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MAX and BACFUG November 19th

November 16, 2008 ·

Important: you must RSVP via the BACFUG website. We have a hard limit of 47 attendees - if you do not RSVP, you may well be turned away. If we get close to 47 RSVPs, I will post again on my blog! MAX 2008 will be upon us soon and this year it coincides with our regular 3rd Wednesday for BACFUG. Accordingly, we have a special meeting with two presentations by speakers who are in town for MAX! Bill Shelton and Marc Esher - creators of the awesome MXUnit testing framework - will be presenting "Unit Testing with MXUnit". Unit testing talks have proved very popular at BACFUG in the past and MXUnit has really raised the bar in terms of features and tools so it will be great to have the framework's creators speaking at MAX. Our second presentation will be related to Model-Glue 3 "Gesture" and will again be the framework's creator, the amazing Joe Rinehart. Joe has hinted that he will be tailoring the talk toward integration with powerful Java technologies, along the lines of what we have achieved at Broadchoice. BACFUG is free and open to everyone - both regular locals (who may or may not be attending MAX) and all those CFers who are in town for MAX! However, we need you to RSVP on the BACFUG website so that we can figure out numbers and book a large enough room!

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Me and MAX

November 14, 2008 ·

Since folks keep asking, I figured I'd blog it... No, I will not be at MAX on Sunday - I'm busy doing other stuff. I will be there for the Monday keynote and sessions and the BOFs in the evening. See you then. I will be there on Tuesday during the day but I am not going to the special event - I'm not paying $100 for a guest pass (this has been a running complaint of mine about MAX - and CFUNITED) so I'm going home to my wife in the evening thank you very much. Wednesday will be my busy day: Ray's Unconference Uber Panel, Dee Sadler's Manager-2-Manager UGM meeting, the Broadchoice demo at the Adobe Partner booth (noon to 1:30pm - come see the ArgumentCollection team and take a look at our Workspace application!) and then my Event-Driven Programming in ColdFusion talk. And in the evening it's BACFUG - with Bill Shelton, Marc Esher and Joe Rinehart as speakers!

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BOFs at MAX 2008

November 08, 2008 ·

If you've had a hard time finding out about the Birds of a Feather sessions at MAX, you're not alone. It turns out the information is not where you would expect - it's under agenda (not schedule) and then you have to drill into... highlights (at least the BOFs are considered highlights, I suppose)... and then scroll down and then... wait, you can't print the page and you can't select the text! Darn! So I took a couple of screenshots and then inverted the color selection in Fireworks (because light grey text on dark grey / brown is hard to read). Enjoy!

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ColdFusion Unconference at MAX

November 08, 2008 ·

Since I just mentioned BACFUG's free event on the Wednesday of MAX, I figured I should also highlight Ray Camden's ColdFusion Unconference that takes at MAX in parallel with the main MAX sessions. It runs 11am-6pm Monday, 9:30am-5pm Tuesday and 8:30am-5pm Wednesday. Three full days of ColdFusion sessions including an "Uber Panel" on Wednesday morning (10:30-11:30), hosted by Brian Meloche, which includes three of the Broadchoice team (Ray, Joe and myself) as well as Charlie Arehart and, from Adobe, Adam Lehman and Jason Delmore. Bring your hardest questions about ColdFusion! The entire Broadchoice team will be at MAX and you'll be able to find us at the Adobe Booth on Wednesday, between noon and 1:30pm, as we will be demonstrating the Broadchoice Workspace at the Adobe Partner demo station.

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MAX 2008 draws near - what to expect of San Francisco

October 16, 2008 ·

If you're coming to MAX, you might want to check out the MAX 2008 information website created by local user group managers. It's running on the Broadchoice Collaboration Platform, our "2.0" ColdFusion-powered platform - not to be confused with the Broadchoice Workspace, our "3.0" AIR/Flex desktop application that launched in beta today!

