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cfcUnit Runner (Flex app)

November 29, 2006 ·

Laura Arguello (of AS Fusion) has created this knockout Flex application to front-end cfcUnit, Paul Kenney's excellent unit-testing framework. This shows the power of a well-designed framework - because of Paul's design, using a facade, Laura was able to add a Flex front-end easily!

Tags: coldfusion · tdd · flex

Kuler - Another Hosted Service!

November 16, 2006 ·

The Creative Suite group have just released Kuler, a fun RIA for experimenting with color palettes. The Flash front end speaks XML to a Model-Glue ColdFusion application. The authentication service is provided as a server-to-server SOAP web service by my team's ColdFusion / ColdSpring / Transfer code.

Tags: coldfusion · adobe · saas

Taking Off...

November 16, 2006 ·

I'm off on vacation and won't be dealing with comment moderation for a week or so. I get a lot of sp@m comments so if you post a comment between now and my return, be warned that it may get lost in the sp@m and deleted accidentally although I'll try not to! Happy Thanksgiving (in advance!).

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Conference Pricing

November 16, 2006 ·

I've seen a few comments about the cost of CFUNITED and the earlybird closing date. In the past, it's not been something I've paid much attention to because I've always attended as a speaker and always gotten all my material in on time so TeraTech comps the fee and the hotel. If you don't get your act together as a speaker, they still comp the conference but you pay for your hotel! So let's take a look at the prices... The Frameworks Conference is up first in early February. Early bird registration is $399 thru January 5th with $50 off if you've been before. The hotel is $194 per night and let's assume you have to be there two nights (for most out-of-towners, that will be the case). That's $737 or about $370 per day of training which isn't a bad price really. Now let's look at CFUNITED 2007. Same location, same hotel so we can assume the same price (it doesn't currently list the room rate). It's a four day conference, with the earlybird of $849 thru December 31st (odd that it closes before the F/W conf, even tho' CFUNITED is much later in th year). Alumni get $100 making it $749 if you book early. Again, assume we need a hotel each night so that's $776. A total of $1,525 or about $380 per day of training. Again, that's still not a bad price for training really.

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cf.Objective() 2007 - More Details

November 15, 2006 ·

More details are now available on the cf.Objective() 2007 website, including pricing. The earlybird price for the 3-day option will be $395 - only $20 more than the 2-day price (which remains unchanged from last year!). Dates for the change from the earlybird process to the full price ($475) will be posted shortly. The speakers and sponsors lists are starting to firm up (and initial lists are now shown on the site). Keep an eye on site as more details become available!

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November 15, 2006 ·

Registration is now open for CFUNITED 2007, June 27-30. The four day package is $849 until the end of the year. Three day and one day packages are also available. Speakers / topics are expected to be announced at the beginning of December.

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Adobe Document Center

November 15, 2006 ·

The Adobe Hosted Services group just launched another new service: Adobe Document Center (press release). This integrates with the ability in Acrobat (or Office, via a simple plugin) to create and apply a usage policy to a document, such as limiting access to a specified list of users or for a specific duration. The Adobe Document Center displays documents to which you have applied policies and lets you track usage of each document. It also lets you change the policy applied to a document and revoke access (so you can cause an out-of-date version of a document to no longer be accessible when you issue an updated copy, for example). You can also create and modify policies directly within the Adobe Document Center itself. It's a Flex application, backed by Java code - and a number of LiveCycle components, and it also leverages the trial signup / terms of service Flex application we launched as part of Adobe Acrobat Connect a few weeks ago. You can try the Adobe Document Center for free until the end of the year (the same as with Adobe Acrobat Connect). The commercial release is expected to be available in English in early 2007 at an introductory price of $19.99 per month (or $199 per year). Additional languages will be added throughout 2007. You can see the full range of Adobe Online Services, all of which offer free trials.

Tags: adobe · saas · flex

The Band Least Likely To...

November 15, 2006 ·

...appear as theme music in a TV commercial? The latest Mitsubishi Outlander commercial "Out-..." uses a driving piece of music that had me sitting bolt upright going "Omigod! It can't be!!! That's The Fall!!!"... A bit of 'net research revealed that it is indeed The Fall - "Blindness" from "Fall Heads Roll", released late last year. I've been a major fan of The Fall since their first utterings in the late 70's ("Live At The Witch Trials" and "Dragnet") and I've seen them live countless times (including one extremely dodgy performance at Dingwalls in Camden). They are, in my opinion, the most groundbreaking band of the last few decades although their output over the last few years has mostly been a steady stream of re-issued bootleg recordings (of extremely variable quality) that span their career. So I rushed over to iTunes and bought "Fall Heads Roll". Only to find that the track listing is a little confused. Fortunately, Amazon has the correct track listing so I was easily able to rename the errant tracks in iTunes (right-click, Get Info, select the Info tab and update the track name). It's a great album! "Blindness" (track 7, despite iTunes' insistence this is track 2 - which is actually "Pacifying Joint") is a storming track with hints of "Chicago, Now!" from "Extricate" ("Do you work hard?"). I'm really pleased to hear this on TV commercial! While I was there (in the iTunes store), I saw another recent album by The Fall that I didn't yet own ("Real New Fall Album") so that had to go in the cart too... If you've never heard of The Fall (now-deceased British DJ John Peel's favorite band), you owe it to yourself to check them out...

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BACFUG 15th November - MAX / Scorpio

November 14, 2006 ·

Jennifer says:
Scorpio is the upcoming version of ColdFusion. If you missed MAX, you probably missed the latest news. Catch up with that and other things you might have missed Wednesday. RSVP by 4pm Tuesday at the BACFUG website if you think you might go. We won't hold you to it. Wednesday, 7pm
601 Townsend St
Should be a good one for folks who couldn't make it to MAX!

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ColdSpring gets import tag

November 12, 2006 ·

Thanx to Jared Rypka-Hauer, ColdSpring now an import tag, just like Spring! This will actually be very useful in my project: we have multiple ColdSpring XML files and right now we have a central CFML page that creates the factory bean and includes all of the XML files using the loadBeans() method calls. With the import tag, we can replace all of that code with a single loadBeans() call and have the main XML import all of the other XML files. Thanx Jared!

Tags: coldfusion · coldspring