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AppBooster for Fusebox 5 coming soon

May 30, 2006 ·

Thanx to the generosity of Kurt Wiersma, I will be creating a Fusebox 5 version of his AppBooster sample application. Kurt has made some great contributions to the ColdSpring project and is an advocate for Mach II. He has created AppBooster as a way to help Mach II developers get a 'leg up' when starting a new application. I asked Kurt if I could take his code (currently at Beta 2) and create a version of it to distribute as a sample application for Fusebox 5.

Tags: coldfusion · machii · fusebox

onError(), onRequest() and cfabort

May 30, 2006 ·

Several people have noticed that if you are using Application.cfc and have an onError() method in it, when you use cfabort to end a request, it will trigger the onError() method. This seems pretty counter-intuitive to a lot of people so I figured I'd post some clarifications. First, you only get the error if you also have an onRequest() method in Application.cfc. If you have no onRequest() method and you use cfabort, then onError() will not be called. Second, if you read the docs for cfabort it should be clear that, in general, cfabort is considered to be an error condition. The docs are very explicit about the interaction between cfabort, cferror and the presence or absence of the showError= attribute on cfabort. If you don't have onError() and you use the showError= attribute, then cfabort will terminate execution of the request and display the error to the user (as expected). If you do have onError() and you use the showError= attribute, then cfabort will terminate execution of the request and onError() will be invoked (as expected). So the edge case to watch for is where you have both onRequest() and onError() and you do not have showError=. Caveat programmer.

Tags: coldfusion

Fusebox 5 Beta 2 draws near

May 29, 2006 ·

This site is now running on the first candidate build for Fusebox 5 Beta 2. This incorporates several bug fixes as well as some minor new features. The most notable new feature is "strict mode" where additional XML validation is performed and deprecated features are actually flagged as errors. As you might expect, I'm running in strict mode. I'm continuing to work on performance in development mode but we're getting closer and closer to what will be the general release of Fusebox 5. Check out the updated documentation and join the Fusebox 5 mailing list if you want to participate in beta testing - over 200 people have already signed up, many of whom are already running Fusebox 5 in production! Please help me make this the best release of Fusebox so far!

Tags: coldfusion · fusebox


May 29, 2006 ·

We recently lost our regular cleaning lady - she moved back to Texas - so we decided to buy one of those iRobot cleaners... We went to Best Buy yesterday and charged the battery overnight and this afternoon we let it loose on the extension, which is about 500 sq ft of tiled room where several of our cats live together. We actually sat and watched it for the first 45 minute cleaning cycle... it's absolutely fascinating! It starts out in the middle of the room doing spirals and then heads out to a wall and follows the wall around for a bit then criss-crosses the room - and then alternates the three patterns. Very cool! The cats aren't sure what to make of it. Junko follows it around with mild interest and only moves out of its way when it is an inch away from running into her. Rosie isn't as brave but likes to creep up behind it and swat at it. Most everyone else has ignored it so far. A much more inquisitive set of cats lives in the main part of the house tho' so we expect to have more fun when we let it loose in the kitchen in the next day or two!

Tags: personal

Reactor Framework - New Project Site!

May 26, 2006 ·

A great piece of news from Doug Hughes: Reactor now has a Trac project site and HTTP-based SVN access! This provides access to Reactor's bleeding edge for folks behind firewalls (like me most of the time) as well as a wiki and bugbase and so on, just like I've been using for Fusebox 5.

Tags: coldfusion · orm

Flash/Flex or HTML?

May 26, 2006 ·

Michael Dinowitz has good blog entry responding to a question from someone who has avoided Flash and doesn't understand why Flex is relevant to ColdFusion developers. Once again, the question of Flex pricing comes up: "What is the end price target for Flex server", the developer asks Michael. As Michael says "Flex itself is basically free." I guess we just have to keep saying it over and over again before the message sticks. Anyway, glad to see Michael posting about this and drawing some great comments, especially from Kevin Hoyt, in response.

Tags: flex

Flash Player 9 for Linux

May 25, 2006 ·

As someone who will soon be doing a lot of development on Linux, I was pleased to see Emmy Huang saying that there will be a Linux port of Flash Player 9. She also notes that one of the engineers working on the Linux version of the Flash Player has started a blog. More details on Emmy's blog.

Tags: adobe


May 24, 2006 ·

It's been a while since I've felt a quake here but tonight, sat watching Law & Order, I felt the bed shake and said "earthquake!"... my wife didn't feel it. I jumped onto the USGS site and there was the computer-generated alert. It was about 10 miles from us. I kept refreshing the page under the magnitude showed. 3.2, so it was only a baby quake. Read the earthquake report on the USGS site. After the nonsense that was "10.5 Apocalypse" it's nice to have experience the reality of life in the Bay Area with about 30-50 earthquakes a week in this region.

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Mach II: Some Advice

May 24, 2006 ·

So you're building a Mach II application and you're figuring out what code should go in your filters and what code should go in your listeners and you build it all out in a nice, modular fashion and it works and you're very pleased with yourself. And then you need to put a Flex front-end on your application. That means you need to expose your model as a set of remote methods. If you got your application design right, that'll be easy: just open up your model CFCs and change the access attributes and you'll be done, right?

[

Tags: coldfusion · architecture · machii

Adobe Hosted Services hiring CF/Flex/Java developer

May 24, 2006 ·

I'm still looking for a good web developer who has experience with Java, ColdFusion and Flex, to help me build some cool infrastructure for our Hosted Services group. Experience with REST/SOAP Web Services and back end system integration would be useful. You'd be reporting directly to me, alongside another software engineer (so you'd be the third person on my team). My team is part of a near 30-strong group working on Breeze- and PDF-related hosted service offerings. You can read the job listing on Adobe's "Cool Jobs" site which outlines the requirements and lets you apply online. (You may have to click the link twice - it'll probably show "not found" first time because you don't have an active session on the website... that's what I get for trying to link directly to a job inside the frameset!).

Tags: hosted · adobe