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Do You Use Flash MX Pro's "Screens" Mode?

August 31, 2004 ·

Matt Voerman asks that question on the RocketBoots blog. Pop along and give him some comments. I'm not a Flash expert and I've never been able to build anything useful with Flash until the screens feature appeared in Flash MX Pro. I've managed to build a couple of small but useful apps with it so it's definitely helped me.

Tags: mx

POST Redirect GET - Form Submission & The Back Button

August 30, 2004 ·

We've all encountered this issue - a user presses the reload or back button in the middle of your carefully constructed web application and gets a nasty browser warning (about reposting data) or you get multiple submissions. Ugh! That's life on the web. We've also all seen the workaround for this... You haven't? OK, well go read this article: - Redirect After Get. It goes into more detail than any previous discussion I've seen of this problem and lists lots of use cases that can cause trouble and shows how this solution avoids them.

Tags: coldfusion

Java IDE Comparison on Artima

August 30, 2004 ·

Java IDE comparison: a re-posting of the session of the same name from JavaOne 2004. It's quite interesting to learn more about the comparative (and subjective!) feature sets of various IDEs. For CFers, seeing Eclipse (the basis of He3 and the host for CFEclipse) compared to other Java IDEs may be instructive (especially since it does comment on Eclipse's somewhat daunting feature set / UI).

Tags: j2ee

Why Ban These Books?

August 28, 2004 ·

ALA | 100 Most Frequently Challenged Books of 1990-2000: This list is a few years old now but it really is interesting (and scary!) to see some of the things that regularly get banned from public libraries. Classic works like "The Adventures Of Huckleberry Finn" (Twain), "Of Mice And Men" (Steinbeck) and "The Catcher In The Rye" (Salinger) and all in the top twenty. Children's books also come under the hammer with alarming regularity: the "Harry Potter" series (Rowling) and "The Witches" (Dahl) are both in the top thirty.
To me, this is censorship - having what we can and cannot read dictated to us. Tell the censors you won't stand for this - go to your local library and borrow one of these books and if they don't have it, demand that they order it!

Tags: personal

Fusebox 2004

August 27, 2004 ·

FUSEBOX CONFERENCE: Just two more weeks left at the $199 rate (it goes up to $249 after the 10th!) so hurry up and register. Lots of interesting topics including the release of Fusebox 4.1 and a lot of real world Fusebox experience being shared.
As previously indicated, I'm speaking first thing on Sunday morning about what Blackstone can bring to Fusebox applications and I expect I'll be part of the Mach II Birds Of a Feather session, as well as attending many of the other sessions.
See you there?

Tags: fusebox · coldfusion

CFMX 6.1 Updater "admin:l10n"

August 26, 2004 ·

A couple of people have reported an error in their CF Admin after applying the latest updater. This occurs if you have your CFIDE directory in two places (e.g., you copied it to your web server web root). Damon Cooper posted this message on cf-talk highlighted the issue and pointing folks at the Tech Note where this is discussed. So it's really a case of RTFM since it is explicitly called out in the release notes. I know, I know, who reads instructions these days... not me either!

Tags: coldfusion


August 26, 2004 ·

Robin Debreuil's Blog has a nice diversion on it. A graphical representation of.... what? I guessed correctly which means I'm probably more of a geek than I would like to admit!

Tags: programming

Fusebox 2004 - Steve Nelson

August 26, 2004 ·

Fusebox Music Video - Steve Nelson's Personal Blog: sounds like another compelling reason to attend the Fusebox conference in September! Steve's always producing some off-the-wall ideas so this one should be a blast!

Tags: fusebox · coldfusion

Fusebox 2004 - Blackstone and Fusebox

August 26, 2004 ·

The Fusebox Conference Schedule shows that I am speaking on Sunday morning (at 8:30am - oh my!) about Blackstone and what it means for Fusebox and Mach II developers. I'm still planning out the talk so I can't share any details of what I'll actually cover but it's pretty likely that I will at least demo the Fusebox 4 / event gateway integration I've knocked up...

Tags: fusebox · coldfusion

TattleTale - Stay on top of Macromedia news!

August 25, 2004 ·

mesh on mx announces a preview release of "TattleTale" which is an easy way to keep track of Macromedia news. The Mac OS X version puts an icon in your menu bar that blinks whenever new content appears on a Macromedia RSS feed. I've been using an internal preview for some time and I find it invaluable for staying on top of company news and blogs!

Tags: osx · adobe