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Which is the greatest ColdFusion framework?

April 12, 2008 ·

That's a question that crops up over and over again. I've blogged about it in the past. My answer - as I'm sure most folks would expect - is "it depends". The question came up on a mailing list again the other day and someone jumped in full of praise for ColdBox and then someone else said "Sean would say it depends" and went on to plug cf.Objective() as the "perfect place" to answer the question, wishing they could be there. Here's what I said in response:

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cf.Objective() 2008 - The First...

April 10, 2008 ·

This year's cf.Objective() has a lot of firsts. If you're not attending, you're going to miss out on a lot of world premier events! We've worked hard to make cf.Objective() 2008 a "must see" event. We have a number of firsts this year that we're very proud of:
  • The public release of Open BlueDragon on May 3rd!
  • The public unveiling - and Alpha - of Model-Glue 3: Gesture!
  • The public unveiling of Mate, the new Flex framework from AsFusion!
  • The first conference to feature the latest rising star in the frameworks world: ColdBox - with an introductory session and a two hour, hands-on advanced workshop!
  • The first public information about Swiz, the new Flex framework from Chris Scott of ColdSpring fame!
  • Speaking of Chris Scott, we're the first conference to feature a two-hour, hands-on workshop for ColdSpring!
  • We're also the first conference to feature a two-hour, hands-on workshop on agile development for ColdFusion developers by the leading light in automated process & testing, John Paul Ashenfelter!
How can you pass this up? $629 for three full days of brain-cramming, enterprise-level information in a hotel that's only $120 a night! Register Now! The room rate is only guaranteed for a few more days! If you're a Mach-II user - or thinking of using Mach-II - you might also be interested in the pre-conference classes.

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cf.Objective() 2008 Session Focus - Enterprise Class MVC with ColdFusion and Java

March 30, 2008 ·

Andrew Powell - Enterprise Class MVC with ColdFusion and Java - Saturday 11:25am We hear a lot of talk about using individual Java objects within ColdFusion but the reality of enterprise development is that entire subsystems tend to built entirely in Java. Software teams that serve the enterprise often build large, complex systems using Spring and Hibernate. How do you go about using ColdFusion with such systems? I haven't seen any presentations on this subject so I was pleasantly surprised when I started reviewing Andrew Powell's slide deck to find that he was focusing on how ColdFusion can provide the web front end to enterprise class Java systems. He introduces Spring (the Java version) with a demo and then introduces Hibernate (the industry standard ORM for Java), again with a demo. After that, he will walk you through solutions to the problem of connecting ColdFusion on the front end to Spring on the backend and, using Mach-II as an example, he then shows how to create an MVC web application that allows you to leverage the entire Spring-powered, Hibernate-persisted Java backend. If you work along a Java team - or you are considering using more Java for your backend systems - this talk will provide you with a lot of good information about how well ColdFusion plays in this space.

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Mach-II 1.6 Progressing Well

November 22, 2007 ·

Since I'm using Mach-II for several of my clients (sometimes because they are already a Mach-II, sometimes because I've recommended it as the best fit for their needs), I'm getting back into the Mach-II community and getting more involved with the new release - I'm always happy to be on the BER while developing! I wanted to let folks know what a great job Matt and Peter are doing with the framework. Mach-II 1.5 was a very impressive release with a lot of new features that help you manage large-scale application development: modules, includes, subroutines, extended property data type support, SES URL support and bindable property parameters.

[

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Mach-II 1.5 Released

October 08, 2007 ·

Per the Mach-II blog, you can now download the final release of Mach-II 1.5. I know some of my clients will be very happy about this since they've been tracking the 1.5 release from SVN and integrating changes in as it has moved closer to release over the last few months. Great work from Matt and Peter and the Mach-II team!

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Model-Glue Broadcast/Listener for Mach-II

August 28, 2007 ·

I was experimenting with onMissingMethod() last night in a Mach-II listener and created a controller/listener that lets you implement the Model-Glue style of decoupled broadcast-listener semantics within Mach-II. Let me explain... In Mach-II, inside an event handler, you notify a specific listener to execute a specific method. In Model-Glue, inside an event handler, you simply broadcast a message and any listeners that have been declared for that message are executed automatically by the framework.

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Mach-II is all grown up!

August 27, 2007 ·

If you've been following my blog over the years, you'll know that I pretty much stopped using Mach-II a few years ago, switching to Model-Glue instead (and, of course, continuing to use Fusebox for a variety of projects as well). At the time, I felt Model-Glue had leapfrogged Mach-II - as each new framework might be expected to do to existing frameworks - and I liked it's built-in bean factory and cleaner implicit invocation mechanism. Model-Glue has come on in leaps and bounds - the rearchitecture based on ColdSpring, the scaffolding infrastructure, the integrated support for Reactor and Transfer for "generic database messages". It's very impressive. And now we're got the beginnings of a Flex version, which is very promising. Now that I'm consulting and have a number of clients, I'm encountering Mach-II quite a bit and looking at the 1.5 release. I've mentioned in the past that I think 1.5 looked quite impressive (when Peter Farrell gave the "what's new?" talk at cf.Objective(), for example). Recently, I've been making recommendations for frameworks for clients and finding myself recommending Mach-II for some clients, mostly due to the new features in 1.5. For some of the sites my clients are trying to build, the modules, includes and subroutines really do allow you to build much larger, much more modular sites than earlier versions of Mach-II. The extended property semantics in Mach-II 1.5 are also very nice, allowing you to specify structured configuration data - including full-on CFCs - as well as allowing property values to be dynamically substituted into parameter values throughout the configuration. I still don't really like the direct invocation model (with <notify>) compared to Model-Glue's broadcast / listener mechanism, but the other features are pretty compelling. One thing I have seen mentioned, but cannot find, is Peter Farrell's new ColdSpringProperty CFC, to replace the old ColdSpringPlugin. Anyone know where to get a copy?

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Mach-II 1.5 reaches Release Candidate status

August 15, 2007 ·

Check out the Mach-II 1.5 RC1 build. In addition to bug fixes and a few enhancements for 1.5, the site talks about the roadmap: final version of 1.5 in time for MAX, plans for 1.6 and 2.0.

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MVC frameworks and AJAX

July 26, 2007 ·

With all the buzz around AJAX - especially with CF8 making it so easy - we're starting to see a lot of questions about how best to integrate AJAX with MVC frameworks like Fusebox, Mach II and Model-Glue. Brian Kotek has a great post about data vs content in the context of AJAX and frameworks. He emphasizes the benefit of having your model in CFCs as the easier way to expose data-centric functionality to AJAX and notes that for data calls, you should not be trying to go through the MVC framework. It's a good read.

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New BACFUG site launched!

July 13, 2007 ·

The all-new Bay Area ColdFusion User Group website just went live. It is based on Matt Woodward's open source Capitol Hill User Group application, built with Mach II 1.5 and ColdSpring 1.0. It's still a bit of a work in progress (both as an application and as a website) but more content and functionality will be added over time.

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