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Entries for month: October 2004

More Mach II Documentation

October 29, 2004 · 3 Comments

Phil Cruz has set up Spike's CFC Documenter pointing at his local Mach II files so you can see auto-generated documentation for the Mach II core files.

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Daniel Dura on Working at Macromedia

October 29, 2004 · 1 Comment

Daniel Dura has bravely opened the floodgates by talking about what it's like to work at Macromedia and asking for questions and comments. Some of the comments show that people have interesting ideas about what it's really like here... Macromedia is indeed a fun place to work. I tell folks it's "organized chaos" because it's so good at encouraging creativity. Funnily enough, when they first approached me to work here, I'd never heard of them (well, I'd seen Dreamweaver but didn't like it - DW2!). I actually turned them down. Six months later I interviewed again (for various roles) and took the one I had originally turned down - the job I'm still doing today nearly four and a half years later. I love it here! I'm in SF on Rhode Island St (the little black Macromedia building). I've got a cube on the third floor by a window that looks north into SF itself. It's a reasonable size cube, setup so that I can see anyone approaching - so I don't get surprised - and it has built-in whiteboards which I love. My desk is messy, covered in paper... architecture diagrams, sections of draft beta documentation, project plans on my left, magazines on my right (InfoWorld, JDJ). I don't have too much of my own stuff here... some books, a pin board covered in cat photos and a sticker that proclaims "He's not my president!", a dried red rose from my wife, a couple of kitty ornaments and Kermit sitting on my right speaker. The building is light and airy, with wireless networking everywhere. iTunes is playing "Spiritual Masterkey" by Osmani Soundz quietly in the background...

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Mobile is Big Business

October 29, 2004 · No Comments

A couple of stories in The Register show just how much the mobile space is expanding: World mobile phone shipments up 25%, Global smart phone sales soar. That's a huge consumer market which says that Flash on cell phones will be huge, too, so Flash developers have a lot of opportunities on the horizon.

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Macromedia Mobile & Devices

October 29, 2004 · No Comments

As this arena becomes more important, Macromedia has re-launched it's Mobile & Devices portal with greatly expanded content, including dedicated areas for operators, handset & device manufacturers and content providers / developers. If this is a topic that interests you, check out the Mobile Day at MAX 2004 as well - the registration badge is on the page linked above.

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ColdFusion SQL Types

October 28, 2004 · 4 Comments

If you've had problems with stored procedures and data types, here's a couple of resources that might help: JDBC types across databases CF SQL Types and mapped JDBC types I've just come through my first battle with ColdFusion and stored procedures so these pages were incredibly useful to me!

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CFMX 6.1 and Windows XP SP 2

October 28, 2004 · No Comments

Tony Weeg has posted some hints and tips on getting MS SQL Server 2000 data sources working with CFMX 6.1 on Windows XP SP 2.

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Team Fusebox blogs

October 28, 2004 · No Comments

I've just added links in the right nav for blogs by various Team Fusebox members. More Team Fusebox information will appear on the Fusebox website in due course.

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Head First Design Patterns

October 27, 2004 · 6 Comments

The famous 'Gang of Four' book "Design Patterns: Elements of Reusable Object-Oriented Software" was released ten years ago - but the topic is still very new to many developers. O'Reilly have just released Head First Design Patterns which ought to be a good way for CFers to learn about this topic since O'Reilly's Head First Java is often recommended as a good way for CFers to learn Java gently.

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Alagad Image Component

October 27, 2004 · 1 Comment

Since I blogged about the Alagad Image Component after CFUN-04, I wanted to mention that version 2.0 has just been released with over 90 methods for manipulating images. A "lite" version, containing over 50 methods, has also been included on Macromedia's DRK 9 (Developer Resource Kit volume 9).

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Blogging, Free Speech and Crossing the Line?

October 27, 2004 · 5 Comments

A Delta Airlines employee, Ellen Simonetti, has been suspended after posting "inappropriate" content on her (personal) blog (since removed). The content in question appears to be a picture of her posing on an empty aircraft in her flight attendant uniform. Naturally, the store has generated a lot of comment in the blogosphere and a lot of people seem to think that Delta are out of line for suspending her. It's a tricky area. There's no doubt that Delta's action has dramatically increased the amount of attention her situation is getting - which could easily be considered self-defeating. I'm not sure where I sit on this - I think bloggers should either align themselves with their employer or should distance themselves from their employer but whichever they choose, they need to hold to that position. I'd be interested to hear your thoughts... You can read the BBC story (including 'that' picture) and The Register's story.

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