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A Wee Keynote

September 26, 2008 ·

I said I'd blog more about Adam Lehman's keynote at A Wee Dram so here it is... Adam talked about the success of CF8 and the huge uptick in the number of developers since 2007 (I forgot to write down the name of the research company that provided that data but it was a third party, not Adobe). He said that the increase in interest and use of ColdFusion has meant that the lack of (good) developers was one of the primary problems that companies face. Claude Englebert, Adobe's EMEA CF specialist, confirmed that after meeting with companies all over Europe, CF is very strong but the problem is finding (good) developers. Adam talked a bit about the various advisory committees (both internal and the public CFML group that I chair) and the free-for-educational-use availability of CF8 from Next Adam ran through the proposed features for Centaur, including a few new things. He covered the language enhancements around cfscript and CFCs as well as touching on the Hibernate integration. Then he said that Adobe is considering how to expose all of the "services" inside CF as SOAP and AMF remote services. The idea is that it would allow clients to access the engines that drive CF's query, mail, document (PDF), imaging, charting, Exchange services etc. They are considering making AS3 libraries available that would allow Flex developers to easily call any of these services directly, making CF the back end of choice because of the rich functionality it adds to Flex. An interesting approach. He also said they are considering integrating BlazeDS more deeply into CF, not like the current optional LCDS Express install, but as a core part of CF which would open up the possibility of direct message handling via CFCs as well as potential improvements to AMF performance (since it would be tightly integrated with CF). As always, he encouraged folks to attend MAX to get a lot more information about Centaur (and hinted that MAX Europe would get more impressive demos than MAX North America due to the extra two weeks the team have to work on things).
Updated to correct URL for ColdFusion for education - thanx to Yancy Wharton for pointing that out!

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Coming to MAX 2008? Need local information?

September 09, 2008 ·

The local User Group Managers have created an attendee information site that provides suggestions for transport, tourism and eating out, as well as offering a forum and a suggestion box! Feel free to browse around and, if you want to participate in the forums or ideas exchange, register as a user on the site (it's free of course!). The site is powered by the Broadchoice Collaboration Platform and runs on Adobe ColdFusion (despite the lack of .cfm in the URLs).
This is a re-post to remind folks who are attending MAX to take another look at this site.

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My MAX Schedule

September 09, 2008 ·

I just made another pass over my MAX schedule to finalize my choices and thought I'd post my planned list of sessions so folks will know where to find me:
  • Monday
    • Opening General Session
    • Adobe Roadmap: Enterprise
    • Flex Architecture Face-Off - panel
    • Real-Time Collaboration Apps with Flex and Cocomo - Nigel Pegg
  • Tuesday
    • Mixing Open Source and Commercial Software
    • General Session
    • Adobe@Adobe: IT Innovation
    • Developing Rich Applications with jQuery and Adobe AIR - John Resig
    • The REST of SOA
  • Wednesday
    • Advanced Patterns for ColdFusion Test Automation - Bill Shelton / Marc Esher (MXUnit)
    • Building Real-Time and Collaborative Applications with Flex and BlazeDS
    • Event-Driven Programming in ColdFusion - an updated version of my session from Scotch on the Rocks and CFUNITED
    • Cocomo Deep Dive: Building Social RIAs with Flex + Adobe Hosted Services - Nigel Pegg
    • Developing Enterprise ColdFusion Applications - Joe Rinehart
As I was updating my schedule, I noticed that several of the ColdFusion and Flex workshops are already sold out - good to see so much interest in those! I was originally going to Dave Watts' "High Performance ColdFusion" but decided to give up my seat when I saw it was sold out (hopefully someone else will get in now!). There's a lot of excellent ColdFusion sessions at MAX this year but my focus right now is on Flex, AIR and real-time collaboration so that has driven most of my session choices. Also a reminder that BACFUG meets on the Wednesday evening immediately after MAX ends and I am pleased to announce that we are having a double session with some MAX speakers:
  • Bill Shelton and Marc Esher will present on Unit Testing in ColdFusion with MXUnit
  • Joe Rinehart will present on Model-Glue 3: Gesture
We hope to have a good turn out with MAX attendees taking advantage of this (free) user group meeting in the evening! Since the meeting is inside the Adobe building, you will need to RSVP for security purposes. See you there!

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MAX Keynote Video - 30 on MAX

August 20, 2008 ·

If you were at MAX last year, you saw a video collage in each keynote of people saying why they loved the web and technology and good user experiences. This year, they're planning something similar and Adobe want you to contribute by making a short YouTube video tagged with 30onMAX (click that link to see what others have already posted on YouTube). See Ted Patrick's blog (first link) for more details.

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MXUnit 1.0 Available

July 15, 2008 ·

I'm a bit late with this (I went to Vegas for a friend's 25th wedding anniversary party - an off-topic blog post on that later). MXUnit, currently the best unit testing framework for ColdFusion, just hit the big 1.0 release milestone. As folks know, I've been a big fan of unit testing for quite a while and used to advocate Paul Kenney's cfcUnit at every opportunity. Unfortunately, Paul hasn't been working on cfcUnit much for the last few years and MXUnit has grown up to take the crown of the most comprehensive, most robust, most feature-rich testing framework for ColdFusion. If you're still not doing unit testing, you need to check out the MXUnit website and try to get to at least one of the presentations that the MXUnit team are giving. They're on the Online ColdFusion Meetup on Thursday July 17th (database patterns for unit testing - Bill Shelton) and if you're at MAX 2008, you can catch Marc Esher talk about advanced patterns for ColdFusion test automation which should be excellent (Wednesday, November 19th @ 9:30am).

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