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Fusebox 5.5 Public Beta

October 01, 2007 ·

The ZIP files can now be downloaded from the Beta Program site. If you see me at MAX today, I also have them on a USB stick. To whet your whistle, here are the Release Notes, courtesy of Adobe Share - a cool new hosted service created by my old hosted services team at Adobe.

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I'm speaking speaking at cf.Objective()

February 24, 2007 ·

Jared has posted a partial session list for the upcoming cf.Objective() conference. I'm speaking twice on related topics. I'll be talking about the work my team has been doing in the Adobe Hosted Services group, explaining our architecture - based on ColdSpring and Transfer - as well as looking at one particular area that has caused us a lot of pain: error handling. You'll learn how we built the back end that supports several functions behind Acrobat Connect and Adobe Document Center - and Kuler - as well as some of our pain points and, in particular, the problems that arise when dealing with error handling around the boundaries of systems in a Service-Oriented Architecture.

Tags: adobe · coldfusion · coldspring · connect · hosted · orm · saas

Fusebox website Powered by Fusebox 5

September 16, 2006 ·

I finally got around to upgrading the Fusebox website to Fusebox 5! Please report any strangeness you see. Hopefully I'll find time soon to start ploughing through the other website tickets in the Trac system!

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Paul Kenney to join Adobe!

August 04, 2006 ·

I'm very pleased to announce that Paul Kenney, creator of the Tartan command-driven service framework and the wonderful cfcUnit unit testing framework, will be joining my team in a couple of weeks! My team is already using cfcUnit heavily as an integrated part of our development process - as well as several other ColdFusion frameworks - so we're looking forward to applying Paul's input and framework expertise across a range of projects that we have planned.

Tags: adobe · coldfusion · hosted

Adobe Hosted Services hiring CF/Flex/Java developer

May 24, 2006 ·

I'm still looking for a good web developer who has experience with Java, ColdFusion and Flex, to help me build some cool infrastructure for our Hosted Services group. Experience with REST/SOAP Web Services and back end system integration would be useful. You'd be reporting directly to me, alongside another software engineer (so you'd be the third person on my team). My team is part of a near 30-strong group working on Breeze- and PDF-related hosted service offerings. You can read the job listing on Adobe's "Cool Jobs" site which outlines the requirements and lets you apply online. (You may have to click the link twice - it'll probably show "not found" first time because you don't have an active session on the website... that's what I get for trying to link directly to a job inside the frameset!).

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Google Office Live?

March 09, 2006 ·

So Google has just acquired Writely, giving them a solid online word processor to go with their existing email and chat clients and, it seems, there's a solid online calendar application in the works too. Was the (briefly available) Google Base their database application? All they need now is a spreadsheet (NumSum, perhaps?) and they'll have a full-blown office suite available online. Software as a service. What do you think about this possibility? When I mentioned living without the desktop before, the entry drew no comments, although the article it linked to mentioned both Writely and NumSum. Does Google's acquisition of Writely change your perception of this sort of service?

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Living Without the Desktop?

December 17, 2005 ·

An interesting article on the Living Without Microsoft site asks how close are we to being able to work without desktop applications? The article offers suggestions for web-based applicatioons that perform email (duh!), word processing, spreadsheets, database as well as photo sharing, news aggregation, bookmark management etc. (I'm putting this in the Open Source Software category because if offers free alternatives to proprietary desktop software - even tho' the services aren't actually "open source")

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