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BACFUG - October 26 - MAX and Merrimack - TONIGHT!

October 26, 2005 ·

Jennifer says:
At tonights meeting I'll be going over some new features and bug fixes in CF 7.0.1 (Merrimack). We will also be going over some details of upcoming product updates announced at MAX. Color commentary by Sean Corfield. 7pm tonight
601 Townsend at the corner of 7th St
1st floor meeting room on the left (Kojak)
San Francisco This meeting will also be broadcast via Breeze
See you there?

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Ruby on Rails - Part I

October 25, 2005 ·

Well, I finally got around to installing Ruby on Rails this evening. Apparently it's very easy on some platforms but on Mac OS X it's kind of a pain. First off, OS X 10.4 (Tiger) ships with Ruby 1.8.2 which is what you need for Rails. However, as with several pre-installed OS X packages, it needs a bit of tweaking and some careful nudging... Tony Arnold's Rolling with Ruby on Rails on Mac OS X Tiger is a great place to start. He offers an installer package that fixes the pre-installed Ruby and adds Rails etc. Caveat: if you have CFMX 7.0.1 installed, your httpd.conf file probably has some LoadModule directives after the AddModule directive block - move those LoadModule directives up to the end of the main LoadModule block before running the RoR installer! Then he says to update your rubygems - make sure you switch to GCC 3.3 before doing this!
sudo gcc_select 3.3
sudo gem update
The MySQL gem will not compile correctly with the default GCC 4.0 version - you will not be able to connect to MySQL from RoR because the authentication will fail. That cost me an hour of frustration! Then you can run through his test application example and it should just work. Pay particular attention to the chgrp and chmod commands he specifies and the directives in Apache to tie it all together. At that point, you'll probably want to walk through the two part ONLamp Rolling with Ruby on Rails article: Part 1, Part 2.

Tags: programming

Flex/ColdFusion Position In Michigan

October 25, 2005 ·

Vineeta at Lintas asked me to post this ColdFusion / Flex position. It's a long term contract for one of his clients in Michigan. Contact Vineeta directly.
Skills Required: Strong Flex, ColdFusion, Oracle and SQL development experience with TOAD, UNIX Shell Scripting, Java, and Web Services/XML would be definite assets. Education/Knowledge: University or College Diploma in related field; Experience / Skill: Five years of Web Development experience Job Knowledge - Knows, understands and appropriately applies the technical /soft skills, methods and processes required for the position. Is able to learn, retain and apply information to the job, keeps current with new and/or updated program information, trends and developments in field. If interested please send your resume in word format along with desired hourly rate and contact details. Best Regards,
Vineeta. Vineeta Srivastav
566 West Adams Street, 4th Floor,
Chicago, Illinois 60661
(312) 681-5400 -Phone
(312) 681-5454 - Fax

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MACR Posts Record Results!

October 24, 2005 ·

Wow! I just watched the Q206 results Breeze presentation with Betsey and Stephen telling everyone about the record quarter we've just had. Studio 8 is doing well, Breeze continues to grow strongly, Flex 1.x added another 100 customers last quarter. It's all impressive stuff. And, no, before you start complaining, ColdFusion was not mentioned in the earnings report. As those who were at MAX heard, ColdFusion is doing just fine so don't worry! Don't expect every product to be mentioned in every utterance from Macromedia - we make a lot of products you know!

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Flex Matters to ColdFusion Developers

October 23, 2005 ·

Nahuel has a great post on AS Fusion about why a ColdFusion developer should care about Flex 2.0. This is a response to criticism leveled at Nahuel & Laura for indicating they would, over time, be writing less about <cfform> and more about Flex 2.0.

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On Tag-Based Languages

October 22, 2005 ·

Jonathan Cogley recently presented at the MDCFUG on Test-Driven Development. He's normally a .NET guy so he figured he'd learn ColdFusion so that he could speak to the CFUG in their own language. He blogged about his experience and, although he says that it was a big mindshift to learn a tag-based language, he notes:
...the fact that I was able to become mildly proficient in a new environment and prepare my examples for the presentation is a great testament to the platform!
I came from a C++ / Java background and, at first, found the tag-based syntax to be a bit challenging (to get used to) but nowadays I'm very comfortable with it - and don't use <cfscript> at all. I like that Jonathan draws a parallel with other tag-based languages such as the various XML-based dialects in build tools such as ant - and notes that developers can have difficulties learning those languages too.

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Some Blog Tweaks

October 21, 2005 ·

To make life easier (I hope!), when viewing a single entry now on the blog, where you can already see all the comments, the comments link just takes you to the bottom of the page where the post comment form is placed inline in the page. Adding a comment there will refresh the page, showing the entry and all the comments. This should help users visiting the blog from news readers that have integrated browsers (like NetNewsWire). Also, if you click on a category that has a lot of entries, you will get the first 100 and a "More articles..." link at the bottom. And I've added a Skype badge at the bottom of the right hand column.

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BACFUG - October 26 - MAX and Merrimack

October 21, 2005 ·

BACFUG will be meeting next Wednesday, October 26th, and the topics will be a recap of MAX for those who missed it and an overview of what's new in the recent ColdFusion MX 7.0.1 Updater. Speakers look like being Jennifer Larkin and myself. I expect it will be fairly informal and we welcome attendees who went to MAX and/or who are using CFMX 7.0.1 to contribute to the discussion. What sort of topics would you like to see covered at future meetings?

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Concurrency on

October 21, 2005 ·

I have uploaded my Concurrency library to and made the 1.2 release available as a download there. Visit the Concurrency for ColdFusion MX project on The code in the CVS repository includes the beginnings of the TaskVector component I promised a while back and the beginnings of some reworked documentation (in HTML format).

Tags: oss · coldfusion

Washington DC / Maryland - December 2nd

October 21, 2005 ·

My wife & I are going to a cat show in LaPlata, MD the first weekend of December. We're arriving Thursday and leaving Monday so I'll be in town for Friday 2nd if any local user groups would like to take advantage of that...
More details on the Jungle Lovers cat show website.

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