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Searching My Blog

May 24, 2005 ·

I added a convenience URL so I could search my blog more easily - then realized other folks would probably like to use it too... will search this blog for keyword as if you'd typed keyword into the search field (below, right). This has been achieved with an Apache mod_rewrite directive (search this blog for mod_rewrite). Enjoy!

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ACME - Apache, ColdFusion MX 7, MySQL, Eclipse - A Guide

March 07, 2005 ·

Updated to 1.1 and now in (smaller) FlashPaper format!
Steve Collins, Rae Buerckner and Jeremy Cox have put together a great document on how to setup a development environment based on Apache, CFMX 7, MySQL and Eclipse for Windows. It's a great step-by-step guide (with a little humor thrown in). This "ACME" environment is what I use locally (on Mac OS X) although I've substituted DBEdit for QuantumDB and XMLBuddy for <oXygen/> (since XMLBuddy is free). It makes for a great localhost development system - free, flexible, robust and powerful.

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mod_mono Revisited

June 12, 2004 ·

The problem with mod_mono not working on Mac OS X turns out to be an endian issue, i.e., which way round bytes are stored in an integer. A small C macro fixes the problem in the latest CVS sources for mod_mono.c so I now have ASP.NET running on my Mac, via Apache.
It was not as easy to get that far as I'd hoped. A Mono developer said "Well, just pull the latest files from CVS" but what's in CVS differs from the packaged source files so you have to run an '' script to create the 'configure' script. However, the mod_mono complains about a few things on Mac OS X and then the generated configure script fails with a syntax error (at line 18,817!). After struggling with the infrastructure for a while, I simply ran a diff across the mod_mono source code and then applied what looked like the necessary changes. Ack!

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Finally Installed ColdFusion 5

March 05, 2004 ·

Since I get asked questions about CF5 - particularly in terms of comparison to CFMX for specific tags - I figured I really ought to have a copy installed locally to experiment with. As most of you know by know, I run everything on a PowerBook G4 so, in order to run CF5, I have to install it on Virtual PC (where I already have HomeSite+ installed to try out various HomeSite / ColdFusion Studio extensions that folks have written).
I discovered I don't have IIS installed on my VPC copy of Windows 2000 so that was a good excuse to download and install Apache 1.3.29. That went very smoothly and took only a few minutes. The CF5 install took a bit longer but was still fairly straightforward. It complained that it couldn't find IIS but it didn't detect Apache so I was in for a manual install.
That manual install consists of copying
and adding two lines to the
LoadModule coldfusion_module modules/ApacheModuleColdFusion.dll
AddModule mod_coldfusion.c
Then I just restarted Apache and all was well. Almost. CF pages wouldn't process - they just came up as source code. Hmm. Well, it's Windows so I just rebooted and then restarted Apache again and it was fine. Great, so now I have CF5 locally and can try out code on that as well as CFMX6.1!

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