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Transfer 1.0 RC 2

May 18, 2008 ·

Mark has just announce the second Release Candidate build of Transfer ORM 1.0. He's been holding back on this until Broadchoice confirmed that a particularly stack overflow error in the cache discard was fixed. We confirmed that today for him, after extensive testing - both human and automated. As many of you know - especially those who attended cf.Objective() - we hired Alagad to have Mike Brunt perform extensive load testing on our system, built with Model-Glue 2, ColdSpring and Transfer. One of the issues he found was a memory leak and Mark worked tirelessly with us prior to, throughout and after cf.Objective() to track it down and fix it. Mike helped us tune and debug our systems and I look forward to having him back to help us when we move to the next stage with our servers (as we investigate additional instances and more JVM tuning). So download and test Transfer 1.0 RC 2 and report any issues you find to Mark so that he can fix them in time for the 1.0 release at WebDU!

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Frameworks, Frameworks Everywhere

May 09, 2008 ·

Kay Smoljak is running a series of interviews with framework developers and has a summary article on SitePoint that includes a survey of people's framework usage. It's going to be a great series of articles and makes interesting reading (FarCry and COOP have been covered so far with Fusebox, Mach-II, Transfer and ColdBox coming soon - and Model-Glue and ColdSpring et al to follow). The survey will only be open for a few more days so rush over and make your voice heard!

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Transfer ORM 1.0 RC Release Notes

April 25, 2008 ·

Mark Mandel just published the release notes for the upcoming 1.0 Release Candidate of Transfer. You can see just how busy he's been lately. The 1.0 RC should be available any day now - in time for cf.Objective() 2008 where Mark will give an introduction to developing applications using Transfer as well as an advanced talk on the caching machinery in Transfer.

Tags: cfobjective · coldfusion · orm

Transfer Cache Synchronization in a Cluster

April 14, 2008 ·

If you use Mark Mandel's awesome Transfer ORM in a cluster, you've probably wondered what to do about keeping the cache in sync across servers in the cluster. I've had to solve this problem a couple of times now and I figured I should publish an example of how to do this.

[

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Which is the greatest ColdFusion framework?

April 12, 2008 ·

That's a question that crops up over and over again. I've blogged about it in the past. My answer - as I'm sure most folks would expect - is "it depends". The question came up on a mailing list again the other day and someone jumped in full of praise for ColdBox and then someone else said "Sean would say it depends" and went on to plug cf.Objective() as the "perfect place" to answer the question, wishing they could be there. Here's what I said in response:

[

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Transfer 1.0 - Brian Rinaldi teases the community

March 27, 2008 ·

No fair! No fair! Brian Rinaldi leaks the upcoming Transfer 1.0 release along with the ColdBox-powered documentation wiki. Transfer continues to evolve at a rapid pace. The SVN repository is light years ahead of the last "official" release (0.6.3) and 1.0 is "coming soon". Mark Mandel deserves huge kudos for his work on this project - and his intent to turn this into "Professional Open Source". In other words, making Transfer something we can rely on like we rely on JBoss or MySQL today. Come to cf.Objective() 2008 to hear Mark talk in person about Transfer in two great sessions!

Tags: cfobjective · coldbox · coldfusion · orm · oss

TransferDecorator bean injector

January 14, 2008 ·

Brian Kotek has released his Transfer decorator bean injector observer which I'm very excited about because I just needed this functionality for a client's project and had to write a version myself. Brian's is more sophisticated and, hopefully, will be integrated into ColdSpring in due course. Now I can use his version instead of mine and know that I'm using a community-supported resource. I know Brian Ghidinelli also ran into this issue and had started to write his own as well. I expect he'll switch to Brian Kotek's version now. So what does it do? Well, as you build complex domain objects by writing decorators for Transfer objects, you find you need access to services that you are managing with ColdSpring. Transfer provides an event model so you can add a listener (observer) for the afterNew event and use that to inject dependencies into your domain objects. It's a fairly manual process. What Brian's CFC does is completely automate the process. You declare the injector in your ColdSpring file and pass in Transfer to its constructor. When ColdSpring initializes the injector, the injector registers itself as an observer for that event and then it automatically injects any matching services, based on setters in the decorator. Very slick!

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Debugging Reactor / ColdSpring

November 12, 2007 ·

Today I discovered an unpleasant aspect of working with Reactor and ColdSpring: if your database and code don't match and you have ColdSpring creating gateways or DAOs using Reactor as a factory bean, you can get the very helpful "Fatal Error" and nothing else. The exception from Reactor - about the database mismatch - is swallowed by ColdSpring and reported as a bean initialization exception. If that in turn is caught and dealt with by the application's initialization code, you no longer have any indication of what the problem might be. Fortunately, we have a great tool at our disposal to dig into these buried exceptions: the ColdFusion 8 debugger! I fired up the debugger in Eclipse and enabled break on CFML exceptions and write exceptions to the Eclipse log. As expected with ColdSpring and its exception-happy nature, I hit a few false starts but then I hit the Reactor exceptions. There are a couple of harmless exceptions as it tests for some optional plugin points but then you get the real exception, showing up in the Eclipse log. Very convenient!

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Advanced Transfer on cfFrameworks

October 30, 2007 ·

Mark Mandel is running an Advanced Transfer Workshop via cfFrameworks on November 28th. I saw his Advanced Transfer presentation at cf.Objective() 2007 and it was a great session. If you're on the fence about persistence frameworks, or you've just started using Transfer and want to know what it's really capable of, you need to tune into this presentation!

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CFUNITED 2007 - Frameworks BOF

July 01, 2007 ·

After the networking event, Joe Rinehart hosted a Birds of a Feather session on frameworks. He covered the new release of Model-Glue 2.0 for ColdFusion, the Alpha 1 release of Model-Glue for Flex (which looks very exciting!) and said that Model-Glue for Java, developed by Chris Scott (I think) would also become an official Model-Glue project - all on the new Model-Glue website. Next up I covered the Fusebox 5.5 release which is currently in limited Alpha with a public Beta planned in July (as soon as we can get enough documentation together on the new features). I also announced publicly that providing a migration path for Fusebox 3 was on the roadmap (for Fusebox 5.7 probably). Matt Woodward (and Peter Farrell) presented Mach II 1.5 which is in Beta right now, and the new website. He also talked about plans for their 2.0 release (but didn't go into specifics). Next up was Chris Scott, who said that an official 1.2 release would appear within a few weeks and then they would be working toward a 1.5 release. This will be the last release of ColdSpring that will run on CFMX 7 - ColdSpring 2.0 will require CF8 because they want to take advantage of cfinterface and onMissingMethod() to make ColdSpring faster (and simplify the core files). Last up was Doug Hughes who assured us that Reactor would hit an official 1.0 release as soon as the documentation was complete. Ah, the dreaded documentation...

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