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ColdBox training at CFUnited

June 18, 2009 ·

Luis Majano just announced ColdBox training the day before CFUnited. If you're going to CFUnited this year and you're interested in learning more about ColdBox from the creator of the framework, I can highly recommend this intense, one-day pre-conference training class! I was privileged to sit in on parts of this course before cf.Objective() this year and was very impressed at the amount of material covered, the quality (and thickness!) of the handouts and the hands-on approach that Luis takes.

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How current are conferences?

June 15, 2009 ·

As I've been working on my Living in the Cloud talk for CFUnited (since I didn't have to complete it for Scotch on the Rocks), it occurred to me that this is a topic covering stuff I worked on in the middle of 2008 (Broadchoice Workspace, built for Amazon EC2 and S3) and the end of 2008 (migrating Broadchoice Workshop to Amazon EC2). Conferences usually want topics submitted a long way in advance of the conference, even tho' drafts and the final version of the talk can be delivered just before the conference. CFUnited 2009's deadline for topic submissions was December 1st, 2008, eight months ahead of the conference. MAX 2009 opened its call for speakers on March 3rd 2009 and closed it in late April, six months ahead of the conference. Conferences set deadlines far in advance so that they can offer a good roster of speakers and talks because that's what attracts attendees. I've been on the advisory for a number of conferences and getting a schedule out early is key in the battle to boost registration. Our industry moves very fast. Something that's hot in the Fall may not be on anyone's radar today. Something that's hot today may be old, old news by the Fall. Conference committees have to guess what will be attractive, many months in advance - which is extremely hard! And yet, one of the biggest complaints we hear about conferences is when they have the same topics every year - which is a natural consequence of trying to fill the schedule so early: how many brand new topics can you think of off the top of your head? How do you feel about conference schedules? Do you feel they manage to stay ahead of the curve? Do you think there's too much "safe" content? Do you have suggestions for how conference committees can balance the need to publish a schedule so folks will buy tickets against the desire to feature bleeding edge topics? Do you think I'm too concerned about this - and that maybe there's no real issue here?

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Railo at cf.Objective() 2009

May 04, 2009 ·

I've had a few people ask me whether Railo will be doing a session or a BOF at cf.Objective() 2009 - and my colleagues say they've also had similar questions. The content for cf.Objective() was picked some time ago, before our open source release and before the expansion of Railo into the UK and the US. Similarly, most of the BOFs were selected in early March and the only open slot is in the RIA track. Despite that, the Railo team will be there in force. Mark, Peter and I are all speaking at cf.Objective() and Gert will be there too. We'll be around every evening for any questions you may have - think of it as a Railo BOF in the bar! I look forward to seeing you there. All four of us are speaking at Scotch on the Rocks in London - I'm speaking at all three venues and I think some of my colleagues will be attending Manchester and Edinburgh as well. All four of us are speaking at CFUNITED as well. You'll be hearing plenty from us at future conferences!

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BOF at CFUNITED - The CFML Advisory Committee

April 24, 2009 ·

I just got confirmed from Liz @ Stellr that the committee's request for a BOF has been accepted. Here's the information about the session:
The CFML Advisory Committee - Happy First Birthday! A year ago, at CFUNITED 2008, Adobe announced the formation of the CFML Advisory Committee, made up of vendors and community members, charged with the tasks of answering the question "What is CFML?", providing a specification of the language and providing guidelines for vendors who implement extensions. Come to our BOF and find out what progress we've made and what we're planning for the future. We expect almost all of the committee to be at CFUNITED so this is a great opportunity to meet the team and ask us all your hard questions, face-to-face!

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Conference Early Birds End March 31st

March 26, 2009 ·

Both cf.Objective() 2009 and CFUNITED 2009 have their early bird deadlines coming up on Tuesday March 31st. Register now to get the best price for those two conferences! Remember that if your company registers at least one person for cf.Objective() as an early bird, you can register others from your company later at the same early bird price!

