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Adobe gets serious about Java and Flex

December 08, 2008 ·

A dramatic title I guess but this really highlights Adobe's commitment to open source and expanding the reach of Flex: Adobe Collaborates with SpringSource for Enhanced Flex / Spring Integration. I've been working with Spring quite a lot over the last few months - we use it to wire things together behind the Broadchoice Workspace - and it constantly amazes me how comprehensive the Spring project is - see below for an example. By integrating the open source BlazeDS project directly into Spring, Adobe brings Flex integration to a vast community of Java Spring developers who can now expose their Java services to Flex UIs in a very simple way. It should really help the uptake of Flex in the Java community! An example of Spring's comprehensive nature: Ray blogged about sending email using Spring's mail support via Groovy. I recently built a new Model-Glue 3 app on top of our Groovy services and needed to send email. I could have used CFMAIL but Railo has a bug that does not allow + in email addresses and I didn't want that restriction (since we send email elsewhere directly from Groovy). It was very simple to use the same Spring mail package directly from CFML by declaring the Spring-managed beans in the CFCOMPONENT tag of my controller so that Model-Glue would autowire it!

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CFML in the Cloud

December 05, 2008 ·

I was just reading a couple of blog posts about deploying Open BlueDragon in the cloud (I started with Matt Woodward's extended blog post on cloud computing) and they've gone as far as integrating OpenBD into Elastic Server - a service that lets you easily configure a server instance based on a number of resources. Very impressive. Broadchoice Workspace is deployed on the cloud and whilst most of the machinery is Java/Groovy behind the Flex/AIR application, we also have the iPhone-compatible web version which is powered by CFML. It's a Model-Glue 3 / ColdSpring application that reuses the core Groovy services (via a Spring adapter that Joe Rinehart wrote). So we've been running CFML in the cloud in production for nearly two months now and it's working out really well for us. We're using Railo 3.0, another option for cloud computing. Adobe have said that cloud deployment is something they want to make possible with ColdFusion so at some point we'll have an embarrassment of riches in terms of choices for CFML in the cloud. Who else is using CFML in the cloud today? Who is thinking about doing so?

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Unit Testing Improves Your Love Life

November 25, 2008 ·

Oh, sorry, that was the title of the BACFUG presentation by Bill Shelton and Marc Esher (of MXUnit fame)! Unit testing has defined my working day. I've been working on the licensing subsystem of the next build of the Broadchoice Workspace today and because we practice Test-Driven Development (thanx Brian!), that means writing unit tests "first" or at least alongside the production code. I started by writing the License bean and an accompanying LicenseTest. The bean has a handful of properties and two methods. The unit test has nine test methods. Fairly confident that the bean was correct, I moved on to the data layer. Apart from encryption, this mostly follows our well-tested generic Hibernate DAO. That meant only a couple of unit tests. Once those tests passed, I moved on to the service layer. Six unit tests for four service methods. At this point I'm ready to write the remote service facade (which implements user-level security) but I'm fairly confident our licensing subsystem will work as expected. 623 lines of code, just over half of which is unit tests (327 lines to 296 production code). I'll probably add some more data layer unit tests since I have a couple of "untested" methods (they're used in the service layer tests). Unit tests may seem dull and tedious but they really can make your life easier.

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Broadchoice Workspace Available To Everyone!

November 14, 2008 ·

Today was our official launch, just in time for MAX! Now anyone can download the Broadchoice Workspace AIR application and create a 30-day trial account. Commercial use will be just $99/user per year with educational licenses at $49/user per year. Registered non-profit organizations can get free licenses. If you're also a Salesforce user, you'll love the integration between groups in Workspace and your company's Salesforce account, allowing you to see open opportunities directly in the Workspace and create collaborative spaces based on opportunities so that you can work with your non-Salesforce peers on closing deals! Working with Brian Kotek, Joe Rinehart and Ray Camden on this application has been a wonderful experience. We've all learned a lot from each other as we've learned a lot about Flex, AIR, Groovy, BlazeDS, Spring, Hibernate and integration with CFML via Model-Glue 3 (Gesture) and ColdSpring! Also, for Workspace users on-the-go, there is an iPhone-compatible web application (with plans for full Blackberry support by year end).

