15am - Jason Delmore - Scorpio: Diagnostic Server Monitoring and Realtime Performance Alerts
    • 11:25am - me - Real World SOA: Building Services with ColdSpring and Transfer (repeated on Sunday)
    • 1:30pm - Simon Bateman - Fusebox - The original CF Framework
    • 3pm - Scott Stroz - Filtering and Sorting Data in Flex 2 (although I don't know what Howard Sholz will be talking about in this slot)
    • 4:10pm - Peter Farrell - Mach-II 1.5
    • 7pm - BOFs!
  • Sunday May 6
    • 9am - Paul Kenney - Test-Driven Development with ColdFusion (although he's up against Jason Delmore - Scorpio: l337 which is a cruel choice!)
    • 10:15am - me - Real World SOA: Building Services with ColdSpring and Transfer (repeat)
    • 11:25am - Ben Forta - Scorpio Keynote
    • 1:30pm - Rob Gonda - Introduction Cairngorm ... or ... Hal Helms - Object Oriented Modeling ... or ... Dave Ross - Intro to Dependency Injection and ColdSpring?
    • 2:40pm - Maxim Porges - Maximizing your CF/Flex Applications with Java ... or ... Simon Horwith - XML for the Rest of Us?
    • 4:10pm - Chris Scott - Leveraging ColdSpring to Build a Robust and Maintainable Architecture for Flex
    • 5:10pm - Jared et al - Closing Comments

Updated: all session titles are up on the cf.Objective() site (even tho' a few of them are not yet reflected on the schedule) - except for Howard Sholz's session. Simon Horwith and Nic Tunney have swapped sessions (Nic's Intro to OO is first thing Friday after the opening keynote; Simon's XML is now mid-afternoon Sunday). Sunday's keynote has moved to just before lunch. These changes will be reflected on the site shortly.

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ColdFusion position in Los Angeles

April 26, 2007 ·

Ali Awan asked me to post this job opening:
I am looking for some good ColdFusion Developers to join my team at ExpressLink, where I work. I would greatly appreciate it if you could spread the word on this opportunity. The Developer would report to me. Currently I am only looking for people local to the Los Angeles area, as we don't offer any relocation packages, and no sponsorship whatsoever. People who are interested can respond to our monster ad. The following is the official ad: About the Company: ExpressLink™ is a 21 year old company and is the leading provider of financial services and aftermarket products sold to consumers at automobile dealerships via an online network. ExpressLink's lead product, InsureExpress®, is the leading point-of-sale auto insurance product in the industry. This is permanent position with a great salary health care, excellent benefits package and 401K plan. Position Summary:
  • You will be responsible for developing and maintaining the company's flagship products built in ColdFusion, Javascript and SQL Server.
  • Experience should include interfacing front-end web pages to databases and a good understanding of RDBMS, specifically SQL Server.
  • You should have a fluent understanding of Web and Client/Server Development and a full software development lifecycle understanding (requirements, design, coding, testing).
  • At least 3 years of experience programming Coldfusion applications is required.
  • We are looking for a Coldfusion Expert that has at least 3 year hands-on working experience in Coldfusion 5 or higher with Coldfusion MX7 application development experience
  • Experience with MS SQL Server 2000 or higher
  • Strong Javascript knowledge
  • Experience with CSS, XML and AJAX
  • Ability to learn new technologies quickly, must be a good communicator with strong interpersonal skills
  • Detailed oriented, organized, have ability to work in a team, and complete tasks with minimal supervision in a fast paced working environment
  • Great debugging and troubleshooting skills
  • Portal or e-commerce experiences a big plus
Note: Must already live in the greater Los Angeles area and be ready to join our team. No agencies please. Thanks,
Ali Awan
Programming Manager
ExpressLink, Inc.
(800) 999-5094 ext. 330

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CFUNITED Saturday Sessions (Repeats)

April 26, 2007 ·

Although this is subject to change, it's worth reading the expected repeat sessions list for Saturday at CFUNITED 2007. Very pleased to see several of these repeated as I'd been struggling over which sessions to pick on the main Wed/Thu/Fri schedule in a couple of places!

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CFUNITED 2007 Scheduler Available!

April 26, 2007 ·

You can now create your own session schedule for CFUNITED 2007 using their all-new online scheduler application. I've already filled out most of my schedule and, boy, are there some difficult choices to be made! The Saturday schedule (repeat sessions) is not available yet - TeraTech are working on that and will add it to the scheduler once they've confirmed the most popular sessions.

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Ben on Scorpio at BACFUG

April 26, 2007 ·

I meant to post this yesterday but got side-tracked, integrating a new design for the Scazu, Inc. website. We'll be launching the site in the summer and it's really coming along nicely. We're looking forward to moving it to Scorpio as soon as that is released, so that we can take advantage of many of the things Ben showed at BACFUG. Ben started out by saying that Scorpio has three broad themes: developer productivity, integration and management / administration. He also said that because this was the beginning of the tour, lots of other new features would be previewed at later User Group meetings to keep things fresh. What he showed us was enough to have most people cheering and desperately wanting to buy Scorpio NOW! So what did he cover?

[

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Flex goes Open Source!

April 25, 2007 ·

Adobe just announced their plans to release the source code for Adobe Flex as open source. You can read more details on Adobe Labs. The Mozilla Public License will be used to cover the source the AS3 Flex SDK (available in source form since the release of Flex 2) as well as the Java source for the AS3 and MXML compilers, the debugger and the core AS3 libraries from the SDK. Most of the infrastructure should be in place by the summer with a full transition to open source by the end of 2007. You might also want to watch the video interview with Ely Greenfield and David Wadhwani by Robert Scoble of PodTech.

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BACFUG to get a new manager

April 24, 2007 ·

Jennifer announced tonight that she will be stepping down as manager after several years. She invited folks to volunteer for the role - and noted that I will be running - so contact Jennifer if you're interested. She hasn't decided exactly when the election will be, maybe at the May meeting, maybe at the June meeting. Big thanx to Jennifer for all her hard work over the last few years!

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Ben Forta at BACFUG

April 24, 2007 ·

Just got home from BACFUG where Ben fed us a feast of information about new features coming in Scorpio! If you've been following the coldfusion twitter, you'll have seen a number of live updates from the audience during Ben's talk as each new features was shown. It was a very impressive show - and as Ben pointed out, this is early in the tour and there are many, many more features to be unveiled across subsequent User Groups and also at cf.Objective() 2007. Ben also referred to his blog post about per-application settings in Scorpio which he unveiled at the Seattle User Group last night. I'll be blogging some more tomorrow about what he covered tonight. For now, I'm going to enjoy my Scorpio m&m's - Adobe red and ColdFusion blue with the Scorpio logo on them. Yummy!

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Adobe MAX 2007 - Prices

April 22, 2007 ·

Although registration is not yet open, Adobe has posted prices for MAX 2007 on the Adobe MAX 2007 blog. I don't remember last year's prices but this years seem to be in the same ballpark. The difference this year seems to be options to attend for just a day or just two days - I don't remember that from previous years (mind you, Anaheim was the last MAX I attended and that was because I was asked to speak at the last minute, before that it was Florida). MAX is once again scheduled to overlap with On Safari, the Bengal breed national cat show, which is in Toledo, OH this year. Jay & I are thinking about coming out to Chicago, driving to Toledo for the cat show and then driving back to Chicago for MAX and hanging out with our friends in Chicago. We'll see how things pan out. The MAX early bird runs until July 23, so we have quite a while to make up our minds.

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