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Split View in CFEclipse

July 29, 2005 ·

A CFEclipse user asked today (on the Topica CFEclipse Users' mailing list) whether it was possible to have split view on a file. Yes! Well, sort of. You can open a file in the standard CFEclipse editor and then you can also open the same file in the Text Editor (right-click on the file, select Open With... > Text Editor). Now drag one of the two editor tabs down the screen until you see a black outline indicating a new view will be added. Now you should be able to see the same file in both the CFEclipse editor and the Text Editor simultaneously. Use the Text Editor for viewing only. Make all your edits via the CFEclipse editor. Whenever you save in the CFEclipse editor, the Text Editor will automatically update. (If you edit via the Text Editor and save, CFEclipse will complain that the file changed on disk and doesn't handle it very gracefully!) Not quite a full Split View but probably enough for most users' needs?

Tags: coldfusion · cfeclipse

RSS feed restored

July 29, 2005 ·

For some reason after yesterday's outage, my RSS feed had become inaccessible. Thanx to Scott Stroz for alerting me! It's fixed now. Although I'm not quite sure why/how :)

Tags: blogging - Online Store Redesign

July 29, 2005 ·

Since I've been focused mostly on back-end development over the last two years, I've lost touch a little with the day-to-day work that the Web Team do but I noticed today that the Macromedia Online Store has had a fairly substantial facelift - in both the HTML and Flash versions. The in-store navigation has moved and is now more prominent, the product configurator is now in-page and more intuitive. Nice job!

Tags: adobe

Fusion Authority on CFUNITED and New Atlanta

July 29, 2005 ·

Michael and Judith have just published a new edition of Fusion Authority that includes an excellent wrap-up of the CFUNITED conference and a nice, balanced interview with Charlie Arehart of New Atlanta. In the wrap-up they talk about some overall takeaways from the conference and, in particular, the varied reactions to the Microsoft presence. In the interview, they cover some of the issues and look at the Java vs. .NET issue. There are also a lots of other good articles to read - oh, and the site has had a reorganization recently that makes it much easier to navigate and find content! Good work, M&J!

Tags: coldfusion is still running CF5 not BlueDragon!

July 29, 2005 ·

Despite the big announcement at CFUNITED and all the surrounding hoopla about how the highest traffic ColdFusion site on the web is powered by BlueDragon, Vince Bonfanti admitted in a comment on Doug Hughes blog that "Most of the [] site is still running CF5--it's going to take several weeks (months, maybe) to convert the entire site." So, in fact, the highest traffic ColdFusion site in the world is (mostly) running on Macromedia ColdFusion 5, a four year old product, two major releases behind the times! Given New Atlanta's much vaunted CF5 compatibility, I'm surprised that it will take another several months to fully convert the site. Remember that this was the core of their keynote speech a month ago - so we're talking perhaps three or four months from their announcement that the site was already running on their product. If BlueDragon is so compatible, shouldn't it just be a case of installing their product on each server and... done! ...? Or perhaps all the bugs and incompatibilities that are reported on the BlueDragon mailing list are making the migration from CF5 much more complicated than they'd like us to believe? It seemed like a new issue was reported almost every day during my time on the list...

Tags: coldfusion down?

July 28, 2005 ·

Yes, my hosting company (SmarterLinux) suffered a fairly complete hardware failure and needed to restore everything from tape so it was offline for longer than they expected. They've been very apologetic for the loss of service (and they've asked me in the past to move off this server so I guess a hardware failure is not too unexpected). I'm going to be working with them to see if I can migrate to a CFMX 7 server at some point (hopefully sooner rather than later) but it will mean a database migration to a new server too - so it may well require downtime again. I'll keep y'all posted.

Tags: blogging

CFEclipse - New Release and Auto-Update

July 27, 2005 ·

The release is now available for download. You can now configure Eclipse's auto-update feature to point to the "BEER" (Bleeding Edge Release) version. The big enhancements in this release are to do with auto-indent. There are also a number of bug fixes.

Tags: coldfusion · cfeclipse

Macromedia Flex and SAP NetWeaver

July 27, 2005 ·

You probably saw the announcement a while back that SAP had adopted Macromedia Flex for integration into its development tools? There is now an interesting whitepaper about exactly how this integration will work on the Macromedia website (PDF, 941Kb). The whitepaper explains the SAP NetWeaver architecture and where Flex fits in as well as showing screenshots of an example application. Anyone who has worked with SAP will recognize the huge improvement in user experience the Flex front end provides.

Tags: flex

CFMX 7 Flash Forms - Leo Schuman

July 27, 2005 ·

Leo Schuman has a great article on the Macromedia Developer Center about advanced Flash forms using ActionScript code injection techniques. He explains a lot of the Flash forms machinery and then shows a variety of useful tricks you can do by writing ActionScript to define event handlers on form elements.

Tags: coldfusion

I am not on sabbatical!

July 26, 2005 ·

Not yet. A number of people seem to think because I mentioned it here a while back that I'm already on vacation. No, I'm hard at work. I'm just doing something that isn't ColdFusion-related right now. That's why I'm not posting much about ColdFusion (and why I signed off all the ColdFusion lists). I go on sabbatical in the middle of August. In the meanwhile you'll still find me on the Model-Glue mailing list, the Mach II mailing list and on IM / IRC.

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