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ColdFusion Unconference at MAX

November 08, 2008 ·

Since I just mentioned BACFUG's free event on the Wednesday of MAX, I figured I should also highlight Ray Camden's ColdFusion Unconference that takes at MAX in parallel with the main MAX sessions. It runs 11am-6pm Monday, 9:30am-5pm Tuesday and 8:30am-5pm Wednesday. Three full days of ColdFusion sessions including an "Uber Panel" on Wednesday morning (10:30-11:30), hosted by Brian Meloche, which includes three of the Broadchoice team (Ray, Joe and myself) as well as Charlie Arehart and, from Adobe, Adam Lehman and Jason Delmore. Bring your hardest questions about ColdFusion! The entire Broadchoice team will be at MAX and you'll be able to find us at the Adobe Booth on Wednesday, between noon and 1:30pm, as we will be demonstrating the Broadchoice Workspace at the Adobe Partner demo station.

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Busy Building Betas!

October 24, 2008 ·

Today saw the release of Workspace Beta 1 Build 2 and it's been a crazy busy day - but a great way to round off the week! The team has worked almost around the clock this week to add new features, redesign large parts of the user interface and track down and fix a number of bugs. We're using the Scrum process with each week being a Sprint and it's been working fairly well for us. We each get to focus on a small set of tasks for the week, we finish the week with a new build and then we discuss what is going into next week's Sprint. Joe (Rinehart) has the most experience with Scrum so he's been leading the charge but it seems a very productive way to develop and evolve a complex feature-driven product. I've learned a couple of (painful) lessons this week and I'll be blogging about those over on the ArgumentCollection soon. By the way, the whole ArgumentCollection team is going to be at MAX - see you there!

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MAX 2008 draws near - what to expect of San Francisco

October 16, 2008 ·

If you're coming to MAX, you might want to check out the MAX 2008 information website created by local user group managers. It's running on the Broadchoice Collaboration Platform, our "2.0" ColdFusion-powered platform - not to be confused with the Broadchoice Workspace, our "3.0" AIR/Flex desktop application that launched in beta today!

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Broadchoice Workspace Beta starts soon

October 10, 2008 ·

Things have been a bit quiet on my blog because I was in England for two weeks. Things have been a bit quiet on the Broadchoice blog too because the team has been busy with the Broadchoice Workspace, preparing for the upcoming beta program! Here's a screenshot of the latest internal build, running on my laptop (with real content!) - the navigation and layout has changed a bit since our earlier screenshots - but we're all using the Workspace in-house to collaborate on projects as we draw closer to launch:
(click for larger image) In addition to the AIR application, we're also working on an iPhone web application - built with CFML - that exposes all the Workspace content as well as providing the ability to send messages to spaces. Folks who sign up for the beta program will get to experience both of those! The beta will start next week on a first come, first served basis (so those who have already signed up will get their login credentials and access instructions around the 15th - thank you for your patience!).

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More Broadchoice sneak peaks

September 15, 2008 ·

At the beginning of last week, we blogged a sneak peak of our desktop collaboration application and opened signups for the forthcoming beta. We've had a lot of interest so far, so, late on Friday night, we blogged a sneak peak of our desktop behavioral analytics application as well.

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Coming to MAX 2008? Need local information?

September 09, 2008 ·

The local User Group Managers have created an attendee information site that provides suggestions for transport, tourism and eating out, as well as offering a forum and a suggestion box! Feel free to browse around and, if you want to participate in the forums or ideas exchange, register as a user on the site (it's free of course!). The site is powered by the Broadchoice Collaboration Platform and runs on Adobe ColdFusion (despite the lack of .cfm in the URLs).
This is a re-post to remind folks who are attending MAX to take another look at this site.

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