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Broadchoice Workspace Available To Everyone!

November 14, 2008 ·

Today was our official launch, just in time for MAX! Now anyone can download the Broadchoice Workspace AIR application and create a 30-day trial account. Commercial use will be just $99/user per year with educational licenses at $49/user per year. Registered non-profit organizations can get free licenses. If you're also a Salesforce user, you'll love the integration between groups in Workspace and your company's Salesforce account, allowing you to see open opportunities directly in the Workspace and create collaborative spaces based on opportunities so that you can work with your non-Salesforce peers on closing deals! Working with Brian Kotek, Joe Rinehart and Ray Camden on this application has been a wonderful experience. We've all learned a lot from each other as we've learned a lot about Flex, AIR, Groovy, BlazeDS, Spring, Hibernate and integration with CFML via Model-Glue 3 (Gesture) and ColdSpring! Also, for Workspace users on-the-go, there is an iPhone-compatible web application (with plans for full Blackberry support by year end).

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My MAX Schedule

September 09, 2008 ·

I just made another pass over my MAX schedule to finalize my choices and thought I'd post my planned list of sessions so folks will know where to find me:
  • Monday
    • Opening General Session
    • Adobe Roadmap: Enterprise
    • Flex Architecture Face-Off - panel
    • Real-Time Collaboration Apps with Flex and Cocomo - Nigel Pegg
  • Tuesday
    • Mixing Open Source and Commercial Software
    • General Session
    • Adobe@Adobe: IT Innovation
    • Developing Rich Applications with jQuery and Adobe AIR - John Resig
    • The REST of SOA
  • Wednesday
    • Advanced Patterns for ColdFusion Test Automation - Bill Shelton / Marc Esher (MXUnit)
    • Building Real-Time and Collaborative Applications with Flex and BlazeDS
    • Event-Driven Programming in ColdFusion - an updated version of my session from Scotch on the Rocks and CFUNITED
    • Cocomo Deep Dive: Building Social RIAs with Flex + Adobe Hosted Services - Nigel Pegg
    • Developing Enterprise ColdFusion Applications - Joe Rinehart
As I was updating my schedule, I noticed that several of the ColdFusion and Flex workshops are already sold out - good to see so much interest in those! I was originally going to Dave Watts' "High Performance ColdFusion" but decided to give up my seat when I saw it was sold out (hopefully someone else will get in now!). There's a lot of excellent ColdFusion sessions at MAX this year but my focus right now is on Flex, AIR and real-time collaboration so that has driven most of my session choices. Also a reminder that BACFUG meets on the Wednesday evening immediately after MAX ends and I am pleased to announce that we are having a double session with some MAX speakers:
  • Bill Shelton and Marc Esher will present on Unit Testing in ColdFusion with MXUnit
  • Joe Rinehart will present on Model-Glue 3: Gesture
We hope to have a good turn out with MAX attendees taking advantage of this (free) user group meeting in the evening! Since the meeting is inside the Adobe building, you will need to RSVP for security purposes. See you there!

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A little frustration

July 29, 2008 ·

I have not been blogging as much as I'd like recently. The truth is that right now I'm working on a bunch of things I can't talk about. We announced that we'd hired Ray Camden, Nicolas Lierman and Joe Rinehart but we can't announce who else we've hired yet (next week, I promise!) and obviously we can't talk about who we're going after next (we're still expanding). We're planning our next generation services (products) we can't talk much about that. Joe has hinted at the analytics work we're doing but we have a roadmap for three distinct Software-as-a-Service products. We'll be talking more about our products later in the year - stay tuned. We're adjusting our technology stack to take advantage of performance, power and expressiveness. Again, I can't really talk about what we're doing in detail but I can say that we have more Java and Groovy code in our SVN repository today than we had a few weeks ago. We're still deeply wedded to Adobe ColdFusion but I think this trend toward Java and Groovy - and Spring and Hibernate - will continue. On the other hand, we're adding Flex to our stack now and looking at AIR. We're just diversifying. We're talking about a Broadchoice team blog where Ray, Joe, Nico, myself and - oh sorry, we can't say yet - will blog about technical issues we hit and (hopefully) solve! This is all just to say the quietness of my blog is temporary and I expect to be back to full volume soon!

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Broadchoice On-Demand Web Platform Launches

May 19, 2008 ·

Read all about it in the multimedia news release on PR Newswire.
Broadchoice Delivers First On-Demand Web Platform to Build Corporate Communities and Increase Marketing Effectiveness New Broadchoice Web Platform Integrates Social Networking, Web Content, Marketing Campaigns, and Dynamic Analytics for $1 per Registered User.
Everything my team have been working on for the last six months is a reality. We're live. Web sites powered by Broadchoice, powered by ColdFusion 8.0.1 on 64-bit Linux.

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Adobe Photoshop Express

March 27, 2008 ·

I might as well mention it because everyone else has... Adobe released a beta version of Adobe Photoshop Express last night. It's a slick Flex-based consumer-targeted photo-editing / -sharing service. Free, lots of storage, lots of cool Photoshop-inspired effects and tools, share your photos with your friends. It's what Flickr would be if it was created by a multimedia company instead of your regular Web 2.0 crowd. Kudos to Adobe for getting out there in the Software-as-a-Service market with another cool Flex-based offering, showing what the technology can really do. My only grumble was the length of time it took for my verification email to arrive (which may not have been Adobe's fault). Once I was in, uploading, touching up and sharing photos was a breeze. A great experience!

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MAX Europe Notes Complete

October 17, 2007 ·

Here are my notes from MAX Europe. This covers all of the sessions I went to. I'll probably flesh out some of the notes over the next few weeks and - if I do - I'll republish the doc and bump this blog entry

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Buzzword Word Processor

April 05, 2007 ·

Via Ryan Stewart's blog (interesting commentary there), the folks at Virtual Ubiquity have blogged about why they chose Flash over AJAX for their forthcoming Buzzword product - "the first real word processor for the web". If you haven't seen Buzzword - which they've demo'd a few times now - check out the screen shots on their main web site. It's very, very slick.

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I'm speaking speaking at cf.Objective()

February 24, 2007 ·

Jared has posted a partial session list for the upcoming cf.Objective() conference. I'm speaking twice on related topics. I'll be talking about the work my team has been doing in the Adobe Hosted Services group, explaining our architecture - based on ColdSpring and Transfer - as well as looking at one particular area that has caused us a lot of pain: error handling. You'll learn how we built the back end that supports several functions behind Acrobat Connect and Adobe Document Center - and Kuler - as well as some of our pain points and, in particular, the problems that arise when dealing with error handling around the boundaries of systems in a Service-Oriented Architecture.

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More Tips on Better Presenting

February 21, 2007 ·

Michael Fitzpatrick has posted some great tips on ensuring the best possible Connect presentation. Also check out this Tech Note and my own hints and tips post from about a year ago.

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Kuler - Another Hosted Service!

November 16, 2006 ·

The Creative Suite group have just released Kuler, a fun RIA for experimenting with color palettes. The Flash front end speaks XML to a Model-Glue ColdFusion application. The authentication service is provided as a server-to-server SOAP web service by my team's ColdFusion / ColdSpring / Transfer code.

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