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More on DW8's New Features

August 11, 2005 · 2 Comments

Jen Taylor, Product Manager for Dreamweaver, talks about the new features and benefits (in an article on the Macromedia Developer Center). Jen talks about the focus for each of the last few releases of DW and then goes into some depth about what drove DW8. The rest of the article outlines all of the major new features, including improved support for ColdFusion MX 7, a tabbed document interface for Mac users (probably my second favorite new feature, behind background file transfer!), integration with the Macromedia Web Publishing System (notification and logging)...

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DW8 Background File Transfer

August 11, 2005 · No Comments

As I noted yesterday, one of my favorite new features in Dreamweaver 8 is that it performs ftp operations in the background. Scott Fegette goes into detail about the new background file transfer feature.

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Scott Fegette on Studio 8's New Features

August 10, 2005 · 4 Comments

Scott is running a "Feature Of The Day" series about Studio 8 and he kicks off with Dreamweaver 8's 'code collapse'. One of my favorite features is the background file transfer which allows you to carry on working on files while DW8 is busy uploading / downloading files to your ftp server - a great productivity boost! I'm sure Scott will be covering that in due course.

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Mike Downey on Flash Professional 8's little features

August 10, 2005 · No Comments

Mike Downey has already written an article on the Macromedia Developer Center about the major new features in Flash Professional 8 but on his blog he covers a lot of the cool but lower profile new features in this new release.

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File Upload / cfform

August 10, 2005 · No Comments

Seen on Mike Nimer's CFFORM blog, the folks at ASFusion have provided a kit that let's you upload files using Flash form controls. The technique requires Flash Player 8 (because earlier players do not support file I/O).

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Studio 8 - More Information

August 08, 2005 · 5 Comments

By now many of you will have noticed that the Studio 8 release is featured center stage on the home page. Full product information is now available for Dreamweaver 8, Fireworks 8 and Flash Professional 8. There are some great presentations explaining the new features and why you will want to upgrade. There are also extensive FAQs to answer any questions you might have (yes, HomeSite+ and ColdFusion MX 7 are part of Studio 8).

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Studio 8 - Macromedia Online Store Taking Preorders!

August 07, 2005 · 12 Comments

The Macromedia Online Store is taking preorders for Studio 8! It will contain Dreamweaver 8, Flash Professional 8, Fireworks 8 as well as Contribute and Flash Paper. Order now and get a limited edition Studio 8 backpack and free shipping.

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Flash Accessibility - Raising The Bar!

July 20, 2005 · No Comments

Bob Regan talks about the recently re-launched J. K. Rowling website and says that it sets the standard for accessibility. The previous version was an impressive and engaging interactive experience so it's good to know that you can have great experiences that reach a broader audience by catering for accessibility as well. Read Bob's blog for the full details.

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Flash Player - A Mental Model

July 19, 2005 · No Comments

Ted Patrick has posted a nice later view of how the Flash Player balances ActionScript execution and graphics rendering.

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Macromedia Flash Player 8 - Public Beta

July 12, 2005 · 5 Comments

Go get it while it's hot! To quote that page:
The purpose of this beta is to gather your feedback so that Macromedia can verify that:
  • The new Macromedia Flash Player is compatible with existing content.
  • Developers have an opportunity to test their content and applications prior to the product release to help identify bugs on a variety of machines and configurations.
  • New installation mechanisms provide a smooth end-user installation experience.

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