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CFUNITED 2007 - Overview

July 01, 2007 ·

Now I'm on my way home from CFUNITED, I feel I have some space and time to write up my thoughts about this year's conference. I'm going to post one entry for each day of the conference which is a fairly arbitrary division of the material but it's fairly managable. Overall, the conference was excellent and exhausting in roughly equal measure. Four days of intense sessions and interaction with other developers combined with less than five hours sleep each night takes its toll, especially on an old man like me! TeraTech have gotten this conference down to a science now and it runs very, very smoothly. The food was much better this year and the seating arrangements also seemed better. Wifi coverage and bandwidth was significantly better than last year (but not without problems). The only thing that seemed worse this year was the A/V equipment which completely sunk a couple of presentations, leaving speakers without projection altogether for at least part of their talk or some screens cropping a substantial border off the display, causing no end of frustrations. Fortunately, most of the speakers are troopers and are able to carry on in the face of adversity. The content, as always, covers a broad spectrum and is appropriate for the audience. It seemed that many, many people were first timers at the conference and there were also clearly a lot of novice-to-intermediate level developers there (based on the questions being asked in several sessions). The networking opportunities are superb, of course, when you have 900 developers in one place for a few days - and evenings!

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AJAX Integration with ColdFusion 8

June 28, 2007 ·

My CFUNITED presentation and sample code can now be downloaded from the 'software' pod on my blog.

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ColdFusion 8 - Adobe Keynote

June 27, 2007 ·

&"The GR8 CF8!" - I'll keep updating this as Tim Buntel and Ben Forta continue to talk... Top 8 reasons to buy ColdFusion 8:
  • Making apps is really easy, including Eclipse Plug-ins (including debugging) and Wizards, Server Monitor
  • Have confidence in production applications - Server Monitor & API, Multiple Instances, Stable & Backward Compatible
  • Your users will be happier - Flex and AJAX, Reporting, PDF Applications, On-demand presentations, Images
  • It's nice and secure - Multiple Admin accounts, Multiple configurable RDS accounts, Strong encryption
  • CFML Evolution - JavaScript operators, Argument collections, CFC interfaces, File handling functions, Array and Structure creation, CFC serialization
  • Plays well with others - .NET, Exchange Server, RSS & Atom, LiveCycle Data Services, Flash Media Serve (gateway etc)
  • It's fast! Really, really fast! - Overall server performance, CFCs, List functions, Logic functions, more...!
Tested 2.4m lines of customer application code. Identified bottlenecks and made hundreds of tweaks. Struct manipulation is twice as fast; List manipulation is three times faster; switch/case is three times faster; cfparam is FORTY times faster; date functions is five times faster; regex is 2.5-3 times faster; isDefined() is twice as fast (as in CFMX 7); CFC creation is THIRTY times faster. BlogCFC and the store run 30-40% faster with no other changes.

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June 27, 2007 ·

In this morning's keynote at CFUNITED, Michael unveiled the brand new Fusebox website. In addition to a completely new look'n'feel, the new site contains a lot more content and (we hope) is much better organized. Michael also mentioned that Fusebox 5.5 is currently in Alpha and has a lot of new features. I'm actively working on the documentation for those new features so that we can officially release a Beta build.

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CFUNITED 2007 - Arrived!

June 26, 2007 ·

After a very uneventful direct flight, I'm here at CFUNITED, in the User Group Managers' meeting, listening to Adam Bell talk about how to run a user group for "free". I'm in room 401 if anyone needs to contact me, or you can use my SkypeIn number: (904) 302-SEAN (forwarded to my cell phone... which I actually remembered this time!).

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Frameworks BOF at CFUNITED

June 25, 2007 ·

Joe Rinehart is hosting a birds of a feather session about frameworks on Wednesday night at CFUNITED. I'll be there, talking about the upcoming Fusebox 5.5 release. Joe will be showing off Model-Glue: Flex. Come and join framework authors - and frameworks enthusiasts - and share experiences and learn!

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CFUNITED - Limited Seating Sessions Filling Fast!

June 18, 2007 ·

If you're going to CFUNITED and haven't already filled out your schedule online, you might want to hurry up and do so - several sessions have limited seating and they're filling up fast! See this CFUNITED blog entry for details - scheduling for limited seating sessions will close on Friday! Some sessions are already full (such as Scott Stroz's "Prototyping Applications with Flex 2").

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Duck Typing - CFUNITED 2006 Preso

June 12, 2007 ·

My (somewhat controversial) Duck Typing presentation from CFUNITED 2006 is now available as part of the CFUNITED blog / podcast series. Enjoy!

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May 31, 2007 ·

As always, conferences never seem real to me until I book my flight etc. Prices really aren't very good for transcontinental flights so my best option ended up being JetBlue. What a fun, friendly site! Lots of humorous instructional text while you're booking flights. I flew JetBlue last year to CFUNITED but figured it might be a one-off. This year, JetBlue were about $200 cheaper than any other alternative so I signed up with their TrueBlue members program and booked my flight, from Oakland to Washington Dulles. I detest that airport but even with the $50 round-trip SuperShuttle fare, it's so much cheaper than Reagan or Baltimore so I'll deal. Anyways, I arrive first thing Tuesday morning (midnight red eye outbound) and - if I'm elected as manager of BACFUG on June 20th - I'll be attending the CFUG Managers' conference as soon as I get to the Marriott. I leave the conference on Saturday evening and get home at midnight. Looking forward to seeing everyone at the conference!

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Fusebox Video Contest

May 26, 2007 ·

Make a "Fusebox app in ten minutes" YouTube video and win a pass to CFUNITED! See the Fusebox website for more details!

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