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Flying WiFi

March 26, 2004 ·

I was very pleased to read about Connexion's plans to roll out wireless Internet in planes this year with some European airlines. The ability to stay connected and get work done on long flights would allow business travelers to choose more convenient flight times without worrying about breaking up their work days so much. When visiting the East Coast right now I tend to take the overnight flight out and the morning flight back to minimize the loss of work time - with wireless inflight, I could fly during the day without losing prime time work hours. I hope it makes it to US airlines in the near future!

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WiFi Comes to UK McDonalds

January 07, 2004 ·

I was pleased to see that WiFi has proved sufficiently popular in the U.S. McD's that they're setting up WiFi in the UK with the help of British Telecom's OpenZone.

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Central WiFi HotSpot Finder

October 30, 2003 ·

It's been a while since I blogged anything about wireless networks but this is too cool to pass up. Intel have produced a Macromedia Central version of their HotSpot Finder. The really cool thing is that Central caches results so that when you're offline, you can open Central and access the HotSpot database locally!
It confirmed the HotSpots I already knew about in the various local McDonald's and also showed that my local Starbucks has WiFi. Near work, I was surprised to see that the CalTrain station has WiFi!

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July 09, 2003 ·

McDonald's WiFi experiment seems to be continuing apace. I have two McDonald's locally and one of them (Grove Way, Castro Valley, CA) is now part of the program. Unfortunately, that's the one I don't use. And even if I did, I'm not sure I'd want to pay "five bucks for two hours' worth" as JD indicates. I'd expect to get at least some airtime free while I was eating there - hey, I just paid four bucks for a Value Meal so you can't expect me to pay another $2.50 to work while I eat?
It will be interesting to see how the McWireless experiment pans out. Will people pay? Will it depend on the service provider in each case (Wayport in my neighborhood)? As JD suggests, it might need to be "connectivity-as-amenity".
The McD I use has just sprouted wifi so I may go and try it out soon...

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