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CFUnited Valentines Day ThinkGeek Raffle

February 12, 2009 ·

This is a very cool and inventive promotion idea from Liz @ Stellr:
If you register [for CFUNITED] by Feb 14th, you will be entered to win $150 gift certificate! This is our way of saying we love our customers. Read more on the CFUNITED blog.
This year CFUNITED is at a wonderful venue with a very diverse set of topics so register early to get the best price - and the chance to win!

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Living in the Cloud

February 10, 2009 ·

I submitted a talk on cloud computing to Scotch on the Road 2009 and just discovered that it has also been accepted for CFUNITED 2009. The talk will cover what it took to migrate Broadchoice's ColdFusion-based CMS (our "Community Platform") from a traditional data center to Amazon EC2, what sort of application design issues you need to consider and what it's like to live in the clouds. Here's the talk abstract:
The dream of cloud computing is cheap, scalable, on-demand power. What is it really like to run your production applications up in the cloud? What are the design issues you will face? How could you migrate from a traditional data center? Broadchoice runs its two main products on Amazon EC2 and uses S3 for persistent storage. Come and find out how we did it and the challenges we faced along the way - and why we like Amazon as a hosting environment!

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2008 in review

January 04, 2009 ·

As "usual", I start the year with a round-up of the highlights of last year, based on things that I blogged. It's been a strange year for me. After (seven) years with Macromedia / Adobe and most of 2007 spent freelancing, I took a full-time job with a startup and hired some amazing CFers to be part of my team. I (finally) learned Flex (and AIR). I learned a new language (Groovy) and did a lot less CFML programming than I've done in years while at the same time joining first the Open BlueDragon Steering Committee and then the CFML Advisory Committee, as well as attending more ColdFusion-related conferences than usual (cf.Objective(), Scotch on the Rocks, CFUNITED, Wee Dram of Scotch, MAX).

[

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CFUNITED 2009 - Centaur and other topics

December 31, 2008 ·

Liz has posted an explanation of the process for announcing the remaining topics for CFUNITED 2009. She had earlier posted a list of just over 40 topics and noted that Centaur and Bolt topics will be announced later, as well as commenting that a quarter of the final topic list will be Flex/AIR. I know some speakers who didn't make the first list assumed they weren't speaking. Not necessarily true. The manager and beginner tracks have not been (fully) announced yet, not have all the Flex/AIR topics and none of the Centaur and Bolt topics (and, indeed, several slots in the other tracks have not been finalized either). Additional topics will be announced over the next few months but Liz wanted to give a sense of what is coming in some of the tracks this year. Another clarification in her latest post covers the "exclusivity" of Centaur/Bolt topics, namely that certain topics will be exclusive to CFUNITED but by no means all Centaur/Bolt topics. That means that other conferences will be covering Centaur and Bolt (and may well have "scoops" as has been Adobe's practice in the past during keynotes). That's good news for cf.Objective() and Scotch on the Rocks attendees since they know now that they won't miss out on the "highly anticipated next major release" of ColdFusion! Don't forget that the early bird price ($849 for 4 days) ends TODAY!

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CFUNITED 2009 - Initial Topics Announced

December 23, 2008 ·

Liz has announced the first round of topics for CFUNITED 2009. It's an interesting mix of speakers - some old, some new - and a broad spectrum of subject matter. After CFUNITED 2008, Liz has promised lots of changes and improvements and we already know that the venue is something special and an all-in-one location (addressing a bit complaint about the last few years' conferences). One of the new changes for 2009 is that a quarter of the content will be Flex/AIR related, acknowledging the growth and increasing relevance of these technologies to ColdFusion developers at large. Some of the highlights (from my point of view) of the topics announced so far:
  • Flex development with the Swiz framework - Chris Scott
  • Railo Open Source - Gert Franz
  • Groovy for ColdFusion Developers - Joe Rinehart
  • iPhone Apps + Adobe ColdFusion - Josh Adams
  • ColdFusion, Model-Glue, Hibernate, Spring, and Groovy - Ray Camden
  • AIR: Building Desktop Applications with Flex 3 - Rob Rusher
  • Hack Proofing ColdFusion - Shlomy Gantz
Definitely not your father's CFUNITED!

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