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Tartan - Paul Kenney Live via Breeze

May 16, 2005 ·

This Wednesday, May 18th, at 1pm PST (4pm EST), Paul Kenney will present his Tartan application framework in my Breeze meeting. Come along and learn about this service/command framework and ask its creator some questions!

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Trond Ulseth on Application Frameworks

May 05, 2005 ·

Trond has posted a useful high-level summary of various application frameworks on his (beautifully designed) Waterswing blog. I've already added a comment in response to several other comments there but I want to highlight a couple of observations he makes. He draws a clear distinction between the primary application frameworks (Fusebox, Mach II, Model-Glue) and the "supporting" frameworks (Tartan, CFHibernate, ColdSpring). This is important to understand: you can use the supporting frameworks on their own, i.e., with your own ad hoc code, but they really work well when used with the primary application frameworks. Indeed, Tartan includes a Mach II listener and Model-Glue includes a Tartan proxy. He also notes that Mach II gives the appearance of a framework that is not evolving very fast and compares it to Model-Glue, saying the latter "might very well take over". It will definitely be an area to watch closely. More on this topic when I speak at SacCFUG, BACFUG, CFUNITED and PDXCFUG over the next few months. After CFUNITED, I'll make seven variants of a sample application available - each variant shows a different framework or a different style within a single framework.

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Tartan and Model-Glue updated

March 31, 2005 ·

Joe Rinehart has released Model-Glue 0.8.00 and Paul Kenney has released Tartan 1.0.3. Model-Glue gets public / private event handlers (yay!) and a bit of restructuring in terms of the samples and skeleton application (and a bug fix in result handling). Tartan gets bug fixes and better Mach II compatibility.

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Tartan Updated

February 09, 2005 ·

Paul Kenney has posted updated Tartan files on SourceForge - the core files have been reorganized slightly and new documentation added, there's also new sample applications and a skeleton for you to build your own applications. I'm hoping to find the time between now and MXDU to create a Fusebox + Tartan version of the sample application that I'm using to illustrate the frameworks talk.

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Tartan Mailing List

January 23, 2005 ·

The Tartan services framework now has a Topica mailing list.

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Tartan - ColdFusion Framework

January 17, 2005 ·

Paul Kenney, the man behind CFCUnit, has just released Tartan - a command-driven service framework for ColdFusion. I had the opportunity to look over the framework over lunch with Paul (and his colleague Agha) last week and it's a slick, lightweight framework that is very well-suited to Web Services and Flash Remoting.

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