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Another way to view the ColdFusion documentation

December 28, 2007 ·

Anuj Gakhar has just released coldfusiondocs.comwhich is a Flex application for viewing the ColdFusion 8 documentation. It uses a three panel layout to let you search for tags and functions and see the tag attributes / function arguments without losing the currently selected documentation item. It also has filters for ColdFusion 8 tags / functions and pre-CF8 tags / functions which is a nice touch. My only complaint would be that the monospaced font used in the documentation is a bit small (but the standard font size increase hot key in the browser works just fine).

Tags: coldfusion · flex

Seeing spots

December 27, 2007 ·

A Leopard is in my future. I've been holding off upgrading to Leopard until Adobe (and others) have updates available to ensure compatibility. My financial controller (Jay) pointed out that it's year end and if I need any "last minute" software or hardware I should buy it a.s.a.p. Smart woman, my wife! So I just ordered Leopard, a car charger for my iPhone and a 750Gb USB 2.0 HD that I can stick on my Apple BaseStation as a network drive. 750Gb for just $230... amazing... and scary how cheap storage has become... The question is: can I resist upgrading until all the software I use has been updated?

Tags: iphone · personal · osx · coldfusion

cf.Objective() 2008 schedule posted!

December 26, 2007 ·

The conference schedule for cf.Objective() 2008 has just been posted! Time to start making those hard decisions! Don't forget: the early bird ends on January 15th so register in the next three weeks to take advantage of that special price!

Tags: coldfusion · cfobjective

Coming soon...

December 25, 2007 ·

It's almost that time of the year where we tend to take stock of the last twelve months and make resolutions for the coming twelve months. I've never been much for making resolutions but I always provide a review of the last year, based on my blog postings, so expect my review of 2007 within the next week or so. Whilst not a resolution, I will be embarking on a series of blog postings in the new year that are longer and more in-depth than my regular posts. They will cover a lot of the architectural advice that I find myself giving many of my clients and I will also be covering frameworks in more detail based on requests I've been getting via email over the last year. I'll also be looking at some anti-patterns that I've been seeing in code that I've reviewed over the last eight months (without identifying anyone, of course!). I hope it will help other avoid these problems in their own code. I hope folks will find it interesting reading!

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Clustering etc

December 25, 2007 ·

Mike Brunt has posted the latest in a series of articles about high-availability web site architecture and I was pleased to see him confirming my general recommendation that "the most effective Load Balancing in a Cluster is Round-Robin with Sticky-Sessions, if it is necessary to preserve state in a single user session." In the articles so far he has covered a lot of the considerations behind clustering, failover and so on as well as touching on the risks involved in different levels of redundancy so that you can make well-informed decisions about how robust (and how expensive!) you need your infrastructure to be. Mike will be speaking at cf.Objective() 2008 - about clustering!

Tags: coldfusion

cf.Objective() 2008 buzz

December 22, 2007 ·

Now that the official speaker/topic selections have been posted, I thought it would be fun to pull together some of the early blog buzz about the conference, mostly from some of our speakers, in no particular order:
  • Jeff Coughlin thinks we have an "amazing" list of topics and will be speaking about FarCry
  • Maxim Porges says you should make sure you register because our topics "tend to be more on the advanced/esoteric side" - Maxim will be explaining why Flex is a good enough framework that you don't need to add others on top of it
  • Luis Majano talks about the debut of two ColdBox sessions, one of which will be a two hour, hands advanced workshop
  • Terrence Ryan is "thrilled, excited, and a little intimidated" and says we have "the most advanced content of any of the various ColdFusion world events" - he will be talking about how to convince skeptics to use frameworks, source control and automation which I think a lot of people will be very interested in!
  • Peter Bell says this is one of his "favorite CF conferences" and will be speaking about Software Product Lines
  • Matt Woodward says "WOW what a fantastic conference" - he will be speaking about enterprise level Mach-II
  • Todd Sharp is "thrilled" and "honored" to be speaking about ColdFusion 8's AJAX capabilities and says we have "amazing topics"
  • Brian Kotek will be covering a number of code generation techniques to make coding more fun
  • Mark Mandel is "very excited about coming over again" (from Australia) and thinks the "speaker lineup this year looks absolutely amazing" - Mark will be providing an introduction to Transfer ORM as well as an advanced session on caching within Transfer ORM
Remember to register before January 15th to take advantage of the early bird discount!

Tags: coldfusion · cfobjective

Changing the JVM for ColdFusion

December 22, 2007 ·

In light of the class loader performance issues with Java 6, you may be interested in "downgrading" to Java 5 but you may not know how (based on the comments on my blog post discussing the Java 6 issue). If so, you'll want to read this Adobe Tech Note explaining how to change the JVM that JRun/ColdFusion use.

Tags: coldfusion · adobe

cf.Objective() 2008 promotional bling

December 20, 2007 ·

Speaking at cf.Objective() 2008? Want to help us promote the conference? Why not put one of these promotional badges on your website?

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cf.Objective() 2008 workshops published

December 20, 2007 ·

When I posted the session details yesterday, I forgot to post the four extended sessions. The website has been updated. Our four two hour tracks are:
  • Flex 3 For ColdFusion Developers - Jeff Tapper
  • Advanced Techniques With The ColdBox Framework - Luis Majano - hands on
  • ColdSpring 1337 - Chris Scott - hands on
  • Agile Bootcamp: What ColdFusion Developers Need To Know - John Paul Ashenfelter - hands on
We're very excited about these longer sessions as we often hear attendees complain that a really interesting talk just wasn't able to go into enough detail in a one hour session. We will be the first conference to provide extensive coverage of the increasingly popular ColdBox framework, offering both an introductory one hour session and the above two hour hands on advanced session!

Tags: coldbox · cfobjective · coldfusion

cf.Objective() 2008 sessions published

December 19, 2007 ·

The confirmed speakers list has just been posted to the cf.Objective() website, along with a complete list of all the sessions (except for four or five Adobe sessions which will be added in the new year). You can see the details of each session by clicking on the track name on the main sessions page. All speakers listed should have received confirmation of their acceptance today - and to those of you who submitted topics but didn't get picked, thank you (and you should also have received an email today). The early bird price of $499 runs until mid-January! We'll be posting the schedule soon and we plan to repeat popular sessions on Sunday.

Tags: coldfusion · cfobjective